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“When you’ve got so much to say, it’s called ‘gratitude'”
-Beastie Boys

I don’t know if I really have so much to say here, but note must be taken of goodness around me. It is indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

For one thing, our weather in Franklin county Indiana is just perfect right now. We’ve had a mild spring, and particularly this last week has been actually unseasonably mild. Here we are a mere few hours from summer solstice, and we’re getting high temperatures in the 70s. You couldn’t ask for much better.

It’s been fit for getting out in, making for a good time to be hitting a child’s birthday party in the park Saturday. Some of little Britney’s guests brought their baby pet skunk, which was just the cutest little thing.

On top of which, this week we get the company of the favorite teenage psycho niece, and the pure pleasure of twisting her mind further with her first exposure to the genius of Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land.

Also, strawberries are in season, providing the key ingredient for some world class smoothies. Mmmm, smoothies….

Topping off all these bounties of nature and family, we’re all blessed with a really outstanding new White Stripes album for a summer soundtrack. Can’t get too much of Get Behind Me Satan, with apologies to those around me who are hearing about “The Nurse” and the “Little Ghost” half a dozen times a day.

I’m not much given to believing in ghost stories, but all these current blessings make me want thank somebody, be it Yahweh or Ayn or Allah. Thanks.

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  • Elegant – and a great way to start the day

    Thank you

  • Eric Olsen

    very nice Al – your range is great