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Gratis is a term commonly used to describe items that are free of charge. English usage refers to the Latin origin of the term, which roughly translated means "without compensation". There's also an identical or similar word in Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German and a few other languages, where it means about the same thing.

A post tagged with the word gratis is usually to alert readers that an item is being given away for free, often as part of a business promotion.

Sometimes the freebie is part of a contest, included when a purchase is made, or is being exchanged for an action like signing up to a newsletter. While you still won't be asked to open your wallet, it's a prudent practice to first decide whether or not what you're giving up is worth the price if the worst case scenario should occur.

As often as not though, it's just one person giving away something that is no longer of value to them, as you might find in a city's free stuff or gratis section on local classified and forums site, Craigslist.


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