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Grandma grabs nads, robber hurt bad

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Story here:

Soja Popova, from Klaipeda, was shoved to the ground when she opened the door to two young men.

But she fought back by grabbing the nearest by the testicles and squeezing “with all my force as hard as I could.”

She told police: “He started screaming like an animal and his friend was trying to pull him free, but I have a grip like iron.”

The man’s screams of agony and his friend’s shouts for the woman to let go alerted neighbours, who called police.

They were later nabbed by police, and the crippled criminal was not sad, but rather glad to be arrested and then escorted to a nearby hospital.

I’m thinking he’ll need something a tad bit stronger than a few aspirin for his particular type of pain…

My advice to the other fellow: The next time you attempt a robbery, try using a female accomplice. (Or maybe a Frenchman…)


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  • Nice…

  • Eric Olsen

    great title!

    I pulled your Tsangares interview out of the Vault

  • Gary

    Who do i have to rob around here to get my nads grabbed?

  • Eric Olsen

    there’s grabeed, and there’s GRABBED

  • Gary

    Yeah Baby! Keep talkin’…i’m listenin’….

  • paul in manchester

    Lovely story.

    “Or maybe a Frenchman…”
    …although that piece of racist sh!te is completely uncalled for.