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Grand Theft Auto: Sex, Lies, and Modified Code

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It seems every week, the biggest news to come from the video game industry involves Grand Theft Auto. It’s annoying for the gamer to deal with when there are far better things to be discussing, but politicians and so-called “watchdog” groups never seem to have enough. So, here we go again, another backlash, this time about the hidden content in the latest entry in the series, San Andreas.

Supposedly, on every commercial copy of the game, there is game code that involves a rather explicit sex sequence. You cannot access it without downloading the necessary mod. In other words, it was never intended to be seen and was likely cut by the developers when they had second thoughts. However, the code is still on the disc, and that has critics bashing the company for being irresponsible and ESRB for not being strict enough.

Actually, the critics are getting their names in the spotlight because they have nothing better to do. The sequence in question is admittedly explicit, yet the critics have apparently forgotten that the game also involves shooting cops and hookers. That doesn’t seem to matter now, and since those complaints fell on deaf ears, they’re going to point to a sex scene that a small number of people are going to go through the trouble to find.

This has nothing to do with “the children.” The game is rated appropriately. The AO rating, one above the game’s given M, is rarely used (and never on a console game). Does GTA deserve it? Possibly. Would it make a difference to the millions of people who own this version and will buy the next? Not at all. The ratings gap between M and AO is one year. Supposedly, a 17-year old can handle the gore and violence; only an 18-year old can handle the sex.

It’s a ridiculous argument to say games like this are targeted towards children. Putting this game on CNN every day and having politicians rip it apart once a week make a kid want this. If your child is playing ANY version of this game and you didn’t know about it, you deserve to have child protective services start an investigation in your home. If you have discussed the difference between reality and fantasy with your child and feel he is adequately prepared to play, thank you. You’re raising a well-mannered child and (gasp!) are talking to him.

Besides, is this sex scene some huge deal? No, it’s not. Certain people want you to believe it is. If you know where to look, you can find a video of the sequence. It’s widely available already. It’s so ridiculous and stupid to say this is the point where video games draw the line. Nothing there is worse than an R rated film. Genitalia aren’t even visible.

For once, people need to stop believing what the 5 o’clock news tells them. If your 8-year old child has GTA: SA and manages to download a mod to see a brief sex scene, that’s your fault, not Rockstar’s. If you feel that your child is old enough to understand GTA: SA, this doesn’t make a difference.

Edited: bhw

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  • I don’t think the issue here is whether or not GTA:SA is appropriate for 17 or 18 year olds.

    To me, the larger issue is, did Rockstar fail to disclose the sex animation?

    The game industry goes way out on a limb battling critics every time Rockstar releases a new GTA or a game like Manhunt. If Rockstar isn’t going to play by the ratings rules, or is willing to leave the ESRB vulnerable to this kind of attack, that’s a problem that has to be dealt with.

    After this mess, which is only going to get worse in the next few weeks, I’m sure the industry will lay down the law….

    Of course, it still remains to be seen exactly what happened here. It’s not been proven that Rockstar put the content on the DVD, although it seems very possible.

    And that’s another problem for the industry…they’ve been “investigating” this for weeks. Seems like the kind of thing you could resolve with a phone call.

  • So how does one access this clip, and is this valid for the XBox?

  • Here’s the way I see it. I understand the ESRB complaint and trouble. However, this was NEVER meant to accessed by anyone playing the game. It was dead code. Tiger Woods ’99 on the PS One had the South Park episode Trey and Matt did for Christmas cards. The game was rated E. It slipped out. This stuff happens.

    If someone hacks into it, then they hacked into it. Their submission to the ESRB should not cover any mods made to the game, whether or not the code exists on the disc or not. Should all the “Nude” Raider codes be counted against Eidos? No.

    Aaman: just search for “Hot coffee GTA” and see what comes up. You’ll find it. Not sure if it works on the Xbox, but it does on the PS2 so I don’t see why not.

  • Very interesting – from one site,

    With this mod you will be able to unlock the uncensored interactive sex-games with your girlfriends in San Andreas. This package contains two versions of this mod: the quick action version, that will bring you quickly to the action, but may spoil your gameplay; the gameplay friendly version, that will show you the action, but doesn’t influence the game-play. Now you must play the game until you unlock a girlfriend and get her to go drink coffee with you

  • It’s pretty easy to download real porn off of the internet. If a kid wants to see computer animated porn rather than actual human porn, then I think there’s even more of a problem than the one already pointed out.

  • >> Putting this game on CNN every day and having politician’s rip it apart once a week make a kid want this.

    Kids watch CNN?

  • Matt, you can’t say for sure that the material was never meant to be accessed.

    No one is more edgy than Rockstar. If they left it on there, perhaps it was as a joke, or a way to build some buzz. According to the Dutch modder who unlocked it, only one bit had to be toggled to unlock it.

    It wasn’t part of the scripted game play as released, that’s for certain.

    Also, it’s really not relevant to compare what happens with a GTA title to the Tiger Woods 99 thing. GTA is a lightning rod for critics. If Rockstar did this, they were really tempting fate. There are legions of critics just waiting to pounce on them, and it puts the entire industry behing the 8-ball.

  • RJ

    “It’s pretty easy to download real porn off of the internet. If a kid wants to see computer animated porn rather than actual human porn, then I think there’s even more of a problem than the one already pointed out.”

    Great point, Tan! 🙂

  • Right, Rockstar is edgy. They know how to generate media frenzy. They also know that sex in the country is, for whatever reason, considered far more immoral than shooting a digital cop in the head.

    To me, it seems like the sequence was created late, they said better not put it in there, locked it up, and shipped them out. If they wanted it in there, they would have left it. They’re Rockstar. If anyone is going to do it, it’s them.

    Besides, God of War did it. Maybe not as graphic as it is here, but the point is sure as hell the same. The only reason this is even an issue is because it’s GTA, as you said.

  • RJ

    Rockstar should send free copies of GTA III to all 525 Congressional addresses, and videotape how these members of the House and Senate, and their aides, respond to shooting cops in the head, and clubbing hookers to death.

    I expect they would find no dearth of mirth…

  • RJ


  • bhw

    My guess is that if the publisher really intended that nobody ever see the clip, it wouldn’t have found its way on the disc.

    Its mere presence basically proves intent, in my opinion.

    But whether or not the content is appropriate for the age group is another matter.

  • I’m the lawyer the video game industry loves to hate. The fact is, Take Two/Rockstar, along with Sony, have used the ESA/ESRB, of which they are both charter members, as foxes guarding the henhouse.

    I have said publicly, for years, that the ESRB rating system is a sham, and now it is proven to be even more of a sham than we even knew. The M rating is routinely ignored by retailers, which makes all the cries of all of you gamers that “Oh, it’s age rated” ridiculous. When a Target store sells an M-rated game to a 14-year-old, it is clear the rating system is being flouted.

    Take Two knew about this Hot Coffee scandal a full 23 days ago, and so did ESA. What have they done? Nothing. This proves further that the ESA/ESRB is not watchdog. It is a lapdog. It’s fees are all paid by the companies whom it is supposed to oversee. This is a joke, and it is this arrangement that spawns scandal.

    Rockstar was asked, point blank this past week, by countless media, to deny categorically that it put this Easter Egg in the game. It refused to do so. Need more be known?

    Finally, brain scan studies out of Harvard, Indiana University, and elsewhere prove the damage done to adolescent and teen brains by these types of games. All of you gamers who cry out: “Oooooh, there is no proof that these games harm anyone” need to google “flat earth society,” because you ought to join that collection of know-nothings as well.

    The games are rated M because they are harmful to kids, and the companies market and sell them to kids anyway. When you find that the M rating is even deficient because of fraud, you have a recipe for destroying the sociopaths at Rockstar, which is precisely what I aim to do and will do.

    You all have a nice day. And if you can, you all get a life. Get outside and get some exercise instead of autostimulating yourselves with your pixelated fantasies. Jack Thompson

    PS: If anyone emails me directly, I’ll take the appropriate measures.

  • Yes, Mr. Thompson is a lawyer and therefore knows better than the rest of you. Not only that, but you may not have an opinion different than his.

    Unfortunately, that portion of my bar license fell off in the mail.

  • Ok, the chances of that being Jack Thompson are a million to one, but just in case:

    How many times have you taken a parent to court to sue a company?

    How much do you charge?

    How many of those cases have you won? Oh wait, I’ll answer that: NONE. You’re a fraud who takes stupid people’s money. Thank you.

    Rockstar knew it was there, but it’s no an easter egg. It requires hacking into the games code to access it.

    And it’s not Target’s fault a 14-year old is buying GTA. It’s the parents. Until someone like yourself realize that, this isn’t going to change. How about trying to make parents do what they’re supposed to do? Better yet, lets take parents to court for letting their kids play this stuff.

    And if they do damage kids, fine. I’ll say to this day they don’t, and the studies mean nothing. If they did, we would have millions of kids running around carjacking people. Juvenile crime rates wouldn’t be at their lowest rates since 1984. They shouldn’t have them in the first place. It’s irrelavant. Rockstar doesn’t market these games to kids. You do.

  • BHW: No, there’s a chance it was submitted to the ESRB. They said no, Rockstar locked it. Taking it out could cause countless problems as far as glitches are concered. That code links everything together. You can’t just remove it without testing the hell out of it at that point.

  • Nick Jones

    Downloads and a
    minute-and-a-half video available here.

  • Nick Jones

    Mr. Thompson:

    As an adult Fan of the GTA series, I find your comments insulting, ill-informed, and fabricated for a particularly slanted agenda.

    University studies show brain damage in “teens and adolescents” (those two terms are equivalent, by the way)? Really? Video and computer games cause organic brain damage? I think that’s rather unlikely. The only Harvard study I’ve heard of was of adrenalin levels in players of violent games, and was pretty much debunked years ago. You should see my adrenalin levels when I’m playing a puzzle game, trying to get those last pieces positioned before the clock runs out.

    “The M rating is routinely ignored by retailers…when a Target store sells an M-rated game to a 14-year-old, it is clear the rating system is being flouted.” Yes, but not by Take Two/Rockstar, as you seem to think, and as much as admit.

    I have to go now (off to War of the Worlds), but I would ask Mr. Thompson one more thing:

    Have you ever heard the expression, “Bite my ass, it’s a peach”?

  • The really cool thing about kids is that they grow up. Yes folks, presuming they survive the horrors that are childhood,kids grow up to become adults. In fact, people are generally adults for a lot longer then they are kids.

    So why oh why does everything in this world have to be geared towards kids? Why is it not okay to have stuff (books, movies, games) that are meant for adults? We work hard to provide for our families, give our kids better then what we had growing up. Yet it seems that we’re not supposed to have anything that is ‘adult’ (and I’m not referring to pornography only).

    If we adults cannot handle or deal with violence, sex and nudity in films and games then we don’t need to go see or play these things. We’re adults, we get to make these choices. Hell there are even warning labels on the covers so we don’t have to find these things out the hard way.

    As for letting our kids experience these things? Well, they are our kids hence we are responsible. I mean we are the parents, we are the adults, aren’t we?

  • gye

    i am 13 and i watch the news every day
    this mod is so had to do no kid could do it

  • All you gamers should be insulted by my comments about how you waste your time with your pixelated fantasies. You’re supposed to be insulted, to wake you up. Get some lives, people.

    Finally, how many cases have I won? Some you haven’t heard of because of your preoccupation with your pixelated fantasies.

    I was the one on 60 Minutes, and you all were not, for a reason.

    You all are worried that we are on to something, especially now that Take Two has been found to have engaged in yet another fraud.

  • bhw

    BHW: No, there’s a chance it was submitted to the ESRB. They said no, Rockstar locked it. Taking it out could cause countless problems as far as glitches are concered. That code links everything together. You can’t just remove it without testing the hell out of it at that point.

    But that’s the cost of doing business and Rockstar’s problem to solve. They know that people look for easter eggs and publish code to unlock them. The mod thing is encouraged in the market. So Rockstar is still responsible for the content on that disc.

  • A poster says its would “cause countless problems” for Rockstar if it had takent he Hot Coffee sex scenes out of the game. Oh, I get it now. We can’t have problems for Rockstar; but we can tolerate problems arising from kids’, teen males, simulating oral, anal, and rough sex. Those “countless problems” we can tolerate. We can’t tolerate any problems though for a company that has made hundreds of millions of dollars marketing adult games to kids. Give me a freaking break.

  • Who gives a rats ass if you were on 60 Minutes? You didn’t win anything in court, and you never will. Your case is a joke, and you’re the modern equivalant of someone running into a crowded theater and yelling “fire!” Why don’t you chase some ambulances while you’re at it?

    And yes, you’re right. We all need lives. I mean, people who watch movies or read books should stop too because those are fantasies. God forbid is we do ANYTHING entertaining anymore. Hey, lets go play Dungeons and Dragons too. Oh wait, that will turn us into Satan worshippers. Funny how it’s still around though and no one complains, huh?

    BHW: No, this isn’t just an easter egg. It requires a mod to work. Is Eidos or Tecmo responsible for the nude hacks? No, of course not.

    Besides, we’re discussing a sex scene in a game where cops are shot and blown up. What’s the big deal about sex in a game like this? This country is so overblown when it comes to sex. This is hardly a major issue. Unfortunately, some people make it out to be.

  • bhw

    But if the sex scene puts it over the ratings’ edge, then that’s the issue. If the ratings are stoopid to begin with, that’s another problem. As it is, the publishers have to adhere to the ratings that exist now, whether or not they make sense.

    The defining line for me is that the content is on the disc AND that mods are a well-known and welcomed part of the culture. It’s very easy to argue that the content was put on the disc with the intent that a mod developer would write the code to access it.

  • The question is then, if blowing people up doesn’t make the cause for an AO rating, what does? Does a short humping scene minus genetalia qualify for an AO? I’m sure countless games have content on them that isn’t meant to be accessed. God of War has a sex scene too. Maybe not as graphic, but it’s there.

    If this was accessed by pressing a few buttons, I’d say then yes, this is a problem. It wasn’t meant to be accessed regardless of how popular the mod community is. There are a few million copies of the game circulating. Finding this doesn’t change anything.

  • bhw

    I don’t really have a dog in this fight because we don’t own any games and my kids are waaaaay to young to start playing them, anyway.

    But the publisher’s defense is just disingenuous to me. I still come back to the point of: if you didn’t want anyone to find it, why did you put it on the disc, when you know that people look for hidden stuff?

    Again, what exactly the standards are and why they’re uptight about sex but not violence … can’t explain that one.

  • You know blogs have made it into big media when lawyers, and shysters and actors, and their reps start showing up on blog posts to do ‘kaiju big battel’!:)

  • Steve

    My goodness! I just discovered a hack for Firefox AND Internet Explorer!

    All I have to do is type in http://www.favorite porn site here.com, and pornographic images appear on my screen. They must be hidden in the Firefox software! I’m suing.

  • Update: Hiliary Clinton is calling in the FCC for no apparent reason. Killing polygonal cops is one thing, but polygonal people having sex??? My god, what about the children?? Call the FCC!!

  • Double update:

    Rockstar has commented. The code was made by hackers and it’s not on the disc. Believe who you want.

  • Robert McMillen

    I can’t believe that a man who would grandstand as if he were so much more intelligent than the rest of society would leave himself open to his own ignorance. Mr. Jackson, the problem here isn’t with Rockstar, Take Two, the ESRB people or the people who play these games. The problem is with the stores and the way that they disregard the ratings and nothing happens to them. I don’t see any congresspersons trying to get Walmart, Target, or any other large scale distributor of products in any trouble, but they do make a point of trying to say that “most” of these games are bought at corner game stores and the like. Bottom line, if the cashier at Walmart just bypasses the question that blatently pops up on the screen when the game is scanned, that is not the problem of the game programmers. They did their part by putting the M rating on the game….like I said though, you won’t hear any of the folks in congress complaining about any of thier potential campaign contributors any time soon.

  • Malix

    I can’t find how to get the download for PS2 in order to reach the so called “hot coffee” game cheat. I’m trying to find out how bad it really is. From what I heard their is not that much of a debate of if it’s bad or not because it simply sounds like an almost naked girl making out. If that’s not the case I need to see what this debate is all about. [Email address edited out.]

  • There are videos of it all over the net. Just google Hot Coffee. It’s not worth your time to get it going on the PS2.

  • robert

    omg who cares its a animated im sure people will get regular porn off the internet instaed of looking for the nude mod all day long ………….i own all teh grand theft auto games starting with the playstaion 1

  • Q

    First of all, it is the parent(s) fault. When you go the game store, pick up a copy of GTA, what is the first thing you notice? M rating. Turn it around, it says Strong Sexual Content, Violence, Strong Language, etc. You were forewarned. Don’t like the game then quit bitching about it and move on. I agree with the other person, if we should have lives then no more book reading and movie going and watching fictional tv.

  • i want to find tha sex code, does ne body kno tha site to go to. if ne body does go to ma site an leave a comment telling me, http://www.xanga.com/bretto666


  • If you don’t know where to find it or how to look for it, you’re not old enough to see it.

  • Matt, you should have told him that the secret code is revealed by scratching an X into the bottom of the disc with a straight pin.

  • Come on Mark, I said I DON’T want to let him know.

    We all know that’s how it works.

  • massacre

    how do i get this code i looked every were does any body know

  • Aaron

    ok here it is. if your a parent and this bothers you take the game away but if you watching a movie on tv and you see “warning the following containes scens that depict violence, course language, and scens of nudity” and you dont tell your kids to leave the room then shut up you probally bought the game for them how many kids under 17 can afford to buy a game that costs $50? and again you bring up that if its on the disc then its meant to be seen well if its not in regular game play whats the problem how many kids are going to risk ruining thier counsel and go online to download something to see a lil nudity when its apparent that they are already on the internet and they can just go download porn from the wide selection of P2P networks out there c’mon alot of you putting down something in a game think about it whats gonna cause more problems kids leanring to shoot guns and use explosives to a point or see a bunch of skin color pixels think about it would you rather your kid shoot someone or would you rather them see something you probably wont talk to them about???

  • Hogfather

    I came across this by accident, and I must say, I couldn’t help but laugh. This topic is one of the things that makes USA look retarded in the eyes of the world, due to people like Jack “Aim a laaawya of de laaw and bestest” Thompson, that is the most noticable in media, when they come riding their blind, high horses of twisted morality, barking up the wrong tree like the village idiot.
    Blow people up, cut them to pieces, gut them, let the blood flow, but show a little nipple… OH NO! SAVE THE CHILDREN! ‘Tis a terrible thing to let the wee lads and lassies see flashes of what once be their food dispensers. It be makin’ them into lill’ rapists an’ buggerers of sheep, don’t ya know. Now hide that tit ‘fore the sucklin’ infant ravage ye, woman!
    If a teen playes a violent game and shoots up his school, it’s the games/evil rock music/movies that is to blame according to the Lost Knights Of Righteousness. That the parents never cared about them and giving them more guns to shut the annoying kids up and go to therapy, due to mental instability, doesn’t even cross their minds as a probable cause, nor that they where social outcasts that thought school was hell on earth. It’s like blaming the trees for the forest fire. The parents responsibility never gets as much attention. I guess it’s easier to blame Marilyn Manson. People making such claims in Sweden are generally laughed at as being clueless. We tend to look at the entire childhood for reasons. “He’s been abused his entire childhood? Well, then maybe he didn’t beat up his dad because he had been playing GTA?”

    Stuff like this has always been around. “The Beatles are poisining the mind of the youth!”, “Dungeons & Dragons are training murderers”. This type of nonsense about all kinds of entertainment will never go away.

    For you that actually USE your Cerebral Cortex for information proccessing (guess who I’m NOT referring to), I’m sorry you have to put up whis this kind of moral fascism of the mentally challenged type. You got my sympathy.

  • hames

    check here

    you can download the gta porn file,
    and play it on your computer..


  • Frabjous joy and rapture!

  • Well I wouldn’t say it as hard as Hogfather did but I do see some amusing moral views here.

    How can having sex with any living human be worse than killing another human?

    Just a thought… 😉


  • Aaron

    well its not pron considering that its only a bunch of lil squars with colors that move think about it if that gets you off then you should take a second look at your self!@!!!@!

  • Crazy

    no one told me whats the damn code please tell me i’ll check 4 it later

  • ^, ^, v, v, < -, ->, A, B, Start.

  • You missed an extra set of left/right in there Vic. And it’s B, A, B, A. =;)

  • Oh yeah. Right you are, Matt. I gave the code for the “Hot Tea” mod instead.

  • Maybe it’s because I’m tired, but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day…

  • It’s gonna suck so severly if games start getting put under heavy observation because of this damn thing. Though I love GTA, this is just damn annoying…

  • European citizen

    Guys guys guys,

    When the game was introduced in Europe it immediately received the highest rating, which is normal as you kill people and steal etc…
    Still I cannot understand how the US (politicians) can be so puritain. Sex is something good , nice and harmless, it only provides pleasure to 2 persons which chose to do this.
    The GTA scene is nothing compared to reality : you have cartoon figures, no explicit sex, you don’t feel a thing etc.. but a common point is that you choose to see it if you have the addequate technical skills and if you choose to see it by looking up info and downloading the mod.

    My point :
    Americans do reject sex but accept violance. Both human instincts.
    But of course with a president like Bush everybody would become impotent and agressive.

  • Don’t forget in America, million watch men in tight pants grind against each other on a line of scrimmage, but come half time, if there’s a Janet Jackson non-nipple slip, it’s destroying our youth.

  • Chance Parks

    I think this whole thing is stupid. It was’nt Rockstars fault someone found out about the scene… They Have no control over what a hacker does. If someone hacks into your computer is it Microsofts fault?
    No! So don’t try and blame them!

  • Micro

    Firstly,i live in scotland,and people i know can’t buy any games over there age…so whats the deal,we just get our parents 2buy em 4 us becuase most of em dont play games themselves,then they start reading all this in the newspapers about how games influece our minds…then they go buy us more violent games,people are gonna hack games anyway there is entire websites dedicated 2 mods 4 these games.i have played grand theft auto since i can remember and they havent influcenced me or my friends,quite frankly the police over here are kiking us in the house,off the streets so what else do we have 2 do?sit and watch the teletubies or pop music all day? games are the only thing that keep us entertained in the house especially with scotlands weather(rain rain rain)on the right side of the tracks i thank rockstar for the gta series,cant all the complainers focus on other things like movies,and people impersonating psycho killers?

  • Micro

    Besides….we cant actually change the coding on a ps2 disk can we?and ps2 version was released long b4 the pc-cd rom version,u think folk will actually buy the other version of the game to see animated porn….(unless you have a lot of time on your hands and a very sick person)

  • Who the fuck cares? God I hate America with its pseudo-morals as it poisons the rest of the world.

  • corey

    gime the damn code fokers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol… your not missing anything you perv.


    But if you want the “Uncensored Dating”, this is how you do it (below). Ive not tested it so if it doesnt work, dont shoot the messenger!


  • zac

    does any one know the sex cheat for san andreas plzz for ps2

  • SOS

    I’m 14. This is retarted. I bought GTA 3 for PC and I don’t really like it. Its fun for 5 Min. then it gets old.
    I don’t think that the ERSB is as Corrupted as You people think it is. Wal-Mart and Target Are Just Middle-Men. I would’nt expect them to take responsibility for anything anyways. its not thier fault I can just walk in and buy Halo or GTA. I suppose they could step up to the plate and get a few things done, But i doubt it.
    Actually, The Blame Should Belong on the consumer. The 14 Year old. I went behind my perents back. They Could’nt have known. If the kid that buys this stuff starts getting in loads of trouble for doing it, chances are they will Stop. As for the “easter egg” , Its not like you can just load up the game and access it. you need to look for it. again its the kids fault.

    {by the way, that lawyer guy is a jackass}

  • SOS

    Also, everybody should own a copy of HALO.

  • j

    This is a joke. Something legal such as having sex has caused an uproar.
    But all the illegal stuff (drugs, murders, crimes etc) cause no uproar.
    Western Values are clearly wronng.
    We dont mind influencing our youngster to kill, commite crime but to cry out when a few sex scenes are revealed is unbelievable.

    These people shoud get a life

  • dan

    I don’t no the code and if you give it to me i’ll go and see if it is bad or not.

  • Blacksmith89

    does anyone know the sex code for the PS2 if so please give it to me if not that’s ok thanks

  • what is the code for the pc

  • killaziggy

    this is retarded are you telling me i can pick up a hooker, bang her in my car (but you cant see) then knife her to death to get my money back, but i cant bone some chick who i spent 100s on cus it acutually shows it. what little boy hasnt gotten into his dads porn stash or aquiered it buy other means my parents told me about sex when i was like seven and i didnt care i just wanted to go play, keeping things a secret from children is how it becomes their obsession. how can parents think their kids dont hear the bed rocking at night, thats wat really scars a kid or walking in on your parents (eww) sends shivers down my spine outlaw that!! and shooting a cop in the face how is that better than consensual sex. hillary gets the retarded sign, and what did she say about that cum stained dress being shown to the entire american public. Mommy whats semen and why is it so close, said little suszie.

  • i dond know where the hell ether

  • funnybunnypig

    Please Can Somebody Tell Me How To Get Hot Coffe For XBox Sanandreas ? Or Is There Even One For X Box ? If Not Can I Get Some Nude Cheats ? Help A Fellow Guy Out !?!

  • Dynamo of Eternia


    I don’t think that there is any way (that I know of) to get this to work on the Xbox version.

    I all of the original versions (PS2, PC, and Xbox), the content is technically there. However, for the PC, you have to download some kind of game mod to even access it. And for PS2, the only way that I know to access it is by using something like Action Replay. There are codes for Action Replay that will essentially do the same moding that the downloads for the PC do.

    However, for Xbox, I don’t think there is a way. The original Xbox release does technically have the content programmed into the game, but as far as I know, there is no way to access it. Action Replay for Xbox does not work in the same manner as Action Replay for PS2 or Gamecube. With the latter two, you can put in codes that actually altars the game (make characters live forever, etc). With the Xbox version, all it does is give you different game saves (it even comes with a little thing to hook to your computer to download saves from the interenet). But, all that does is give you game progress that you could technically get on your own, only it would take you a lot of time and patience to get there. So, there is no game mod (that I am aware of) for Xbox to get to this content.

    Also, you may want to check which version you have. They pulled the older copies from the shelves and rereased the game. The rereleased version for Xbox has the words “Second Edition” in very small print at the bottom of the front of the box. If you have this version, then that means the programming was removed completely from it anyway, so even if there is some kind of code or mod that I am not aware of to access the info from the original Xbox edition, it wouldn’t work with that second edition anyway.

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  • So, you call us gaming nerds, yet you’re looking for a code that has fake looking people fully clothed humping each other? Human intelligence, or lack thereof, never ceases to amaze me.

  • For the Gamers

    Normal Game
    206B32FC 00000001

    HotCoffie/Sex Mini-Game V1.0 Standard Half Naked Girls
    206B32FC 00000000

    Hot Coffee / Sex Mini-Game V2.0 Mod
    200C0400 8E430014
    200C0404 10600001
    200C0408 24630001
    200C040C 3C02000C
    200C0410 90410440
    200C0414 A0610000
    200C0418 24420001
    200C041C 1420FFFC
    200C0420 24630001
    200C0424 0807DC80
    200C0428 00000000
    2030CCFC 0C030100
    206B32FC 00000000
    Note: You must also choose and activate one of the codes below.

    Denise Naked
    200C0440 474e4147
    200C0444 00314c52

    Denise Half Naked
    200C0440 474e4147
    200C0444 00324c52

    Denise Clothed
    200C0440 474e4147
    200C0444 00334c52

    Michelle Naked
    200C0440 4743454d
    200C0444 00314c52

    Michelle Half Naked
    200C0440 4743454d
    200C0444 00324c52

    Michelle Clothed
    200C0440 4743454d
    200C0444 00334c52

    Helena Naked
    200C0440 474e5547
    200C0444 00314c52

    Helena Half Naked
    200C0440 474e5547
    200C0444 00324c52

    Helena Clothed
    200C0440 474e5547
    200C0444 00334c52

    Barbara Naked
    200C0440 47504f43
    200C0444 00314c52

    Barbara Half Naked
    200C0440 47504f43
    200C0444 00324c52

    Barbara Clothed
    200C0440 47504f43
    200C0444 00334c52

    Katie Naked
    200C0440 4752554e
    200C0444 00314c52

    Katie Half Naked
    200C0440 4752554e
    200C0444 00324c52

    Katie Clothed
    200C0440 4752554e
    200C0444 00334c52

    Millie Naked
    200C0440 474f5243
    200C0444 00314c52

    Millie Half Naked
    200C0440 474f5243
    200C0444 00324c52

    Millie Clothed
    200C0440 474f5243
    200C0444 00334c52

  • how do u use the codes

  • biatch06

    I dont understand you damn perverts. If all you want is the sex and the sex codes got out and buy or rent a damn porn flick.

    You may have better luck with your own damn hand I will even supply the vasoline

  • biatch06

    I dont understand you damn perverts. If all you want is the sex and the sex codes got out and buy or rent a damn porn flick.

    You may have better luck with your own damn hand I will even supply the vasoline

    Sex and Nudity do NOT have a place in video games. I you want sex find a girlfriend.

  • biatch06

    I am going to start adding male nudity to your games and make them outrageously huge to piss off you guys who only like big titted women. Give you, I am not going to say men cause you are acting like little boys, a taste of your own medicine.