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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals “Night Rolls On”

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Today's webisode from the Sun Studio Sessions takes us back in the studio with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. This video gives some great insight into the band's chemistry. When you get a room full of talented musicians looking to put their stamp on a song sometimes you end up with a clash of egos. Not here.

This clip shows some great back and forth, collaborative teamwork from the band as they tackle an older song from their catalog. The band's reputation for being more like a family rings true here in these exchanges as they try to work out some parts for the song. Rather than fight for control of the situation the artists work through the issues together.

Spending tons of time together on the road, even on a nice tour bus, can put stress on a band's unity. However, the road and its trials seems to bring the Nocturnals closer together. Now that spring is here they'll draw on that strength as the band is in full road mode and will see some big dates this summer with the Dave Matthews Band and the Black Crowes. Both of those are great matches for this band and would be cool shows to catch. Meanwhile enjoy the sultry sounds of "Night Rolls On."

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