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Grab the Award-Winning Portal Free

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I'm back with another Dose of Awesome and this time it contains something free just for you. The fine people over at Valve have made their multiple Game of the Year award winning first-person puzzle game Portal available for free download until the 24th of May. If you're one of the few people who have yet to try Valve's brilliant puzzle game then you should really get to it, it is, after all, free.

In Portal, as the name suggests, players must create portals to maneuver objects and the player through space so that they can complete a variety of physical puzzles and challenges. It sounds simple but the gameplay and design are innovative and somewhat revolutionary. Additionally, the recently announced sequel is already attracting considerable attention.

Plus, now that Valve's distribution service, Steam, is available on Macs, those of you who have been Valve-deprived by not being a PC gamer can join in on the fun as well. Now I know what you must be thinking, people don't generally give stuff away for free and you're right they don't. Valve is basically offering players a trial of the game. After the 24th, the free downloads will become locked and players will then have the option of buying the game if they wish to continue playing it. So if for some reason you don't like it, just don't pay for it once the extended trial ends.

This is a seriously good deal which any PC or Mac gamer should check out, but I know some of you out there may not yet be won over. If the lure of free stuff simply isn't enough, then how about some cool and persuasive marketing from Valve? They've created this great little video to advertise the game and the fact that there will be a trial coming up for Portal 2's co-operative gameplay mode. 

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