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Governance in India

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Discipline, foresight, planning and execution go to make good governance. Apart from these four there is transparency and sincerity which add merit to an administration. Governance is not found in any part of the world. We find greed overtaking sincerity, hidden agendas overwhelming the transparent codes making governance corrupt.

The Indian government is headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, a noted economist. His ministry holds the most corrupt ministers on roll.
Dr. Manmohan Singh has sacrificed his erudite scholastic acquisitions to monetary indices. He is a shadow Prime Minister directed by his party President Mrs.Sonia Gandhi. The delicate Prime Minister finds himself in a piquant situation. The 2G spectrum auctions have landed him in foremost trouble. One of his ministers, A.raja, who architected the scam tainted auctions, is in Tihar jail for more than a year. His Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram has got a reprieve from the court. But Subramania Swamy, a well-known politician without a solid party base is taking up issues with Chidambaram and has vowed to prove him guilty. The Home Minister is neither a puritan nor a person above faults. Eloquence is his forte. He talks a lot about the scams but his speech has lost its sheen. How long can the united front government led by the congress try to deceive the people?

The central government is in a mess. Incidentally the state governments are also in chaos. The states are in a prettier disaster than the central. Judicial courts handle cases against ministers, politicians. It looks as though the High courts and supreme courts have to spend more time dispense with political cases than take up other issues pertaining to the people.

The people in power have amassed enormous wealth. They have acquired lands and buildings to an unbelievable extent. Most of their unaccounted money is deposited in Swiss Banks. A list has been prepared and the Gandhi’s take the top honours followed by Palaniappan Chidambaram, A. Raja, Muthuvel Karunanidhi and the Sun T.V Maran brothers. Each ones deposit runs to billions.
The rich and the powerful join hands together to rule the ancient land. The rich dictate terms and the people in power execute the dictums in full speed and in no mean terms. It is taken up with care and consideration. The bureaucracy aids the ministers to bring out the schedules in a meticulous manner so that the discrepancies get technically dressed up to be presented with an attractive glamour. They are rewarded for their planned execution.

It is an irony to find that those who are supposed to govern involve in plundering the nation. It is sad to notice corruption in every field. It is painful to perceive indiscipline in all sections. It raises one’s anger. It evokes a fury. It provokes a suspicion.

Indians desire impeccable governance. Will their expectation be granted? No one knows.

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