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Gov. Springer? Yup – now get over it

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Bush & Kerry in 2004 face the strong undercurrent in Ohio of Jerry Springer’s likely 2006 gubernatorial run. It would be best if both avoided the arrogant condescension of the mainstremam Ohio media on Springer’s suitability.

The Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin, displaying the sophisticated analysis of a foot stomping kindergarten teacher, claims that it would be yet another disaster for Ohio Democrats if Springer ran in 2006.

Hey Brent…get over yourself. (while we’re at it, Dick Feagler needs to get over himself, too…he’s stomping his foot just as hard as Brent.)

Yes, Ohio Democrats have an inexhaustible supply of incompetence. Yes, it looks desperate to court Springer.

None of that means Jerry Springer shouldn’t run for governor.

Springer is a legitimate Ohioan, who has held office in Ohio before, is a very good public speaker, and has been doing a lot of the right things to build a campaign.

I used to be in the “no, Jerry, no” crowd, used to think that we Democrats should adhere to some intellectual purity that demands that we “recruit” candidates as if we were holding a job interview.

The California recall changed my mind.

If Arnold Schwarzenagger and Jesse Ventura can be governors, based on little more than celebrity, Jerry Springer can run for governor of Ohio.

If Springer is able to distance himself a bit from the show (and it won’t take much to do that), but still display the uncanny ability to relate to average schmucks which makes the show work, then he will win in 2006. Period.

And a Democratic Governor Springer is better than any Republican.

Too often, Democrats spend more time in search of some silly Aristotlian ideal of politics while Republicans fight like junk yard dogs to win at any cost. Bill Clinton knew that. Brent and Feagler don’t.

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