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Got Tude? Get a T to go with it.

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If you’re in the US or Canada and aren’t a relative, you qualify to win one of my “Got Tude?” T-shirts, so drop by http://www.tude.com/winat/getatude.htm and get your entries in.

I’d like to build this site into a sort-of kind-of meta-blog, I’ve just started this “mini-sweep” (ends 4 July ’03). I’m looking for short (or long) pieces written by bloggers, about bloggers or even anyone-who-had-never-even-heard-of-a-blog-before-but-after-looking-at-a-few-here’s-what-I-think. Accepted authors get a free shirt, so you might consider cranking up that keyboard.

I don’t know if this kind of site will work, but if you pass this request on to X friends of yours and they pass it on to Y friends of theirs, there should be at least a dozen or two Authors With Tude in the chain.

It’s a cool shirt.

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  • Is this spam?

  • Dude, fix the tude link.

  • I have a “tude”: this *is* spam and has no place on Blogcritics. Zero content, other than something to drive others to his site = spam.

  • The intent was to find possible authors who would get a page on my site and a free Tude T if published; I don’t think that’s zero content.

    And the link doesn’t need fixing.

    But I wouldn’t mind reviewing a submission on blogs or bloggery from you – I’m looking for strong opinions.

  • I like the ‘tude dude. I’ve been reading his rants for a couple of years now. Only wish that everyone did.