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Gore, Gonzales, Gas Prices, and Illegal Immigration: Assault On Our Patience?

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With the release of Albert Gore’s new book Assault on Our Reason, his ubiquitous interviews in print, on radio, and Larry King, calls for him to “run”; the specter of Alberto Gonzales resigning his office of attorney general in disgrace; gas prices in the WTF range, and the Senate possibly passing the Kennedy/McCain Immigration Bill, it has not been a good month for mere mortals. The Senate is willing, but Congress may be weak when it comes to voting up or down the “new” immigration bill.

The good news this month: May ratings’ sweep. Yeah. Plenty of bread-and-circus in the form of finals for Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and The Bachelor, to help us preserve our patience, and reserve our opinion until all the votes are counted, both legislative and fan-based.

More Gore?

This week's TIME has an extensive article by Eric Pooley. The interview took place at the Gore citadel in Tennessee. It sported a catchy title and fetching photo of Al Gore-as-cover: "The Last Temptation of Al Gore".

It was a fitting and mostly factual article that was long on Gore’s greatness and short on his shortcomings. The buzz: the stellar stealth candidate for many pundits. What more could one ask for? The article also reveals many of Gore’s non-political interests. These border on the mystical as well as the scientific and practical. But the main purpose was to hawk his new book. I think that on paper he has the makings of a great president! But how long should we wait at the altar for Gore to commit? Can Americans who want Al Gore make him run? More later.

Gonzales Go Home!

Next on my whining list: Alberto Gonzales. I have tried not to follow the fumbling of Gonzales and his 500 misguided emails. According to Democracy Now, investigative journalist Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse is a must-read. He told Amy Goodman in a recent interview that because of his website, georgewbush.org, many Gonzales emails were sent to him in error! And he has been able to read all the damning evidence for himself.

That’s pure e-mail manna. Only Mount Everest climbers this month could have avoided hearing about the antics of this cabinet. When he first took office I thought, look how far we have fallen from the heady days when RFK was attorney general, when the Constitution and prosecution of criminals meant something. I’ll admit I never had high expectations of Gonzales. As a teacher I did not see him passing any benchmarks or final exams to graduate to a higher office, God forbid what that might be. I am growing impatient hearing his name bantered about, waiting for the results of a long-overdue “no-confidence” vote, or for him to do the right thing — resign.

More Alienation?

As for the Kennedy/McCain Immigration bill, one could pick or peck a googol of URLs from Google this past week about the travesty that might befall us all if this bill goes into law. A satirical letter on the subject caught my eye this week: someone wrote his rep asking to be instated as an “illegal alien” so that he could reap some of the benefits!

And here’s a link with four videos about the subject that I forwarded to my group. In case you are a newbie to the Web, there are entire groups devoted to dashing the hopes of illegal aliens quest for citizenship — one with over a thousand members, and thousands of posts dedicated to closing the borders. You've got to admire Roy Beck’s fax factory, numbersUSA, which is keeping up the pressure on the legislators to not give away the U.S.A. and a Chevrolet.

The Senate seems to be chomping at the bit. But will the people, citizens and illegal aliens, both buy it? That seems to be an oxymoron in a month of moronic activities. By definition mutually exclusive for American citizens, of legal status in this country, to buy the bill. That’s the question: what the hell is it? Is it amnesty? I’ve heard countless times: look up the definition — it ain’t amnesty. It ain’t a free ride. Read my lips.

Unfortunately, for us it has been the handiwork of one of TIME magazine's ten most powerful men in the Senate: Edward M. Kennedy, aka Ted Kennedy. He has been the bulwark and best friend of the illegal alien. His brother, President Kennedy, wrote A Nation of Immigrants. And because of its excellent data on immigration Patrick Buchanan (R) cited it heavily to support his thesis in his most recent book, State of Emergency. Perhaps Pat read the book more closely than Ted did. Because no one could believe that it was JFK’s intention to let everyone and their momma into the States for a free ride, au contraire.

No Child Left Behind and now another so-called bipartisan immigration bill (explained), have both been the butt of many jokes and the brainchild of Ted Kennedy. I think it is he who has been running, or some say ruining, this country over the past seven years while George W. Bush has been in the Oval office. It is past time for the wizard of Washington to be revealed. And except for Kennedy’s vote against the Iraq war, good call, Kennedy, Blair and Bush have been best buddies, well almost. I am impatient now because aliens seem to get accolades for doing jobs no one wants, while activists get the boot for trying to keep democracy alive.

Last but not least — more pain at the pump. What can one say but WTF at record-high gas prices?

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  • Heloise

    New Numbers from Polls–People think that LEGAL immigration is also too high! Not surprised This has been my ongoing comment.

    Check out links for yourself

    Keep track of all upcoming important amendments on the Senate amnesty bill — and the vote results on each — by checking regularly on our Vote Day web page: We will update this page hourly during the two weeks of Senate deliberations.


    Of course, we want to do what is right for America, regardless of its popularity. But isn’t it a relief to find that most Americans agree with our idea of what is right on immigration policy?

    New polls show that the Kennedy/Bush Comprehensive Amnesty is not catching on.

    You will soon see posted on your Action Buffet corkboard faxes to send to your Senators and your U.S. Representative to bring these overall voter views to their attention — and to let them know that is how you feel, as well.

    But I hope you will find many other ways to help your friends, colleagues, relatives and others feel good about having immigration views that are shared by most Americans.

    Only 26% of Americans favor the Senate bill. The Rasmussen poll was conducted Monday and Tuesday night — after the Senate voted Monday to bring the amnesty to the floor for debate and after it voted Tuesday against eliminating the guestworker part of the bill. Another 26% of Americans don’t know what to think, and 48% are opposed.

    Rasmussen reports: “Advocates of ‘comprehensive’ reform have taken to arguing that those who want an enforcement-only policy must explain how they would deal with the 12 million illegal aliens already living in the country. The public reaction to that question appears to be ‘Why?’ Only 29% of voters say it is very important for the ‘government to legalize the status of illegal aliens already in the United States.’ ”

    70% of Americans say total legal and illegal immigration is TOO HIGH, when told the numbers, according to a Pulse Opinion Research poll released this week.

    Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA’s director of government relations, has finally worked her way through every page and word of the Senate bill. She calculates that in addition to giving amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens, S. 1348 will increase legal immigration by another 302,000 a year. Yet, the Pulse Opinion Research poll finds that only 8% of Americans think current legal immigration of one million a year is too low.

    Attrition Through Enforcement & Self Deportation is by far the most popular option for dealing with 12-20 million illegal aliens (79%), the Pulse Opinion Research poll found.

    You can read the full results of the 13-question poll on our website.

  • bliffle

    Can someone explain to me why DOJ hiring policy is determined by a near-teenager named “Monica”?

  • Wesley Franklin

    Water is necessary yet Katrina was too excessive!
    Food For Thought: Iraq’s Learning Spanish Before Crossing to America! Page 29 of “A LINE IN THE SAND CONFRONTING THE THREAT AT THE SOUTHWEST BORDER”
    Senator Mc Caul’s 10th District Texas Website

  • That’s a good question. I saw the answer on Bill Moyers. I am working on a book review just now, but now that school is over I will be researching and writing and building a new Web site that is for politics.

    Anyway I think the answer to your question involves: Conservatives, Pat Robertson’s law school, and Tim Griffin. Tim and another woman, maybe Monica were pulled from the rank and file of Pat Robertson’s graduating JDs and put into the WH! I mean they were still wet behind the bar.

    She was hand-picked to do this job because of the connections and the politics of the moral majority in the form of Pat Robertson. All those idiots who have given that pimp money have helped to produce fanatics that are running the country.

    This is what they are doing in schools too. No one wants me because I have ten years experience and a big mouth. But all the top roles in schools are going to people who just barely started teaching.

    Anyway, I will double check this. But Robert Kennedy also has some info about it on his “Ring of Fire” at airamerica. Get Palast’s book too. And watch Bill Moyers.

    Those who speak out will be carted off or fired off by the silent media!!!


  • Maurice

    This makes me laugh!

  • Yes, as I was writing this I heard that he also just got permission to go-green with his mansion in Tennessee. He needed permission?


  • Lumpy

    The way these green energy programs work there are a limited number of credits to go around and gore probably had to get approval for sucking up such a large portion of the allotment. Each green kwhr he takes is one someone else doesn’t get to use.

  • I heard he’s buying his carbon offsets from a firm specializing in brokering them that he owns.

    If true, somebody should be investigating that.