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GOP Responds to Pelosi Health Care Bill

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I’m sick and tired of Democrats and liberal pundits claiming that the Republican Party is not interested in fixing our health care system and has no answers or alternatives on this issue. My head is going to explode if I hear that wacko Congressman, Alan Grayson, and his rantings, declaring that Republicans want sick Americans to “die quickly”. Many on the left have labeled us (yes, I am a registered Republican) the party of NO, well maybe that is because we are a party of “no thanks” to government takeovers, higher taxes, intrusion on liberties, and socialism. The Republicans have continually tried to make their case for health care reform, yet they have been shut out of the debate –– at times, literally. And for those of you who don’t believe that the Republican Party has solutions for repairing our health care system, you don’t even have to watch Fox News to find out that you are wrong.

Over the weekend, House Republican Leader John Boehner appeared on CNN’s State of the Union. In his interview with John King, Boehner noted that the Republican’s strategy for health care reform is a “common sense approach to make the current system work better.” He also highlighted some of their specific ideas for health care reform and how these proposals can be found at healthcare.gop.gov, which have been there since June. “What I am hopeful for is to take these eight or nine ideas and put together in a bill, that’s being scored right now by the Congressional Budget Office, and present it on the House floor during this debate” said Boehner. “And I’m hopeful that Speaker Pelosi will allow us to offer an alternative.”

In the same interview with King, Boehner gave a quick rebuttal to the massive bill unveiled by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats last Thursday, “1,990 pages, that ought to tell you all that you need to know”. “That we’re gonna have 1,990 pages of legislation”. Boehner also pointed out that, the word “shall” exists in the bill 3,425 times, illustrating its effect; “shall, that means you must do!”

And if CNN is not your place for news, you can always get your facts straight by going to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. On Friday, Palin made a special announcement, “TUNE IN TOMORROW TO HEAR A HEALTH CARE REFORM PLAN THAT WILL PROVE TO BE THE GAME CHANGER”, referring to the GOP’s weekly address, where Boehner was scheduled to give the GOP’s plan for health care reform, “Common-Sense Health Care Reform Our Nation Can Afford”.

The address was given, Saturday, October 31, 2009, GOP Solutions for America, of which Boehner laid out the GOP’s plan and addressed Pelosi’s proposal, warning that “this 1,990 pages of bureaucracy will centralize health care decision making in Washington, DC. It’ll require thousands of new federal employees. It’ll put unelected boards, bureaus, and commissions in charge of who gets access to what drug and what potentially life-saving treatment.” “And it won’t come cheap…”

Just in case those “nay sayers” and Republican bashers haven’t heard the news that the Republican Party does care about the health of Americans, wants health care reform, and does have solutions to this complex issue facing our nation, I have posted the proof here in my article. Democrats, if you keep uttering they don’t, I’ll have to use Joe Wilson’s two famous words, “you lie” –– or maybe you’re just not listening!

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Christine –

    Are you aware that the Republican plan does NOTHING to stop the HMO’s from denying people coverage due to “preexisting conditions”?

    My oldest son had rheumatic fever 9 years ago. He still suffers the effects of it. There is NO insurance company that will cover him for any amount that we can reasonably afford. His only hope for health care coverage is if the Democratic health care reform package becomes law…

    …because if the Republicans had their way, my son could not get health care coverage.

    That is, unless he emigrated to Canada. Gee, how American is that!

    So, um, Christine – what do you think your opinion would be if you were in my shoes, and it’s YOUR child whose health depended upon which political party got their way?

  • Glenn: I am not sure of the details of their plan and it looks like BOTH plans have their problems.

    I am truly sorry about your son. And I too have a problem getting health insurance due to breast implants and migraine headaches, plus I am missing a kidney and my gallbladder. I think that covers it?

    So, I am ALL for eliminated pre-existing conditions. That said: I also think the insurance companies are greedy bstrds. And we should place some restrictions on them. But am not for a government takeover of our health care industry.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Christine –

    If you want restrictions on the HMO’s, then read this following paragraph from the GOP plan:

    “This policy may be less expensive than others because it is not subject to all of the insurance laws and regulations of the state … including coverage of some services or benefits mandated by the law of the stateAdditionally, this policy is not subject to all of the consumer protection laws or restrictions on rate changes…”

    SO IN OTHER WORDS, the GOP plan would REMOVE some of the restrictions against rate hikes already in place (such as they are).

    So given that, and given that it would be highly improbable for you to get affordable health insurance for yourself, how in the world can you support the GOP plan over the Democrats’?

    And if you’ll check more closely, the Democrats’ plan is NOT a “government takeover”. Personally, I wish it were – because the VA care that I and my wife and youngest son receive is top-notch (it saved my life and hers), and you’ll find precious few Republicans willing to publicly consider getting rid of Medicare.

    Why? Back in the early 90’s, William Kristof said that the Democratic efforts to reform health care must be opposed – not because they might not work…but because they might work and the Democrats would be able to point to the success for generations to come i.e. Medicare.

  • Mark

    From gop.gov:

    The Republican health care substitute to be offered during floor debate on Speaker Pelosi’s government takeover of health care will incorporate all or part of the following bills:

    * Empowering Patients First Act (Republican Study Committee Health Care Reform Bill, introduced July 30, 2009)
    * Improving Health Care for All Americans Act (Shadegg Health Care Reform Bill, introduced July 14, 2009)
    * Medical Rights & Reform Act (Kirk-Dent Health Care Reform Bill, introduced June 16, 2009)
    * Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act (Gingrey medical liability reform bill, introduced June 6, 2009)
    * Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2009 (Johnson small business health plans bill, introduced May 21, 2009)
    * Promoting Health and Preventing Chronic Disease through Prevention and Wellness Programs for Employees, Communities, and Individuals Act of 2009 (Castle Wellness & Prevention Bill, introduced July 31, 2009)
    * Improved Employee Access to Health Insurance Act of 2009 (Deal auto-enrollment bill, introduced October 15, 2009)
    * Health Insurance Access for Young Workers and College Students Act of 2009 (Blunt bill to improve health insurance coverage of dependents, introduced October 21, 2009)

    What with all the bitching about document length, one wonders how many pages all of these separate bills add up to…..the first one is 268 pages long. The word ‘shall’ appears 419 times in it.

    What a bunch of yahoos.

  • Glenn: The purpose of my article was sarcasm to address the Dems untruths that the GOP is not interested in fixing health care. So, at this point it is hard to pick sides, however, my hope is that they would actually come to some sort of compromise. But it seems that the Dems are saying, “it is there way or the highway”.

    Not to mention I think they still cover abortions in the Dem’s public option plan (medical procedure). But that is another whole debate. And I heard there is something about page 92, that says you can’t change insurance after a certain date…still trying to find out.

    By the way, my med problems were due to a car accident when I was 25. But since I became a bodybuilder/fitness competitor, I never need med attention for those matters, except my pancreas every few years or so. Plus I have no other med problems and NEVER take prescription drugs except for those once a month migraines. Just an FYI on the power of a good diet and exercise! Hope it all lasts past 50!

  • “maybe that is because we are a party of ‘no thanks’ to…intrusion on liberties”

    you might want to double check that.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Christine –

    Not to mention I think they still cover abortions in the Dem’s public option plan (medical procedure).

    The bill – as I think you know – specifically states that no federal funds will be used for abortions. The kicker is, however, that with the public plan, funds are provided to help the poor afford insurance…and there is as yet no mechanism to strictly enforce the prohibition against those funds being used in part to fund abortions.

    It’s like this – Jane everygirl needs help to buy health insurance, and so the government helps her to be able to have a choice between policies A through G. He gets insurance for herself and her family, and everybody’s happy. The only problem is, if the wide range of services covered by all those policies just happens to include abortion, then that implies that those federal funds enable that person to get an abortion.

    In other words, the government’s saying to not use the funds to cover abortions…but the government did NOT specifically state that abortions could not be part of those policies offered. The logic in this is that sometimes abortions are necessary to preserve the life of the mother, or perhaps she was the victim of rape, incest, or other sexual abuse.

    Should those who need abortions for the above reasons be disallowed coverage for the procedures?

    It depends on who you ask, since it’s a very politically-charged question, isn’t it? But in the end, what’s more important? Are we going to deny coverage to tens of millions of Americans just so some can’t get abortions? I hope not.

    AND if you’ll think about it, the GOP plan does even LESS to prevent abortions, doesn’t it? That, and it leaves in place the HMO option to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions, and removes some of the restrictions against their raising their rates.

    How one could choose the GOP plan over the Democrats’, I don’t know.

  • zingzing

    “How one could choose the GOP plan over the Democrats’, I don’t know.”

    being a republican. it’s just that simple.

  • Glenn, from what I’ve read the GOP plan replaces a mandate that those with preexisting conditions must be covered with a high-risk pool system where those with preexisting conditions will be able to get insurance at a fair rate despite their status.


  • I thought it was great comic relief when Palin jumped into the Virginia race only after she was sure of the results.

    I can here her crowing now about how she saved the ultra-conservative movement all by herself.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    “At a fair rate”? Do you really think they’re saying that with a straight face? Sorry, Dave, but after the past eight years of Republicans doing absolutely nothing for the working man – and after they’ve fought tooth-and-nail against ANY reform for the past several months – they have absolutely ZERO cred with me.

  • It is the sworn and sacred duty of every loyal Republican in this congress to make absolutely sure that this president achieves little or nothing during this term of office.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jet –

    Y’know, that’d be downright silly…if it weren’t so sadly true.

  • Right now the GOP is putting on two faces, the screaming tea idiots who aren’t really saying anything but embarassing everyone they claim to represent, and the congressmen who are doing everything to obstruct any progress in congress.

    Neither of which are very palatable to the moderate Republicans, independants or Democrats.

    Now if the moderates led by Olympia and the right-wing nut “ditto heads” can continue their civil war and split the GOP in two that would be entertaining.

    Especially when Glen Beck suddenly realizes he’s not being paid attention to and does something silly again to regain his “leadership” role.

  • zingzing

    have y’all seen the onion’s video about a tragic car crash killing a teenager who wasn’t glenn beck? funny, funny stuff.

  • Fat dum mormon fuck face?

  • According to a reliable source Glenn Beck was rushed to the hospital from his offices at Fox News after saying something that made sense.

    A confused police captain of detectives had a warrant sworn out on Rush Limbaugh after mistakenly thinking the radio host had put a “hit” on Beck after overhearing a witness say that Beck and been “rushed” to the emergency room….

    details at 11

  • Arch Conservative

    “It is the sworn and sacred duty of every loyal Republican in this congress to make absolutely sure that this president achieves little or nothing during this term of office.”

    That’s funny. I don’t recall you bitching when the Dems took an Oath to make absolutely sure Bush achieved nothing.

    You moonbats can go on and on about the alleged civil war in the GOP and how Dem party values are mainstream American values but as of today NJ has a GOP gov, VA is seeing red, yet another state, Maine, has rejected gay marriage and we’re still no closer to Obamacare.

    Reality is the nother of all bitches aint she Jet?

  • Ditto Jet

    “It is the sworn and sacred duty of every loyal Republican in this congress to make absolutely sure that this president achieves little or nothing during this term of office.”

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Arch –

    Neither the Dems nor the Republicans took such an oath…BUT the Democrats didn’t come out with knives against those who didn’t hold a strict party line against every single Republican proposal. The Republicans did.

    THAT, sir, is why the comments by Jet and Jeannie hold water…and yours doesn’t.

    BTW – when it comes to bipartisanship, check this out from a Politico article back in September: “Even before Baucus’s proposal was publicized, the Democrats on the other four committees had adopted 181 Republican amendments. And what did the Democrats get in return for those amendments? Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not even one vote in one committee.”

    The Democrats accepted 181 Republican amendments even though they KNEW the Republicans wouldn’t vote for the bill!

    You might call that sheer stupidity by the Dems…and that’s what it looks like, isn’t it? Except for the little fact that in the future, EVERY TIME the Republicans go shouting that the Democrats are shutting them out of the legislative process, the Democrats can calmly point back to 181 Republican amendments in the health care bill.

    Good day, sir.

  • After all this time I was gone and you people are still trying to reason with [personal attack deleted by Jet] Arch?

    A [obsene and nasty word deleted by Jet] man whose best shot is to call me a [slang word for something nasty deleted by Jet] moonbat?

    Ahhhhh the more things change the more they stay the same

  • All I did was post a smiley face in a comment and the comment was blocked?

  • Our automatic software filters have blocked your comment, either because of something within the comment, or because of who we believe you are.

    It’s nothing personal.

    If you feel your comment has been blocked in error, you may find relief by contacting Akismet, who provide one of the several means we use to identify comments to block…

    After posting only the following in a comment????


    I’ll laugh at that!

  • This isn’t a hissy fit, I’m laughing my head off (:^PbPbPb~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Jet, BIg Brother is watching all of us! LOL

  • I hope he’s cute

  • Doug Hunter

    The preexisting condition problem is a tough nut to crack. If insurance must take preexisting conditions what is the purpose of having health insurance in the first place? Why not just wait till you feel sick then get insured?

  • Doug Hunter

    Would car insurance work if you could buy it after you had a wreck? Would homeowners insurance work if you could burn your house down then get insurance?

  • Doug you life wouldn’t depend on getting your car fixed or your home rebuilt. Do you have a cash register for a heart or should we get some Sara Palin death squads to go after uninsured people with heart conditions?

  • Doug Hunter

    Jet #29 that’s not an answer at all, but it is indicative of the level of discourse you libs are capable of. My point was coverage for preexisting conditions and insurance don’t work well together. If anything, that’s a reason to prefer government intervention.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Why not just wait till you feel sick then get insured?

    As much as I strongly distrust the HMO’s and health insurance industry, this was their question, and it’s a fair question.

    The answer, after months of negotiation, was to require Americans to purchase the coverage and maintain it. That way, the preexisting conditions (like my son’s) are covered, and the insurance industry doesn’t get gamed by people waiting till the get sick to buy insurance.

    It’s not a perfectly satisfactory compromise to either the Left or the Right, but I have to admit that it will work.

  • “you libs” I hear a closed mind at work that refuses to hear any voice but his own.

  • zingzing

    doug, of course it was an answer. and why do you think that your level of discourse is improved at all by bashing on others’ discourse? (not that i don’t recognize the hypocrisy in that question.)

  • You know with all the right-wing Republican crowing going on, it might be interesting to note a rather bold-faced FACT!

    Look at the media (and Fox entertainment service) coverage over the November 3 elections yesterday, there was a clear message that the Republicans were gaining momentum. In fact, the Democrats have a great deal to celebrate. They did not lose a single seat in Congress, a significant sign that the American people in New York and California still have a great deal of faith in President Obama and the Democratic agenda.

    Democrat Bill Owens defeated Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman 50% to 45% though the final results were not in at the time of this writing. In California, Democrat John Garamendi defeated Republican David Harmer.

    While the Governor races are being viewed as a gauge of Obama’s political influence, it is more accurately a sign of what happens in almost all elections. Whichever political power has the majority, we see an opposite influx during the next cycle; not a sign of confidence in the Republican agenda.

    Why should Minnesotans care? A very important reason. Voter turnout was very low in the Governor races allowing for victory in New Jersey and Virgina are very serious issues for our party. The fact that the voter turnout was so low speaks to the apathy that tends to wash over many Democrats after the type of victories we saw that swept Democrats into office in the 2008 elections.

    Simply put, when Democrats stay home feeling as though their job is done, Republicans get voted into office. This is about lethargic voter participation not agenda. The American people want serious health care reform which is why there is continued support for Obama. But if the congress fails to do anything that Obama has promised, there will be a mass eviction if current politicians, most of whom are Democrats.

  • Doug Hunter

    #33 Not really. Glenn addressed my point, Jet just just made some assumptions, got angry, and called me heartless. I respond to each in kind.

  • Doug Hunter

    As for the namecalling I went with ‘you libs’ and he lumped me in with Sarah Palin. I can assure you I got the worse end of that deal.

  • Odd, I don’t remember getting angry?

  • I’ve got to learn how to keep my comments down to 4 words or less so people don’t read thingS into them that aren’t there.

    Or end everything with a smiley face 🙂

    he screamed loudly at the top of his voice in hysterics!

  • “indicative of the level of discourse you libs are capable of”… speaking of lumping people unfairly in with eachother….

    he typed chuckling to himself at the irony

  • I’ve got to learn how to keep my comments down to 4 words or less so people don’t read thingS into them that aren’t there.

    OK, Jet, let’s try that…

    “I’ve got to learn”

    You CAN’T learn! You WON’T learn!!! You libs are clueless and can’t take it when reality doesn’t fit your predetermined talking points!!! Rant! Rave! Foam! Splutter! Rage!


  • Glenn Contrarian

    Doc –

    Replace ‘libs’ with ‘cons’ and you’ll be closer to the truth.

    Couldn’t resist….

  • All very entertaining!

  • “You libs are clueless” You libs? You libs? You right handed people? Did you know that the vast majority of traffic accidents are caused by hetrosexuals? All hetrosexuals deserve to have their driver’s licenses taken away!

    There I’ve unfairly lumped heterosexuals into the same pile as “you libs”

    He sighs sadly and clicks “post comment”

  • Clavos

    Been away working my day job for a few days. I see that on these threads plus ça change…

  • Hey Clavos, missed ya!

  • Arch Conservative

    Blah blah blah

    10/5/09….Where’s the Obamacare?

    How many deadlines is he going to boastfully set and miss before he finally gives up?

    Cheer up Barry…I find that singing a song always helps me………

    “Waterloo – I was defeated, you won the war
    Waterloo – promise to love you for ever more
    Waterloo – couldn’t escape if I wanted to
    Waterloo – knowing my fate is to be with you
    Waterloo – finally facing my waterloo”

  • Arch Conservative

    At least Napoleon had enough legitimate accomplishments to make a highlight reel.

    With captain teleprompter all we could manage is some footage of him stuttering in front of the teleprompter, telling us about the 57 states he campaigned in and making fun of the Special Olympics.

    How utterly pathetic.

  • zingzing

    at least he knows what month it is when he’s bashing people for stupid mistakes.

    utterly pathetic, indeed.

  • …well at least Napoleon could carry a tune!

  • Zedd


    “the word “shall” exists in the bill 3,425 times, illustrating its effect; “shall, that means you must do!””

    Why is this a point that needs to be made either by you or the person that made it originally???? Its a law. “You must do” when it comes to the law. Are you people alright? You are stuck on stupid. Healthcare and economics is the topic at hand. FOCUS.

  • We shall consider that and get back to you Zedd… This has been a recorded announcement

  • Zedd, this is a satire piece.

  • You’d think they’d mark Satires more clearly wouldn’t you? I remember when they had huge banners that said SATIRE across them.

    That’s for those of us too spaced out to know the difference.

    I once wrote a satire about crashing the BC Blimp into Jerry Falwell’s church and it was carried in the Maryland Utility News website because the blimp crashed through powerlines and started a fire.

    You just never know…
    you know?

  • John Wilson

    Retroactive insurance, Doug? You mean such as Trent Lott got after Katrina blew down his inadequately insured house?

    If it’s OK for Lott, it should be OK for the rest of us.

    28 – Doug Hunter
    Nov 04, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Would car insurance work if you could buy it after you had a wreck? Would homeowners insurance work if you could burn your house down then get insurance?”

  • Therapistmumbles

    The real question is whether America cares enough about its citizens, or are we just a collection of rugged individualists who will take care of themselves? Healthcare has become very expensive, either we will share the costs or many of us will go broke when we get sick. The rich and healthy don’t have to worry as much.

    Also: Who would ever trun to Sarah Palin for facts?

  • Therapist…, this is a satire piece. I am no Sarah Palin fan.