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Google to Buy dMarc and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Google to buy dMarc broadcasting
Google has announced its plans to buy the dMarc broadcasting, the radio advertiser. Over the next three years it will spend up to $1.14 billion for the company, starting with an up-front payment of $102 million in cash. Google plans on integrating dMarc in with its AdWords system, giving it another advertising distribution channel.

Fliter wins Gilmore awards

The 2006 Gilmore Artist Award for excellent piansts was won by Ingrid Fliter. The prize is given every four years. The 32-year old from Argentina, who has played shows all around the world, will be playing at this years Gilmore International Keyboard Festival which will be held April 22-May 7. The prize for winning the award is $300,000.

Extra date added on U2’s tour in Brazil
Tickets for the February 20th U2 show in São Paulo, Brazil, went on sale on Monday. Fans lined up all day without managing to get ahold of a ticket. Police were on standby, although no major incidents occurred. The organizers have said they will add a show the following day.

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