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Local search marketing is where everything is headed. If you haven’t noticed, Google is making a huge push when it comes to local marketing.

They have redeveloped the entire Google map system by adding in tags to your map listing. You are able to tag your video, website or just your Google maps. They have included thumbnail images, your title tags and descriptions within your map listing.

Google is getting more involved with local business owners on a personal level. Where in the past it was once impossible to get in contact with them, Google is now contacting local business owners to advertise with them locally. This is absolutely awesome for Google because they are nearly a monopoly on the web. They control video, bookmarking, apps, blogs, search and just recently picked up AdMob.com (cell phone advertising). With that much leverage, it doesn’t make since not to monetize your blog with Google Search.

On the other hand, it’s not so great for the internet marketers, SEO and web design companies using Google search to drive business to their clients. It’s time for these companies to sharpen these skills, or become a lot more creative.

Let’s face it. Local search is the way of the future. You need to get on the Google search train, or your business will be left behind.

You’ll find bloggers talking about Local Search at sites like StepForth and Smallbiztrends.

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