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Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush

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I have to admit, although I took several journalism courses from the author when I was in college, it was the title and cover image that caught my interest. I’ve always had an interest in Alaska history, particularly relating to the days of the Gold Rush. Couple that with tantalizing tales of sordid doings, and I’m all there.

In Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush, Lael Morgan takes you on a lusty journey from the mining towns of the Yukon in Canada, to the coast of Alaska and into the interior to Fairbanks. Each chapter covers a unique bit of history, or follows the (mis)fortunes of a particular “good time” girl.

A handful of prostitutes from the era became celebrities. As many were known for their wheeling and dealing in politics and economy, as were known in seedier environs. There was more than one way to strike it rich in the goldfields of the North.

All the women in this book shared a set of traits. They would not be bound by the stifling Victorian dogma of the times, they set out north with the hopes of striking it rich, just like their male counterparts and they all went to unorthodox lengths to attain their goals.

This book paints a picture of intrigue in the frozen wastes. The stories are well told and researched. Chapters are accompanied by images that won’t make you blush… much.

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  • Enterprising ladies are such fun! Thanks, Roger!

  • Your report on the illustrations is one of the most intriguing things in your review. I think this is a book that belongs in my library – although perhaps under the mattress is a better place.