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Good News: Fewer Bodies

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The Associated Press is reporting today that authorities are finding fewer bodies then had been expected.

NEW ORLEANS – Authorities said Friday that their first systematic sweep of the city found far fewer bodies than expected, suggesting that Hurricane Katrina’s death toll may not be the catastrophic 10,000 feared.

“I think there’s some encouragement in what we’ve found in the initial sweeps that some of the catastrophic deaths that some people predicted may not have occurred,” said Terry Ebbert, New Orleans’ homeland security chief.

Ebbert declined to give a new estimate of the dead.

It is nice to hear some good news in all this. If you can call any deaths, “good news.”

Kevin Surbaugh, 37, of Topeka, KS also writes at KevinsView.com and has also been published from time to time over the years in the Kansas City Star, Osawatomie Graphic, Linn County News, Topeka Capital Journal and Topeka Metro News.

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  • The 10,000 estimate came from Mayor Nagin, who hasn’t been right often. There does seem to be absolutely no recognition that we have never seen anything like this and we can’t predict and we probably couldn’t predict any of the details we’d like to predict.

  • Jewels

    Nagin must be relieved…Fox reported tonight on Greta Van Susteran that numbers may be even lower than that.

  • LiberalPatriot

    Great News! Body count falsely lowered by Kenyon, a company to which the counting of the bodies has been outsourced by Governor Blanco. Kenyon is owned by a friend of the Bush’s and the company has a scandal laden past implicating hiding and illegally dumping of bodies. The Great News is that the Bush administration can hide yet another atrocity.