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Black Jack and A.J. always play great, soulful blues on their Tuesday morning radio show on Atlanta’s WRFG, 89.3 FM (radio free Georgia). The community radio station has been doing four hours of blues 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. every weekday for more than 15 years. It’s called Good Morning Blues, and different DJs take turns for two-hour shifts. Some are into early blues, some Cajun, some more R&B, there’s even one British guy who brings in lots of UK-based acts.

But Black Jack and A.J., who are married, just play killer material, much of it new releases. This morning two new songs stood out, “Wedding Ring” by the James Montgomery Blues Band (the singer, betrayed by a kiss, ponders his ring bitterly as he notices it on his hand wrapped around a glass) and “Going Down Slow” by Anthony Gomes. These songs were drenched with deeply felt harmonica and guitar solos, respectively.

Both Black Jack and A.J. are extremely laid back. A.J. invites you into her kitchen for the 8-10 a.m. segment, kicking it off each time with a different cover of “Come on Into My Kitchen” (cause it’s going to be raining outside). They are as cool as cool can be. I think they’ve both achieved some kind of Zen enlightenment. But the music they play is full of the strife and heartbreak of everyday life, naturally. It’s the blues. Enlightenment is in the guitar solo.

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  • Pamela Clark

    Hey, I listen to Good Morning Blues on WRFG every morning and have been a listener for at least 9 years. All the DJ’s are blessed angels for getting up so early and spending so much of their personal time and effort to get the blues out there and promote old, new and local artists. So flush those anti-depressants down the toilet and save that money you’ve been spending at the therapist! Every morning is a great morning if you begin it with Good Morning Blues. It puts you in a great frame of mind and that’s all the therapy you need! Blackjack & AJ deserve any good thing that comes their way!

  • cuz

    I know from personal experience that BlackJack and AJ are the best. They have sent me tapes of the radio show and it is all great material. I wish I lived closer so I could actually listen to the show. (I`m too far up north.)