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Good For You, Elin Nordegren

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Nine months after the debacle with Tiger Wood’s extramarital affairs became public, Woods and his wife’s divorce is official. I have so much respect for Elin for taking a stand. No woman should have to put up with such unscrupulous behavior from their spouse. Imagine the shame and humiliation her husband subjected her to. Who could have thought Woods would have done such a thing? I hope and pray that their children will not reap the repercussions of their father’s actions.

What is it that drives men to cheat on their wives? I am clueless on how to answer that question. I will forever be baffled by what Elin, Halle Berry, and Susan Brinkley had to go through with their spouses‘ sexual escapades. No matter what, cheating is always wrong and should not be tolerated at all.

I am so very impressed with Elin, because she took the best course of action by filing for divorce. Sometimes a woman would rather suffer with the shame and guilt instead of going forward with divorce, especially when children are part of the mix. It is always a lot easier when there are no children involved.

We live in a society that promotes the “ME” syndrome. Most people have very little regard for others; it is always what feels good for them. Unfortunately, we see the “ME” syndrome being exercised in other areas. Greed and the notion of getting rich quickly have turned corporate America into cold-hearted and ruthless individuals. It does not take much for a corporation to lay off an employee in order to avoid paying the pension promised to the workers. How shameful is that? The workers go home empty-handed while the CEO makes millions from bonuses and shady deals.

I truly think the “Leave to Beaver Days” are gone forever. We live in an age where everything is okay as long as it makes you feel good about yourself—forget about how that might hurt someone else. In the case of Elin, I think Tiger would have continued with his extramarital affairs, but lucky for Elin the truth came out. I am rooting for you, Elin!

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  • Arch Conservative

    She was probably a gold digger from the beginning but I guess if she was actually doing Tiger throughout the marriage she’s entitled to some of the money due to the fact that the skanks he was banging probably exposed her to a number of social diseases.

  • Mary,

    Thanks for your comment, that is why I wrote this article to support Elin!

  • Mary Falconer

    Good for you Elin! Hold your head high. Hopefully your ex-husband will also take a higher moral road and only bring women into his single life that are fit to be around his precious children. The total opposite of the women he has kept company with in the past.

  • Jon,
    Thank you for your comments. It is true, some women do cheat, but I have never heard of a woman cheating to the degree Tiger Woods did.

  • “It is always a lot easier when there are no children involved.”

    More like it is always a lot easier when you are getting millions of dollars on the way out the door. Good for her that she left but let’s hold off on anointing her to sainthood.

    “I truly think the “Leave to Beaver Days” are gone forever.”

    That’s a good thing. The series debuted in 1957. I doubt you would want to go back to that time.

  • Zero tolerance is certainly one attitude you can take, but every situation and relationship is different, and some couples survive infidelity. And don’t forget, plenty of women cheat too – almost as many as men, according to Psychology Today.