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Golden Globes: Jennifer Hudson Wins!

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It happened guys! Jennifer Hudson won herself a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Now I just need her to win that damn Oscar! And how many did Miss Overexposed double nominee Beyonce win? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not even the one she and her daddy were expecting to win, Best Original Song — which went to Prince, a no-show (at the time — he showed up later).

After all that talk of how you lost 20 pounds, worked with an acting coach for six months, how you've always dreamed of an Oscar since you were a little girl, how your first choreographer told you you were meant to play Deena, and how different you and Deena are from each other, you still walked away from the Golden Globes with egg all over your face.

Maybe she actually did win and they decided to change their minds at the last minute because she showed up looking like New York from Flavor of Love. This is the Golden Globes, honey, not the VMAs. You don't show up in a dress you bought from Drag Queens 'R' Us and ten different weaves in your damn head. Class it up a little.

Here's video of Jennifer's emotional speech. Girl had me cryin'.

Meryl Streep took the award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy/Musical for her fantastic portrayal of Miranda Priestly (cough, Anna Wintour, cough) in the huge blockbuster hit The Devil Wears Prada, and ended her hilarious speech with her signature line from the movie, "That's all." Helen Mirren took the lead award in the drama category for her performance in The Queen, Forest Whitaker and Sacha Baron Cohen took the Best Lead Actor awards for Drama and Comedy/Musical respectively.

Whitaker was expected, and is expected to win the Oscar as well, and Cohen's only competition in the category was probably Ferrell or Eckhart, though both weak. This win gives Cohen better odds at nabbing an Oscar nomination, though the fact that he was snubbed at the SAG awards isn't a good sign. We'll see how it turns out.

Babel managed to beat out The Departed and The Queen for an undeserved win in the Best Motion Picture Drama category. For whatever reason, the Globes were way up Babel's ass. Babel is one of the most overrated films I've seen in years, and I can honestly say that every single film it was up against in that category deserved it more. Luckily, Best Director went to the superior Martin Scorsese for The Departed.

It's no surprise, Dreamgirls edged out The Devil Wears Prada, Little Miss Sunshine, and Borat for a win in the Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical category, cementing it as an even bigger Oscar contender than people thought before. It looks like Dreamgirls and The Departed are gonna be battling it out for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Over in the Television field, it was a good night for Ugly Betty. The new hit ABC comedy won Best Comedy Series as well as took home the Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for its star America Ferrera. I was disappointed the brilliant Marcia Cross didn't take home the award, but she wouldn't have been there to accept anyway, and America is great on Ugly Betty.

Grey's Anatomy won for Best Drama Series even though Katherine Heigl (my favorite cast member) lost to the very deserving Kyra Sedgwick in the Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series for The Closer.

You can view a full list of last night's winners at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's website.

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  • “For whatever reason, the Globes were way up Babel’s…”

    Um, could it be that the Hollywood Foreign Press like films about foreign people in foreign lands?

    btw, no one deserves an award.

  • Ramon

    Scorsese actually win Best Director.

  • Ramon

    er, *won*

  • Wow, thanks for the correction Ramon. I saw pictures of the Babel director accepting Best Picture and it confused me for whatever reason, despite seeing Scorcese accept an award. It should be fixed in the article shortly.

  • Ty

    Did Jennifer Hudson thank American Idol in her speech?

    She better have, because she would be NOTHING without AI.

  • Bianca

    JENNIFER HUDSON did her thing and im soooooooo proud of her she’s a sister that going places and she doesn’t need to waste her time thanking American Idol she was blessed with the talent they just displayed it on national television for their own personal benefit!

    Jennifer girl keep doing your thing im going to watch out for you on the SAGA Awards and the Oscars and pray you win!!! Young, African American, girls could use a positive role model like you!!

  • TBF

    Jennifer doesn’t need to “thank” American Idol, they get “thanked” by the large cut they take from her paychecks. AI owns these kids for the REST of their lives- the contract is ridiculous

  • krysti

    ha ha beyonce got nothing, and she got all dressed up…..

  • felix s.

    ms jennifer hudson may have not won american idol, but that’s o. k because god had something better for her, and that was dreamgirls. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate ms hudson on her academy award nomination for the oscar. as far as i am concern she is a winner. i love ms hudson, you work girl! you turn it out!!!!!

  • cat

    Beyonce provided an excellent performance as usual. Her perfect voice for years has never ceased to amaze me.

    Beyonce whether you won an oscar or not, you are talented and have proven yourself time and time again. You can look forward to many many more years of stardom.

  • victoria

    why do you think most people make bad comments about stars today?

    What was your favrotie song you worte or sung?

    Alawys rember to keep your head up and not let nobody bring you down?