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Golden Globe Drama: Beyonce’s Father Cries Racism

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So by now we all know that Beyonce did not win either of the Golden Globe awards she was up for Monday night. Best Original Song went to Prince, and Best Lead Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy went to Meryl Streep. The latter was expected. But apparently Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles cannot get over the fact that his daughter actually lost an award, even if both of them were to living legends. This is his statement to the press directly after the Golden Globes Monday night.

Today is Martin Luther King's birthday and it saddens me to say that things have not changed for blacks. Working class blacks and blacks in Hollywood are still being discriminated against. We still have a long way to go.

Excuse me? Things have not changed for blacks? Okay, let me break it down for you sweetheart, since you seem to really be that damn dense. Your daughter lost to Prince. Last I heard Prince wasn't white. The other award she lost, she lost to Meryl Streep. Probably the best and most respected actress living today. Meanwhile Beyonce can barely say she got rave reviews.

Now let's think about the other winners Monday night. That is, in addition to the fact that, except your daughter, every award Dreamgirls was nominated for won: Jennifer Hudson won. Black. Eddie Murphy won. Black. Forest Whitaker won. Black. America Ferrera won. Spanish. The director of Babel won. Spanish.

Yet the Globes are racist? You need to just get gone. You, your wife, and your overrated, non-acting daughter need to get the hell out of here with that mess.

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  • Beyonce wasn’t even the real *star* of the movie anyways…Jennifer Hudson was! It was plain as day that Hudson has the better voice. And if you have to lose to anyone, Meryl Streep isn’t too shabby. If anyone should be crying over not winning it should be Kate Winslet who didn’t get the Oscars for Titanic or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but you don’t see her whinning. I totally agree with you on this one. Good call.

  • Sarah

    I feel for beyonce, having a aggressive and controling father like that. Shez proberbly pissed off by his negative comments

  • Heloise


    I DID see Dreamgirls. And I came away thinking two things: Eddie will win and Jennifer will win. And they both won. They may even both win Oscars that’s how good they were.

    Hell, Beyonce was nominated. I can’t go with her dad on this one. My sister said Beyonce was eye-candy and did not realize how pretty she really is. But no one said that Beyonce was a Globe winner. But we all agreed that Hudson and Murphy were.

    It’s about time for Eddie to win something. He was great and Jennifer was unbelievable. She basically ran off with the whole damn thing when she sang. It was NOT JUST the big song, but everything she sang and said. That’s rare.


  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Beyonce has not exactly made a career in film, big OR small screen. In fact, wasn’t this her first show? If she stuck to singing, she’d keep on winning and winning….

  • J.J. Hunsecker

    “America Ferrera won. Spanish. The director of Babel won. Spanish.”

    America Ferrera’s parents are from Honduras.

    Alejandro González Iñárritu is Mexican.

  • tw

    beyonce was clearly over shadowed by jennifer whom is considered an ordinary woman that goes to show that looks are everything. It is a shame beyonce has had this much sucess in her career i think beyonce is a hard working lady but her looks and weight loss has gotten the best of her it is whats on the inside an jennifer proved that

  • jeena

    she was NOMINATED for the award she just didn’t WIN. In all honesty Meryl Streep was awesome in the Devil Wears Prada & her performance was much more satisfying than Beyonce’s in Dreamgirls. I don’t think she deserved the nomination. While her acting has improved from film to film I don’t think her Dreamgirls performance was worth the nomination for a Golden Globe and I will be incredibly suprised if she is nominated by the Academy for an Oscar. Then again, perhaps all of this hooplah is Mathew’s way of getting the Academy’s attention.

  • I guess someone didn’t think before opening his mouth.
    I hope someone took him aside and pointed out what a fool he is.
    Donna A.

  • No Name

    That is ricidulous. Are Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer Hudson not black? News flash: Beyonce has ZERO talent. Please. Can’t even stand her singing.

  • DebbieR

    Beyonce should not have even been nominated at all. The fact that she was nominated should have been seen by her parents as an honor by itself. But no, they are mad about it and even played the race card. Beyonce needs to sit down and her parents need to shut up.

    Mr. Knowles is an idiot for using the race card because his daugter didn’t win at the golden globes. I think every other black person nominated got an award that night so the racism charge does not stick. Also since Beyonce was dressed like a Golden Globe award at the show, she does not need one anyway.

    I know that parents have the most impossible love for their children but they should really tell Beyonce that she can not act. Deal with it.

    They are so ungrateful.

  • Matthew Knowles is like a black Joe Simpson, Jessica and Ashlee’s dad: scary, super controlling, and just plain obnoxious. For Matthew to actually even think that his precious little Beyonce should have won over PRINCE or MERYL STREEP shows how delusional he truly is. My God, he should be kissing the ground that his daughter was even mentioned in the same breath as these two living legends.

  • Melani

    I love Beyonce very much but maybe she wasn`t good enough for a Golden Globe.

  • April

    I can’t stand when the superior group acts as if Blacks are pulling the “race card” all the time . NEWS FLASH RACISM IS NOT DEAD, other groups deal with this issue EVERYDAY. However, Beyonce is talented and dedicated to her career. She works VERY hard. If you are not a BLACK WOMEN in America you’ll never understand her pain. It wasn’t about the “Golden Globe”, the only reason the other woman won was because she’s old and white.

  • Delephine

    Mr.Knowles needs to be happy for her daugher in Dreamgirls;because Jennifer and Eddie both won.The Golden globes ARE NOT RACIST.;and he better not said Oscars are racist.I be surprise if she get nominated for actress’even she make her father happy.She did a great job in singing,wrting,& producing songs.And remember GOLDEN GLOBES ARE NOT RACIST;OSCARS ARE NOT RACIST EITHER.

  • Sandy

    Matthew Knowles is too greedy and ignorant to understand that he cheapens the calls for racism when there is none. It’s especially ridiculous when blacks won 4 of the 5 award categories in which they were nominated. Did he not watch the show?

    Those wins, plus the wins of the other non-whites, say one thing: His daughter wasn’t good enough. Period.

  • Beyonce is amazing and talented and I agree with you guys, she probably needs to tell her dad to back off. Beyonce was fabulous in Dreamgirls, but so were the others. Their wins don’t cheapen what she accomplished. Indeed, without her wonderful performance to play against they wouldn’t have done as well at the GG either. If you’d like to talk more about the movie please check out the official movie boards at http://www.dreamgirlsmovie.com

  • “Beyonce is talented and dedicated to her career. She works VERY hard. If you are not a BLACK WOMEN in America you’ll never understand her pain. It wasn’t about the “Golden Globe”, the only reason the other woman won was because she’s old and white.”

    Actually, she didn’t win because it was BS for her to be nominated in the first place. Seriously, Best Lead Actress in a film in which she was neither the best nor the lead! She can not act. Her singing is passable at best. She lost to someone who was BETTER. Done.

    As for Papa Knowles… Lord in heaven, what an idiot. How can you assume racism when you secure a completely undeserved recognition, thus depriving a possibly more deserving person? Isn’t that actually the sort of racism that has befallen Black people for years?

  • vivi

    i don thnk matt said that. i thnk beyonce shud hav won the best song b cuz that was sooooooooooo muh beta than some happy feet song. did they listen to the words of both of those songz. letz face the fact. dreamgirls waz primarily a black movie. blacks understand it more than anyone else. j hudson and e murphy didnt really have that much competition. beyonce didnt really have a chance to act that much in dreamgirls. deena was prtty much givin evry thng she wanted in the movie. effie n james had to fight for what they wanted so they needed to really needed to act. murphy is a legend on his own. hudson won b cuz she was outstanding for a first commer. if this was beyonces first movie she wud have won

  • Tia

    First of all, Beyonce’ never commented on not winning. I think that her dad has a serious problem NOT BEYONCE. That’s propbably why she keeps so much to herself and never tells him until its done and over. Beyonce’ gets so much negative attention when things come up like this because her dad puts it on her. I think she was good in the movie. She has said over and over that when she went to audition she went for Deena and she knew Deena wasnt the lead. Her dad has problems and I think the whole world knows.

  • Mikky

    “Beyonce is talented and dedicated to her career. She works VERY hard. If you are not a BLACK WOMEN in America you’ll never understand her pain. It wasn’t about the “Golden Globe”, the only reason the other woman won was because she’s old and white.”
    What in the world are u talking about?!?! Beyonce lost because she was wack in comparison to Meryl. Beyonce’s performance was mediocre and barely deserved a nomination. AND im a fan, but i am not delusional!
    I love Beyonce to death but she didn’t deserve to win over meryl. However, her song KILLED over Prince’s happy feet bull-crap!

  • Like the recent false accusations reported against Obama and Clinton this story contains false accusations against Knowles. Note right wing media outlets falsely reported that Obama went to a Muslim terrorist school and that Clinton leaked the story.

    I agree with the Globes nominations and award selections. To be nonimated is an honor. Beyonce did an excellent job, but the role was limited. The story did not center around Beyonces character. What I do find questionnable was the decision not to the nominate the movie for an or director for an Oscar.

    So where is the quote where Knowles calls the Golden Globes racist? Where is the quote where he mentions his daughters loss and blames it on racism? Was Knowles responding to a question about racism or did he just bring up the on his own? The writer of this article does not tell us.

    Perhaps we should blame Evans and Martindale for attempting stir up racism in their articles.

    Martindale wrote:

    “In an interview with the Telegraph (UK) Beyoncé dismissed rumors of “strife on set between her and Jennifer Hudson.”

    She also quashed rumors that her parents Matthew and Tina Knowles objected to the attention given to Hudson, the Golden Globe-winning co-star. “Jennifer is incredibly gifted,” she says. “She is going to be a huge star.”

    Knowles’ dad blames racism for his daughter’s lack of publicity or support in her nomination.


    He told press and attending reporters after the ceremony on Monday, “Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and it saddens me to say that things have not changed for blacks. Working class blacks and blacks in Hollywood are still being discriminated against. We still have a long way to go.”

    (I agree with Knowles regarding working class Blacks. Also does anyone here honestly believe there is absolutely no discrimination against Blacks in front of or behind the camera? Marlon Brando was right.)

    (Note to Evans, Beyonce and Prince are not working class Blacks. So again where is the quote that supports your accusation against Knowles regarding his daughter the Globes. Also please capitalize when referring to Blacks, the same as you would for Arabs, Jews, Hispanics and other groups of people.)

    (Note to Blacks: The best way to avoid discrimination and sterotypes is to do like Hispanics. Produce and distribute more of your own projects.)

    (Too often Black roles are limited to thuggery and buffonery. I must say recent movie releases have been exceptional. The success of Dreamgirls, Pursuit of Happyness, and the Stomp the Yard, should inspire more quality productions).

  • Zuri

    She has a beautiful voice …except when she is making backhanded comliments about her “not as famous co-star”
    … She has a beautiful body… I just dont want to see the same deep plunge and overly decorated dress EVERY SINGLE TIME… Yes she is playing the public for fools with the songs and the supposed fact that her father didnt know about tis album and was “pissed”…yeah ok… And finally no matter how many up-do’s and charity events her “team” has her attend if you listen to her speak she sounds pretty ignorant… its obvious that she is trying to portray someone she is not and thats why she constantly stumbles over her words

  • Zuri

    If this was beyonces first movie she wouldnt have won….her first movie was a piece of crap!… Jennifer won becuase she was dayum good! The reason why she was even nominated was becuase everyone was happy to see her acting get better and frankly we were all surprised at how much she has evolved as n actress… all that said she still didnt compare to ANYONE in her category especially meryl! As far as the song listen its not even hers! Dreamgirls
    “Listen” Music by Henry Krieger and Scott Cutler; Lyric by Anne Preven

    Beyonce Knowles set out to clear up rumors of jealousy over the attention her “Dreamgirls” co-star Jennifer Hudson has been receiving. Her plan may have backfired.
    During a recent interview, a humble Beyoncé said she “knew that the character that I played wasn’t the star … I’m already a star. I already have nine Grammys. Everyone knows I can sing.”

    Beyoncé definitely belts out some beautiful melodies, but when she said, “I wish I could have gained 20 pounds and played Effie,” we hear the flip side of her tune. Although most of Beyoncé’s comments seemed a little backhanded, she did go on to give props to Hudson by saying, “She did incredible.”

    This interview, meant to defuse the rumored feud, could rekindle the diva dis.

  • Racism?!? LOL

    Streep won her first award in acting even before Beyonce was born..and has continued to get nods and wins since then.

  • B Fan

    Beyonce has yet to prove herself as an actress. She’s played a singer in each and every one of her movies. Alicia Keys, in Smokin’ Aces, chose to play a role that doesn’t parallel her life at all. Until B does that, we will never know if she can act.
    You can’t deny her as a singer or performer. But that acting…let’s give her chance and see if Alicia forwards her the memo

  • andrea

    I am an African American woman and by no means do I believe that racism is over. But I do know racism when I see it. That is ridiculous for Beyonce’s father to say some idiotic crap like that. I saw Dreamgirls, and to be quite honest, I was not impressed. Only Eddie Murphy really set the movie. Unfortunately, I believe, Mr Knowles wants Beyonce to win everything. The sad part of life is that you dont win everything. DUH! I hate spoiled brats. Be more humble and people will respect you more.

  • Valerie A.

    Another opportunity to destroy the hard work of a fellow African American by one of its own. Dreamgirls was fantastic from beginning to end. Beyonce’s performance was much improved over all of her previous movies! But, in life there will always be room for growth and improvement. Jennifer is a new up and coming singer/actress with a fresh voice and a natural acting ability. She was poised, confident and relaxed in her role. “Each One Teach One” — means, if you have made accomplishments and are doing well, reach back and give someone a helping hand up and don’t be afraid to encourage someone along the way. Allow Jennifer this opportunity to enjoy her day in the sun, she really deserves it. It’s a shame to try and deminish her light by pulling the, ever so faithful, race card! Not in this instance. It was all about talent and this time talent won out over popularity! Every cast member should be proud of the job that they all did, remember there is NO “I” in “TEAM” and it took the hardwork and efforts of everyone involved to pull off such an amazing movie!! Excellent Job By All — Period!!!

  • catty

    when beyonce first became famous, i thought she had one of the most beautiful voices i had heard in quite a long time and she was one of the most beautiful people i had seen, but her image and sound never changes; even in a film so individual she manages to stay looking and sounding quite boring..

    now somebody new, with pure amazing talent at both acting and singing has come along…she beyonce may have had her nose pushed out, but Jennifer is definitely not faking who she is, unlike beyonce.
    racism was nothing to do with who won, its a pathetic excuse with no evidence, if i were beyonce i would be absolutely humiliated by my father for saying such outrageous things!

    i think beyonce should stick with singing, due to the fact her acting is rather weak, and let somebody else take the attention for once, because lets face it, for years now beyonce has been in the spotlight…due to her looks.

    Oh and one more thing, if Beyonce and her family are proud of being black and comfortable about the way she is, then why is she turning our back on us and trying to look white by having her skin lightened? i would never ever turn my back on my race! and im sure not many black people true to their country would either!


  • Kalvin

    Well we all know racism is alive, but I don’t think Beyonce’s father actualy said this crazy stuff. Saying this could have put a dent in beyonce’s career. I love Beyonce, yeah she’s sexy what is that a crime. J Hudsen is now trying to loose wieght. Believe me this is not the last time B will be nominated for a GG and not the last time accused of doing or saying somthing that is as untrue as this. Don’t Hate…..

  • um ok ime getting soo sick of all these people getting mad over racist comments being made. Allrigt yes i will admit that there are some whites who do still desciminate against blacks and guess wat blacks disciminate agaist whites 2. so yea just b/c blacks used 2 b slaves that now does not matter, there not any more. in society now their just regular people and whites are just regular people. whites are looked at a lot b/c people think there stuck up or they cant say certian things b/c there white!! it donsnt matter everyone is the same. would yall stupid retards stop being racist and maybe next try 2 understand were a person coming from b4 u start judgin and im not only talkin 2 whites here im talkin 2 all different races.kk

  • me

    and i dont understand..!! y ppl get mad at beyonce.. lol omg it isnt her fault… it was his father soooo go back and read the whole thing then comment

  • Bob-e

    She is lousy actress and I am sorry to say in her interviews she comes across like a ditz.

  • The one and only

    Let me ask all of you a question…. Are you going to believe a bunch of gossip? This is nothing more than a publicity scam. I’m black and native american and i know that racism is not over. However, please read in between the lines. He is not talking about famous african americans but working class people of all colors ( other than white). So please for the love of God leave this whole situation alone. Shut the fuck up all you dumb ass low class trashy motherfuckers and stop trying to divide ourselves. What happened to unity.

  • Casi

    Beyonce shot to stardom after she started looking and acting White. She doesn’t even look Black so why the Black pretense? The same with Tyra Banks who is as plastic as it gets, fake nose, fake skin color, fake boobs, fake teeth, fake hair. Why do these women call themselves black when they are doing everything they can to make themselves look White? Hypocrites and phonies!

  • Renne

    Beyonce does not look white, nor does she act white. And what is acting white or black anyway. That is a racist statement to make. So your idea of being black means she has to go on tv saying stuff like “you know girl” so is talking white like Paris Hilton “like really like so hot” get real. And every black person doesn’t have to look like they walked straight out of Africa. Our race comes in different colors the same as yours. And so when whites go and tan their skin and get fuller lips are they trying to look black???? And you sound stupid saying that they go and get nose jobs and fake boobs, so do white women. Don’t let me go down the list of white women that have had stuff done to them in Hollywood. Whos really the hypocrities and phonies.

  • me

    The only people crying RACISM are black people. Whatever race problems exist today are 100% caused by blacks and blacks alone. We white people don’t give a crap what color you are. All we want to do is live our lifes as honestly and as lovingly and as respectfully as possible. For God’s sake, stop freakin crying and playing the blame game and get on with your lives.

  • mimi =]

    i agree with the fact the fact that beyonce shouldn’t have won. frankly, i don’t think that she should have even been nominated. the fact that she did get nominated however, is an award in itself.

  • Melissa

    To: #13 –

    So you’re saying Meril Streep won simply because she’s “old and white?” My mother is also “old and white” so that must mean my mom should win a Golden Globe – M o r o n.

  • lena

    racism will never die for sure. B is my girl but i think she is abit overrated. Her song was definitely better than Prince, because we all know Prince can not sing. b is pretty and cravey but thats not all to life. she use to be my favorite but i realized that she is just a spoiled, selfish brit and she really need to be herself. i think too many people have control over her life, like her dad and J-Z she need to find her own identity. i know she treated JH really bad on set and even her two band members Kelly and Micheal she is just a bitch.

  • mimi dwazie

    b kooked great in her attire but she is not the best actress. a nomination was good enough for her.

  • No names

    Well written!!! Agree with EVERY word. Beyonce is waaaay overrated. If it weren’t for her daddy pulling the strings behond the scene, Beyonce wouldn’t be getting half the gigs she gets.

    Can’t stand her on stage. She’s so fake. No talent what so ever.

  • Tina

    As a young African American woman I find Beyonce an embarrassment to my race and a HUGE disappointment. I loved her first album, but ever since then her skin has gotten lighter and lighter with every year or album. I have completely lost all of my respect for her as a fellow musician and black woman. She needs to understand that you can’t be on top ALL the time. There are other beautiful singers out there like Jazmine Sullivan, Keyshia Cole and J. Hudson. I wonder how successful she would be right now if she put on some clothes for once, didn’t marry Jay-Z, didn’t lighten her skin complexion or showed people her REAL personality. I can’t wait for her to get over herself.

  • Valorie

    I dont know Mr knowles, but I’ll tell you one thing. I and a lot of others are becoming more and more “racist” every single damn day when we hear the kind of shit black people like you are constantly talking out your necks about us, as if the whole world revolves around you@ Black people, always crying and whining and bitching. I’ll tell what you’re gonna end up doing with all your damn foolish pride is gonna make racism come back in style, IN SPADES!!!

  • Jordan Richardson

    Wow, cool! You’re going to make racism trendy? You and a “lot of others?” Are you going to start by commenting on articles all over the internet? And are you going to start by making sure those articles are years old?

    Oooh, that’ll get ’em. And are you going to start making racism cool again (?) by crying and whining and bitching about how “black people” cry and whine and bitch? Are ya? Huh? Are ya?

    Aww, that’s great there, Valorie. You’re a credit to your rash…er, I mean race. You certainly are. I especially like the part when you essentially tell all those black people you love so much that their pride is “foolish.”

    That’s just super!

  • Brutus

    So what? Beyonce wants to look more white and so do MOST black women. That’s why they straighten their hair and uses extensions. Black woman hair doesn’t look like that. When is the last time you seen a black woman with an afro? Exactly. Black men like white women and will only date a black if she’s “got her weave on right”. No perm, no love! Black females put all kinds of God awful chemicals in their hair every day just to look like the cute white chick next door. Black hair ain’t meant to blow in the wind! You all doing all you can to look like white people. Why shouldn’t Beyonce? Anyway only a piss poor businessperson would cater to blacks. Blacks don’t wanna pay for anything. They’d rather steal and bootleg everything they own. Look at all these rappers that gotta run drugs on the side just to keep up appearances. Every car and every piece of bling belongs to rent-a-center. You can’t make a living with blacks as your fan base. Go head Beyonce!

  • fresh-always_dont_hate_da_swag

    Beyonce did a great job in Deamgirls. I dont know whhat yall talkin about. She just didnt get an award. Big whoop. But dont be writin oh she suck. She did a great job so did jen and eddie. I dont kno wat her farther is talkin about. Eddie and jen are black. So i dont like that he pulled the race card but i definetly think that beyonce should have one that night.

  • MrMe

    Beyonce herself is so fucking racists I’m just surprised it wasn’t her that said it.
    Her and Serena Williams should be best friends they both hate white people and feel like they deserve everything. Fuck them both.

    Racist bitch.

  • Boss Chick

    Beyonce is an amazing talent and works hard for what she has! It’s her dumb dad that gets her all this bad press! i love beonce and i think her oscar win will come just not right now. and the people saying she is not talented are stupid, she is one of the best entertainers we have!

  • bcontsun

    Why would she win an award … black, white, green, or otherwise? Hudson was far better. Play the racism card … so sick of this.