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Going Green One Toilet Paper Roll at a Time

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In a visually effective commercial, discarded toilet paper tubes roll merrily down driveways in suburbia, making their way to downtown Manhattan. We watch the rolls pile up and build imaginary walls to create The Empire State Building. The country disposes enough rolls, says the commercial, to build two Empire State Buildings in one day.

The commercial advises us that awareness of this waste should encourage us to use Scott Tissue Naturals, not only made of recycled paper, but designed with new cardboard-free toilet paper rolls. Good idea. Good advice. Question: Why has it taken us so long to focus on avoiding wasteful packaging? Are we so far gone in the waste department that we need a television commercial to wake us up?

The United States has focused on recycling, reducing landfill and being green for decades. Now it’s time for each of us to take a long, hard look at our personal footprints on the environment. What are you and your family doing to reduce waste or find more efficient ways to dispose of it? In our house, we telephone catalogue companies requesting to be removed from junk mail lists. The focus may be different for you.

We can all reduce the number of Empire State Buildings erected in a day. Heightening our awareness and diligence in the midst of our busy lives—now therein lies the challenge. It’s the little things that add up. Like toilet paper rolls.

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