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GodTube Presents…”A Letter from Hell”

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GodTube is the Christian community's answer to YouTube. It's all God all the time. It's an interesting place where you can check out the latest Christian music video or find a hilarious atheism joke for your next party. (Why is atheism like a wig? Because it's a false-hood!)

The site is not entirely about preaching to the choir, however. In the comments section there are a fair number of skeptics around to challenge the true believers, although I'm pretty sure they would not be allowed to post their own blasphemous videos.

You are not allowed to say bad words in the comments section at GodTube. Words like "ass" or "ho" get censored. The only problem is that their filtering software has a bit of a glitch; it censors those sequences of letters wherever they happen to appear. So you might find a slightly confusing sentence along the lines of: "I !ume you !pe to meet with the !istant in the cl!room." ("I assume you hope to meet with the assistant in the classroom.")

But I digress.

Hell is a popular topic on GodTube, and one particular video caught my eye. It's called "A Letter from Hell" and is the story of two high school friends, Josh and Zach. Josh, it seems, died in a tragic car accident and his friend Zach was devastated. When a letter from his dead friend arrived in Zach's mailbox, he was, of course, somewhat surprised. He didn't realize that Hell had such an efficient postal system. But as he read Josh's letter from Hell, his surprise turned to despair. In the letter, Josh blamed his friend Zach for the fact that he was burning in the fiery pits of Hell, because, you see, though Zach was a Christian, he had never gotten around to telling Josh about Jesus. It's all very dramatic and is designed to guilt-trip Christians into rounding up new recruits for Christ.

For me, it brought back memories of my childhood, sitting in Sunday School class while the teacher told me about Heaven and Hell. "If you believe in Jesus, you can go to a beautiful place called Heaven, where you'll be happy forever," she said. "But if you don't believe in Jesus, you'll go straight to Hell where you'll be tortured and burn forever as your skin slowly falls off your face!" I sat staring at her with my mouth agape. "So what's it gonna be?" she inquired cheerfully. "Well, if you put it like that," I said, "I'm gonna go ahead and believe in Jesus! Praise the Lord!"

This age-old scare tactic has been pretty successful for the Christian church. Believe in Jesus or burn forever. My way or the highway…to HELL!! It's not unlike Republican politicians who warn voters to vote for them or die in a terrorist attack.

But I digress again.

Jumping into the debate in the video's comments section, I asked what I thought was a logical question. "If your Dad said to you, 'Son, I love you very much, but if you don't believe in me and don't do everything I say, well, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to torture you and set you on fire!'…would you consider him to be a loving father? Probably not, right? So why do you give God a pass when he issues the exact same ultimatum?"

The usual answer to such a question from the true believer is, "Well, God doesn't want to send you to Hell. It's your choice. You can choose Jesus or reject Jesus. Don't blame God if you end up in Hell. You chose Hell yourself!"


Of course, not all Christians believe in Hell, but the story of the Rev. Carlton Pearson is the sad tale of what can happen if you go against this particular doctrine. Pearson was one of the most popular evangelists in the country, with thousands of members in his megachurch. For many years, he preached the traditional "be saved or go to Hell" message to his flock.

But one day, he had a revelation. He took another look at his Bible and discovered that he was wrong about Hell. He started preaching that there was no literal Hell. God loves all His children, and everyone will go to Heaven. Well, that pissed off a whole lot of Christians, who were apparently heavily invested in the idea that God was a sadistic torturer who stood ready to send billions of people to a fiery eternal damnation in the pits of Hell. Pearson was condemned as a heretic and became a pariah. His flock deserted him and he pretty much lost everything he had built up over 30 years.

But the Reverend is making a comeback. His "Gospel of Inclusion" message has reached out to gays and lesbians and others who have been made to feel less than welcome in the evangelical Christian community. He's gaining new converts, and feels that, even though he had to go through hell, he would do it all again.

Anyway, someone once wrote, "I'd like to go to Heaven for the climate, but Hell for the company. I mean, would you rather spend eternity with Jim Morrison or Jerry Falwell?"

That sounds about right.

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  • Funny I tried so hard to write a review of REM’s new DVD yesterday for Blogcritics and got it rejected twice and stuff like this speeds right through. I’m seriously questioning why I even link to them on my blog.

    I’m a Christian with an account on YouTube. I’m also a lot more things than the hole you can squeeze a pigeon into as you try to do with those who believe in hell.

    Of course, I do agree that GodTube as a concept is probably the single most annoying thing I’ve ever heard of in my life, next to Jerry Falwell of course. Don’t blame it on me buddy, and there are more Christians like me out here in the blogosphere. The way I read the Bible on this is as such: “Be in the world but not of it.” GodTube ironically is more of the world than in it (imho).

  • “Funny I tried so hard to write a review of REM’s new DVD yesterday for Blogcritics and got it rejected twice and stuff like this speeds right through.”

    Damien, thanks for your concise review of my piece, complete with the gratuitous insult.

    I don’t really have a problem with GodTube. Lots of communities form on the Internet because of their shared interests. My problem is with the whole concept of Hell and the idea that if someone doesn’t go along with a certain dogma, they’re going to be tortured and punished forever by a “loving” God. It’s a concept that I can’t quite wrap my head around.

    I’d love to hear your concept of how the whole Hell thing works. Where is it? Who will go there? Catholics? Jews? Gays? Muslims? Buddhists? Athiests? Liberals? Mimes?

  • It’s a tired point and therefore a tired piece. I wasn’t insulting you though.

    I’ve debated more atheists on the net than I care to admit so I’ve learned to NOT.

    I think, however, GodTube is a joke and your article assumes that modern Christianity can be pigeon-holed into poeople who watch and agree with it (or Jerry Falwell). You do have an audience who will agree with that. I don’t.

    All the best. I will watch your future stuff. Be yourself. Write.

  • Damien, I guess refusing to answer something because it’s a “tired point” is an easy way out when faced with having to give a reasoned response to something that is illogical on its face.

  • Doug,

    I have engaged in a number of discussions regarding god and hell and all of that stuff. Whatever claims I may make about what christians believe, I invariably get commenters saying that what I may have said doesn’t represent “true” christians or christianity. There are hundreds – nay thousands – of roads that christians and other believers take presumably to get to the same destination that it’s damn near impossible to read the map.

    Of course, such differences have the effect of disarming critics. My blog was set up in response to the emergence of politicized fundamentalists having as their primary goal, the establishment of a christian theocracy in the U.S. displacing our constitutional government and replacing it with biblical law. I have had scores of respondents claiming that such people make up only a small minority of fundamental crazies, not mainstream christians. Yet there are literally dozens of high profile organizations, many having open support from Bush & Co whose stated mission is the establishment of an American theocracy.

    I won’t belabor that point any further, but trying to define just what a christian is, or just what it is they believe, is often like trying to – paraphrasing Rogers & Hammerstein -“hold a moonbean in your hand.”

  • People believe what they want. I have never heard logic to prove the wisdom in atheism. I’ve had 5 logic courses through my college education and got A’s in 4 and a B in one. I hope you listened to the part about not pigeon-holing a whole community of theism. It would do you well to.

  • I’m not pigeon-holing anyone. I don’t know where you get that from. In fact, I made a point of noting that not all Christians believe in Hell. I’m just asking questions and trying to get answers that make a modicum of sense.

  • And by the way, congratulations on your outstanding academic achievements.

  • You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Sorry if I came off as dismissive. I just know where a logic discussion will go because I’ve been having them in vain with atheists for years.

    You seem like a fun-loving guy, I checked out your site. I’m working on my BlogCritics submissions so maybe I’ll see ya around. Take it easy and “rethink logic” sometimes, John Lennon said that!

    Catch ya later boss.

  • True enough, I am a fun-loving guy. Hope you like my podcast. And by the way, I don’t call myself an athiest. I’m a guy who grew up in the Presbyerian church, but now I have lots of questions. I guess you could call me a skeptic.

    Baritone, excellent post. You might want to check out this interview with Mikey Weinstein, who wrote “With God on Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military”:

  • Doug, you may view your article as a dissertation on the topic of Hell, but you certainly used GodTube as a way to poke fun at Christians.

  • but you certainly used GodTube as a way to poke fun at Christians.

    Well, yeah, maybe a little. So what’s your point? Do Christians enjoy some sort of protected status that forbids anyone to make fun of them or criticize them or challenge them?

  • Heaven forbid that anyone criticize or otherise upset a christian. One must walk on egg shells; speak softly and deferentially. No swearing. They have delicate ears and sensibilities. They are, after all on a direct line to the Big Guy. You don’t want to upset HIM. He can get testy.


  • Baronius : “you may view your article as a dissertation on the topic of Hell, but you certainly used GodTube as a way to poke fun at Christians.”

    As an Atheist, I can assure you that I didn’t interpret it that way. I’m horrified. Not because of Hell, but because of Christianity. It’s got to stop.

  • Odd – I, an agnostic with not just a litany, but an army of questions, grievances, and overall skepticism of religions in general, can read these comments and find that Damien’s are the most agreeable.

  • I also disagree with the hell concept posted on the video, but personally I don’t mind the video.
    Its not a “scare piece” for none believer, but a challenge for believers of what could happen if they don’t spread the word of christ.

    a youtube version of the video had the question ” why don’t you choose to witness” and i think this video points out the neccesity of witnessing to nonbelievers. something which christians in America have not really been doing

  • Ruvy

    “I’d like to go to Heaven for the climate, but Hell for the company. I mean, would you rather spend eternity with Jim Morrison or Jerry Falwell?”

    If Falwell got himself admitted to heaven, all I can say is, “there goes the neighborhood!”

  • Godtube .. lots of Christians patting themselves on the back and telling each other how great they are. Sad. Moderating video submission = control freak admins over at godtube. Also godtube is a huge misnomer, it should be called christaintube because that is the only type of content wanted there.

  • Roadie

    I just want to say.There’s one god.The Lord of
    all,no other before them.The problem with man,is that we try to make something out of nothing.The
    word of god is all that matters.So can we just
    read it and live by it?God the father,son,and holy
    spirit.It’s sad,I’ll say it again.It’s sad that
    man has broken and separate the word of god.Less
    remember the word of god.The creator of all.Love,
    Hope,and Faith.To all in which he created,god bless. Note;Life is what we make of it.But remember this,God give us the breath of life.So
    instead of beating up on god and each other.Why
    don’t we fight back against the devil.And take
    back for god and ourself’s what the devil took
    from us in the garden.With the help of Adam and Eve.The right to all thing through those who love
    him.Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.God Bless us

  • wait…i thought Clapton was god?

  • Jet

    you, you, you mean he’s not???

  • Roadie

    To those who don’t like this sight.I have but few questions for you?Why are you on here?And what are you sreaching for?Perhaps your looking for a better way of life.If so here it is,Jesus Christ.

  • Roadie, we do like this site, just not the confused – and in your case near illiterate – drivel spouted by people who can’t actually think for themselves.

  • Roadie,

    Prehaps what you should be sreaching for is the spellchecker on your comoputor. Beeng abel to spel is a grand way of liff.

    Having wrestled through your comments I must admit to a certain sense of relief when I saw that you had managed to spell ‘Jesus Christ’ correctly.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The problem with man,is that we try to make something out of nothing.

    And with that, Roadie has explained religion.

  • Roadie



  • Roadie,


  • Roadie

    Christopher Rose,
    I’m sorry that you see me as being Gullible.But as for me and my house.We will serve the lord.You can do as you please.God gave everyone that choice
    God bless you.

  • Roadie

    Thanks for the input.Sorry,that you had to work
    so hard to get through it.

  • Roadie

    Doug Delong,
    Doug,in a note to Baritone.You said,I guess you could call me a skeptic. Why is that?And where do you stand now?By the way,I’m not down on you.Just wanting to know where you stand.

  • Roadie,

    Thanks for jump-starting a year-old conversation.

    And where do you stand now?

    I stand where I stood a when I wrote this piece. I don’t believe in God, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I’m of the Bill Maher school of thought when it comes to religion. Having been immersed in the Christian faith throughout my childhood, it has been quite a journey for me to arrive at this place. But if you’ll allow me to quote scripture, I believe it was Paul who said, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

    I think a person can choose to believe either that the world is run by rational, scientific principles or that the world is run by superstitious, mythological principles. I don’t believe in God for the same reason that I don’t believe in astrology (although there are some who believe that Christian principles were derived from astrological principles).

    The fact that pretty much the whole Christian story was borrowed from previous pagan religions tells me that there is nothing authentic about it. It’s a copy-cat religion. But the deal-breaker for me is the whole HELL thing. God’s gonna torture me and burn me forever if I don’t sign up for his team?? Gimme a break. But of course HELL was not invented by Christians, either. They just tweaked the concept.

    But of course, I’m not gonna tell you what to believe. If you want to insist that your imaginary friend lives in your heart and guides your every waking (and sleeping) moment, go for it. But I think the kind of folks who are attracted to religion are folks who feel like they need to have some higher authority to tell them what to do. I have enough self-confidence to live my life to the fullest, without worrying about what religious “rules” I might be breaking or what “sins” I might be committing.

    So if you’re asking me what I believe in, I guess I believe in me.

  • Roadie

    You responded to a note to Strappado.You stated that your an atheist.You went on to say that your horrified.(Not of hell)But because of Christianity I mean no disrespect to you.I don’t know you, but god does.Because he created all things upon the earth.Therefore if I was a atheist.I would be horrified as well.For it is written,in Isaiah 45:23 every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear.Here’s something to help you get over your horror.And fears.(Romans 10:9-13)
    Just remember,your life is your own.How you live it is between you and god only.No one is to judge another.I’m not judge you,at all. However God does tell us to share.So I thought,I would share with you. You don’t have to be horrified,of christianity god love’s you. But hell is no laughing matter. He love’s you so much,that he gave his only be gotten son.To die for our sins.Then he arose again on the third day.Luke 24:1-8.(For he’s real,and he’s alive.)..Isn’t that’s wonderful..One on one were no match for the enemy.But by the blood of
    Jesus.Were set free.Glory to God.Well take care and God bless you. Have a nice day.

  • Roadie

    Doug Delong,
    Thanks for writing.Interesting,but I’m standing on God’s word.I don’t agree with you.But I respect you,for who you are.Again thank you for answering that for me.Take care……….

  • Jordan Richardson

    Doug and Chris pretty much sum this up. Also, GodTube makes me want to vomit.

  • Doug,

    I frankly think it was a hellish thing that Roadie did, raising this comment thread up from the dead as though it were one of the righteous….

    But now that you decided to show up on it, I had to repeat to you that I strongly feel that if Jerry Falwell got into heaven, the G-d I believe in has far worse taste than I had given Him credit for, or more likely a far sharper sense of humor. Our sages do say that there are levels in heaven, and I suppose that if Falwell is there, he is hanging on by a wisp of an angel’s wing to the very lowest level.

    I’m happy for Roadie that he found the flavor lollipop he likes, and I guess I’m happy for you that you are eschewing them rather than chewing on them unhappily.

    The deal breaker on Christianity for me, is that, like Islam, many of its adherents feel they need to shove their lollipop down my throat. It appears that the kosher lollipop I have is just not good enough in their eyes for me to have – they feel I need the “perfected” version.

    Fortunately, in the gated community I live in, such disturbances are not tolerated.

    As for the hell business, ask any Jew who knows his history and his Bible (actually, that’s not too many of us – plenty of us know our history, but fall down woefully on the Bible part). The Bible mentions Sheol, so I guess there is some kind of hell involved. But most of us realize full well the extent that hell has come to the world we live in, and those of us who are believers want out of the World of Lies (and all of its Christian and Moslem proselytizers, not to mention the Church Militant of the Atheists) and seek the World of Truth.

    It’s a whole different way of looking at things, and frankly, more interesting, if nothing else, than anything agnosticism or atheism has to offer. Having sampled both of THOSE lollipops, I know.

    But I’m not preaching here. Jews are supposed to be a priestly people, ministering to the Children of Noah (that’s you guys), so if all of you join the priesthood, who will we minister to? It doesn’t mention unemployment benefitrs in the Bible, so G-d evidently Expects us to have someone to help out when the time comes. It’s that old problem of having all chiefs and no Indians.

    But I digress….

    I suggest politely that Reality may not be what it seems to be, nor even what the boys in the white lab coats have it cracked up to be, and when in the Plan of the Almighty, Reality, the World of Truth, becomes more evident, it may be a lot harder for most folks to handle than they imagine.

    Shouting, “Jesus! Jesus!”, (or “Einstein! Einstein!”) probably just will not do. In fact, I suspect, it will be quite INSUFFICIENT.

    Have a good Wednesday.

    Blessings from the mountains of Samaria.

  • Jet

    So far Roadie, all I see here is what you SAY god says. In other words we should revere you as God’s messenger of today’s faith, and that only your interpretation of the holy scriptures is true.

    Is that what I’m getting here from you?

    We should respect and obey you because God speaks to us through you?

    and only you?

  • Jet

    So far Ruvy, all I see here is what you SAY god says. In other words we should revere you as God’s messenger of today’s faith, and that only your interpretation of the holy scriptures is true. Am I also to understand that no one is more knowledgable on this subject?

    Is that what I’m getting here from you ruvy?

    We should respect and obey you because God speaks to us through you?

    and only you?

  • Jet

    Is there a really good reason why a Muslim dating service is running ads in our sidebar?

  • Ah, you’re awake, Jet.

    All I did was make a polite suggestion – nothing more. I like you and all, but it is not my problem if you like that suggestion, or agree, or disagree. That’s what free will is all about.

    Given that I’m one of the more ignorant Jews running around, I certainly do not expect you to take MY word for anything.

    I’ve raged on angrily about things elsewhere, so you’re entitled to if you wish. But please do not confuse me with some Bible-thumping proselytizer. There are no flies in my beard – I haven’t got the beard for them to hang around in.

  • The deal breaker on Christianity for me, is that, like Islam, many of its adherents feel they need to shove their lollipop down my throat.

    Which is actually one of the things I find most appealing about Judaism: the value placed on minding one’s own business…

    Nevertheless, there’s shoving the lollipops and there’s politely handing them out.

    I grew up in a highly multicultural area of South London. Saturday afternoons would see all the evangelicals, of the various faiths, lined up along the main shopping street trying to convert you. The difference was in how they went about it.

    Unlike the Christians who would pace up and down yelling at and threatening everyone, or the Hare Krishnas who’d chase you around until you gave in and bought their damn book, the Muslims just quietly set up a table with a display of Qu’rans and pamphlets, in a reasonably visible spot, and waited for people to come to them. And they did. I respected them for that.

    You’d think that the others would have at least started to wonder why everyone pretended they weren’t there…

  • the Muslims just quietly set up a table with a display of Qu’rans and pamphlets, in a reasonably visible spot, and waited for people to come to them. And they did. I respected them for that.

    You’d think that the others would have at least started to wonder why everyone pretended they weren’t there…

    It would have been nice if that fellow who shot the 8 yeshiva students in the Yeshiva Mercaz haRav had been so peaceful – or that other fellow who had killed 3 people with a bulldozer had been so peaceful….

    They might have merited respect instead of the deaths they got – and deserved….

  • Doug, well done on your patience and the well written response to our latest determinedly superstitious visitor.

    Ruvy, you talk utter nonsense as usual, but I was amused by two of your latest remarks:-

    1. “The deal breaker on Christianity for me, is that, like Islam, many of its adherents feel they need to shove their lollipop down my throat.”

    You have been shoving your particular bitter lollipop of lies down our throats for years and achieved nothing apart from making yourself and your cause look foolish.

    2. “It’s a whole different way of looking at things, and frankly, more interesting, if nothing else, than anything agnosticism or atheism has to offer. Having sampled both of THOSE lollipops, I know.”

    Yes, of course, YOU know, but we all don’t. Your weird faith may possibly be more “interesting”, if only in the same sense that going the long way round to anywhere might be more interesting than the direct route. Still fairly pointless unless you have a lot of time to waste though.

    You seem to have far too much time on your hands, which may explain why you are putting so much effort into trying to sustain your position. That and the constant ego gratification you keep awarding yourself of course.

  • but I was amused by two of your latest remarks

    I’m so happy that I could be of some amusement to the Vicar of the Atheist Church Militant. Your Vicarship, I exist but to entertain….

    [Ruvy bows graciously, waving kippa as though it were a fedora]

    You seem to have far too much time on your hands…

    Your Vicarship, your humble servant works on the computer, and it requires his presence for long eye-straining hours…. ‘Tis but a small morsel of bread and cheese (kosher of course), but it suffices.

  • Ruvy, your continuous attempts to cast me as an atheist and atheism as a religion are deeply offensive to my beliefs. Your mock humility is just simply offensive.

  • Jet

    I think they call it secular humanism nowadays Chris.

  • You see, Chris, you have taught me well. No personal attacks. Offensive and insulting as all hell, but no personal attacks.

    This is the meat of the document that deals with “Comments Policy” written by Eric Olsen some time ago.

    Please think of the comments as a conversation between individuals and interact with civility.

    We will edit/delete spam comments, duplicate comments, unsupported accusations, personal attacks of any kind, and terms offensive to groups when used in a pejorative manner.

    In addition, we reserve the right to edit/delete comments that are some combination of pointlessly vulgar, vile, cruel, without redeeming qualities, and an embarrassment to the site.

    Subjective? Yes, but we know them when we see them and so do you.

    We also ask that you not post comments under multiple names, and it is grounds for immediate banning to comment under someone else’s name.

    We will also ban repeat or particularly egregious offenders.

    So, let’s go through Mr. Olsen’s policy point by point. We’ll start from the bottom.

    No multiple names used? Check
    No using someone else’s name? Check

    Stating that someone is an atheist when he vwehemently denies the validity of religions believing in G-d. Could be disagreeable and offensive, but atheist is the common and standard term used in the English language for such an individual. Calling someone who could reasonably be defined as an atheist a “Vicar of the Atheist Church Militant” when he characterizes the words of a believer (in Christianity) “in your case near illiterate – drivel spouted by people who can’t actually think for themselves”? This may be offensive to said “vicar”, but entirely within the bounds of reason as well as humor (appeal to the atheist, Dan Miller, a retired attorney).

    Therefore, no personal attacks engaged in? Check
    No unsupported accusation? Check
    No term offensive to a group? Check
    No duplicate comment? Check
    No pointlessly vulgar terms that are vile, cruel or without redeeming qualities? Check

    Now Chris, we get to the meat of the matter. No matter what I say here, I try to treat the matter as a conversation I might be having with a person, and I try to be civil. I do not always succeed. But I do try.

    I suggest you do the same.

    Have a pleasant evening.

  • Ruvy, there are many things I could teach you and, indeed, many things I’d like to teach you. Unfortunately, with regard to most of them, your mind is a closed book and the exercise would be both fruitless and pointless.

    Ignoring the bulk of your verbose comment on the grounds of lack of relevancy, I offer this: atheist is the word used by theist culture, which is by and large the mainstream, if not the majority.

    I am not part of that mainstream and, in my circles, the word atheist is not really used. Casting people who have transcended the need for the dubious ego re-inforcement of organised religion as atheist is simply an attempt by that mainstream but, to my mind, misguided group to frame the conversation to their advantage.

    As I have said to you before, there is no word for people who don’t believe in astrology, which, to my way of thinking, carries as much credibility as theism and I fail to see why we need one to describe people who have matured beyond the primitive and regressive thinking you support.

    As I said above, your transparent and feeble attempts to cast reason as religion is deeply offensive to my beliefs and I would thank you not to make such entirely unfounded remarks.

    If you genuinely believe that you are being civil in terms of your general commenting behaviour, as opposed to the guise of reasonableness you have chosen to adopt here, then I can only conclude that other people who have access to your computer are commenting in your name, for I have seen many unreasonable, obsessive and hate filled remarks made under your name.

    I try very hard to be understanding of as wide a range of perspective as possible, but it is very challenging indeed to extend the hand of tolerance towards people who are clearly only interested in their own or their own clique’s advancement and aggrandizement at the expense of others, particularly when it is cast in the apocalyptic and pompously overblown terms you so often adopt.

    I would, therefore, reject your self-serving scorecard above as, once again, you seek to whitewash yourself.

  • Ignoring most of your verbosde comment as irrelevant, let’s go to the dictionary:

    Main Entry: —–athe·ist
    Pronunciation: ——\ˈā-thē-ist\

    : one who believes that there is no deity
    — athe·is·tic \ˌā-thē-ˈis-tik\ or athe·is·ti·cal Listen to the pronunciation of atheistical \ˌā-thē-ˈis-ti-kəl\ adjective
    — athe·is·ti·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

    one who believes that there is no deity

    That sums up your stated beliefs in one simple sentence.

    Sorry if that’s offensive to you, but there it is.

  • Ruvy, surprisingly, your faithist thinking seems to be blinding you. There are many words that have become or are becoming obsolete. It is no revelation to see that this word was coined in 1551, when religion was more central to people’s thinking than it is today.

    Furthermore, the fact that the word actually exists has no relevance to the fact that I find it offensive, just as you find certain euphemisms for the word Jew offensive.

    Once again, you are letting your ego override your understanding. At least you are predictable and consistent, albeit misguided.

  • Jet

    All right already Ruvy and Chris-which one of you is Yoda and which one is Luke?

  • Yoda any day I’ll take, and leave Chris to have Luke, with the pretty girls and good lines – and Roman name.

    The guys who wrote Star Wars were clearly up on their Sumerian and Hebrew. Yoda, the wise one, corresponds to the Hebrew yéda, knowledge. Anakin Skywalker corresponds to the ‘anakím (Hebrew for giants) who were in the sky, according to the Sumerians, and called Anunaki.

  • ok, i have to say something about this, though i’ll skip the star wars references because i hated those movies.

    anyway…yes, while i’m not offended by the word, i do disagree with those who seem to think that atheism is some sort of religion. it’s not. oh sure, there are atheist organizations out there but i suspect the tiny minority of atheists care about them (or are even aware of them).

    when i think of what i believe, and ‘believe’ is a loaded word here, it’s mostly that a deity and the activities associated with such a thing play absolutely no role whatsoever in my life…at all. i don’t even think of such things until i run into things like this post.

    there’s no way to be sure, but i do think that a majority of atheists are in this camp.

  • “There is no word for people who don’t believe in astrology”

    Fucking sigh. One more go-around on this.

    There may be no word for people who don’t believe in astronomy, because, well, there just isn’t. You want one? Is that what this is all about? Not a problem. How about: “azodiac.” There. Call up the dictionary guys. It’ll go along just fine with the other words we have for people who don’t do certain things:

    • Believe in religion (atheist)
    • Have sex (asexual, celibate)
    • Eat meat (vegetarian)
    • Drink (teetotaler)
    • Smoke (nonsmoker)
    • Work (unemployed)
    • Go in public (antisocial)

    Most of those words describe the mean, or what was the mean at a certain point in history. Many of the antonyms are derived from the historical mean, and that’s just how it is. Most people don’t smoke. Yet many flights are nonsmoking. I for one am outraged.

    The fact that the word “atheist” offends you is pretty much your own problem, will not be rectified in your lifetime, and probably will not even be addressed by even the most extreme PC police. You’re an atheist. An awesome, friendly, atheist. You atheist you.

    ” It is no revelation to see that this word was coined in 1551″

    What are you saying? Ditch every word not coined later than the 16th century? That’ll leave us with “w00t” and “phonograph.”

    You’re a smart individual with good sensibilities. Please, pick your battles. Atheist.

  • That’ll leave us with “w00t” and “phonograph.”

    remember though , back then it would have been “wOOte”.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Brother Saleski has spoken a mighty truth…AMEN!!

    Just Kidding. But seriously, people only use the word “Atheist” to have a label for something which is useful when you talk about a portion of the population that doesn’t think about or believe in a deity.

    Sure, I could be wrong about not believing in God but do I want to spend the only life I have living by some crazy rules that came from a book that doesn’t have any evidence to back it up??
    For fuck’s sake,I don’t see people worshiping Zeus anymore..

    We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further. -Richard Dawkins

  • Matt, and you’re a septic tank. So there!

    And it is astrology not astronomy. Tell you what, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and go play rugby!


    5 bonus points if you can detect a sense of humour. You do know what that is, right?

  • Mark, I think you mean phonographe, lol.

    Brian, where I live, as in most of Europe, which is still the most civilised part of the world, theists are firmly in the minority, so atheist is increasingly a peripheral term. I think it is more useful to promote the word faithist, which hasn’t even made most dictionaries yet, to describe those that still suffer from the god delusion.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Fuck all them Atheist,Asexual,Vegetarian,Teetotaling,Nonsmoking,Unemployed,Antisocial Fucks!!

  • Word!

  • Ach, Gott (und ich wähle hier äußerst genau meine Wörter) in Himmel…

  • Mistype on the astro(nom-log)y, but the point is made.

    And I find “loser” offensive, because it assumes that the majority of people “win,” which is obviously a minority group of people and dwindling. Considering the word “loser” was probably invented by a Christian ideologue 12-year-old bully whose parents yelled at each other every night, it holds no water in today’s forward thinking society.

  • Ruvy and Chris going round in circles about religion. Is it Wednesday already?

    I hope no Germans read Dread’s comment. I believe he just typed out the Deadliest Joke In The World.

  • Jet

    I love on-line translators, according to it, he said… oh , god ( and self eligible here meticulous mine vocabulary ) in sky.


    well that certainly cleared that up, now didn’t it?

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Jet, I’m not certain which translator you used but I got this translation from Google:

    “Oh, God (and I choose my words very carefully) into the sky.

    I don’t know my German historical literature,so, I’m just as confused…

  • Jet, you might want to have Brian tell you which online translator he uses.

    Then again, yours is probably more fun.

    Really? You’re both confused? Ach, Gott in Himmel…

  • Jet

    Yeah, if it translates it accurately, what’s the fun in that?


    Ja , falls es übersetzt es genau , welches die Spaß in jene?

  • As Mr Schannon might say:

    Oy, vey.

  • kara


  • adam

    I found the whole video funny, I watched both of them. I personally think they are sorry ass ways to make people believe in God. and it makes God look like some crazy person. Believe in me or die! Thats not true at all.. I dont like to be placed in the category “christian” because that would imply that I am a wacko.. I am a Christian, because I understand what it is we need to do.. I dont care if you believe or dont. Its your choice to do so.. and I dont try to scare you into believing, because its your choice to do so..! good luck on you post, I do enjoy reading them Doug.. Take care bro