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Godsmack Beats Up Story of the Year

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Godsmack, the most unoriginal and shitty band on the face of the earth, was playing a radio festival with a bunch of bands when their representatives and security staff had a run-in with Story of the Year, a pop-punk band also on the bill. I don’t necessarily like Story of the Year, but my hatred for Boston’s own Godsmack is unprecedented. Is it the pilfering of their name directly from the Alice in Chains album Dirt while also trying to sound like AIC sometimes? Yes, I hate that. Is it their cro-magnon, knuckles scraping-on-the-pavement music that attracts nothing but those without brain cells? Yes, I hate that too. That and a whole lot more. This world would be better off without that band.

Anyway, this is the account of the incident from Story of the Year on the Maverick website. If you go there, you can see some gross pictures of the blood and bruises caused by the representatives of Godsmack. Did I mention that Sully Erna can’t sing worth a damn?

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about whether anyone referred to in this piece actually does or does not do drugs. I DO NOT have any problems with police, and I have placed the **’s in the middle of the eff word. These are the words of members of Story of the Year, and not mine. The only opinion I have here is that I don’t like Godsmack. Enjoy.)

    Hello everyone. Something pretty amazing happened, and I would like to share it with you………..
    Last night, at a Radio Show in Indiana, my band (except for Josh, he was in the shower) and our tour manager was jumped by godsmack’s production manager, crew, and security, along with local security. It was a pretty fair fight. The five of us vs. at least ten 200+ pound football reject, jock – coke head f**king piece of shit f**king losers. Almost a fair fight huh? So what did we do to deserve this you’re probably wondering? It had to have been something really bad huh? Did we have sex with one of their wives? No, that’s not why. Did we steal some of their drugs? No. Not that either. Did we sell their security some bunk steroids?. No. This is the awful thing that we did to get jumped..
    The show was in an amphitheater. We made everyone in the crowd jump, and asked everyone in the lawn to come down to the front of the stage. I can totally understand how this might have caused a little bit of a panic for the local security, but the show was sucking, so we had to make it rock. It’s not like there was a riot or anything. It ruled. Apparently, godsmack’s douche bag f**king production manager and crew didn’t like this, so they we’re backstage waiting for us……
    I’m going to stop the story right there just to reiterate the fact that this was a RADIO SHOW. NOT A F**KING GODSMACK SHOW. We were not opening for godsmack. We are not on tour with godsmack. The absolute fact of the matter is that neither godsmack’s band or crew had any authority or say in anything regarding my band. It was simply none of their f**king business what happened on or off stage during our performance. It’s funny that the only people in the whole f**king ordeal that were cool was the damn radio station. No one from WRZX said anything to us. Plus they didn’t jump us.
    Anyway, we walked off stage excited, because we turned a shitty show into a f**king rock show. Within ten seconds of us finishing our last song, Godsmacks ugly dick faced production manager had his hands all over Dan screaming at him saying “Get the f**k out of here, you’re not getting f**king paid” “Who the f**k do you think you are, you’re not f**king rock stars”….Dan replied to the guys face “YEAAAAHHHHH ROCK AND ROLL! WAHOOOOO!” This really pissed off the piece of shit production manager. Our tour manager intervened and told the dude not to touch band members. What happens next? Three cro-magnon jock f**ks grabs our tour manager and holds him still so one guy could pummel his face. 4 of them jump on Adam and pummel his face. Dan, Phil, and I got hit, but not half as bad as they did. Josh walked off stage and went in the dressing room just 5 seconds before this happened and missed it. I did get to punch a dude in the face a couple of times. That ruled. Dan got to punch their production manager in the face, and Phil, god love Phil…He picked up a metal box and smashed the pussy face production manager in the head with it. I think It’s still pretty safe to say we lost though.
    Let me again reiterate the fact that no one in godsmack’s band or crew had ANY F**KING RIGHT TO EVEN SAY A WORD TO US. If we were opening for godsmack at one of THEIR lame ass shows or if we were on tour with them, then yeah, they’ve got the power, it’s their show, they’re in charge. But even then, kick us off tour, tell us to go home, cuss at us, don’t pay us whatever. DON’T PUT YOUR F**KING GORILLA HANDS ON MY F**KING BAND. That’s not business, that’s f**king gang shit.
    So we just got jumped putting on a rock show, then to top it off, the f**king cops quarantine us in a 300 degree room while all the f**ks who started the fight walked around drinking beer and laughing about it. They totally started the fight, threw the first punches, and WE were f**king held in a room, then held in our bus. Then, the icing on the cake; an inbred cop with a handlebar moustache tells us “he’s not putting up with our kind” and ” the whole things a joke and he can personally guarantee that nothing will happen to anyone that kicked our ass”…. Eat another doughnut you power abusive f**king molester.
    So why f**k godsmack? Because their dickface crew jumped us and not one member of that f**king band bothered to come and apologize for it. Sully (the singer) walked by our dressing room, looked at us, and gave us a dirty look. No sorry my hoosier ass crew jumped you. No sorry my band hires irresponsible f**king criminals, Nothing from any of them. Awesome.
    It’s funny that we played a radio show with all these hard ass new metal bands like godsmack, and they couldn’t handle little old storyoftheyear’s rock show. Sorry we’re not 40 years old and we don’t stand on stage like someone is forcing us to. Sorry we love our band and love to put on a show for people who pay 3 million dollars to see a bunch of dorky bands stare at their feet. So they took it upon themselves to jump us. Yeah, so f**k godsmack and their stupid f**king crew, and f**k every steroid using, jock f**king cave man security guard that thinks hitting a dude 200 pounds smaller than him is cool. Eat shit and die you f**king pussies.

(This first appeared at RockDummy.com)

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  • ryan

    jeezus…. f**king godsmack b@$t@rds…. that is the funniest S**T i have ever read…. took 10 dudes to beat up 4 or 5? stupid wanna be gangsta wigger poser queers and their rent-a-cop lap dogs….. i hate security guards… they do the stupidest stuff for the stupidest reasons… just becuase you get a lil bit of power doesnt mean you should abuse the hell outta it….

  • Eric Olsen

    this is a phrase that will stand the test of time: “stupid wanna be gangsta wigger poser queers and their rent-a-cop lap dogs”

    I am wiping the contempt off of my keyboard – very nice Ryan!

    Oh, and re Godsmack, it’s the slavish Metallica vocal imitation that most offends me

  • Josh

    aint that a shitter

  • Sevensmack

    Godsmack rules!!!! HaHa I couldn’t be any happier that they beat the hell outta those lil’ whiny pop “rockers”…f**k punk and f**k story of the year…godsmack rules…and got to both beat the s**t outta them and then laugh at those lil pussies in quarantine!!! Awesome!

  • rick

    ok now i’m not a godsmack fan or story of the year fan…i hate them both but i was in the front row of that show and i’m gonna say what i saw. the thing is that there were loads of fights going on that day….the weather was sh*tty the show sucked and everyone was just pissed off. Story of the year came on and was honestly one of the worst shows that day. when they went on and got the crowd goin the singer said “y’all gotta get into this show now…godsmack won’t get u guys pumped so come on let’s rock the f*ck out right now!” i’ll say it kinda worked but no one there really wanted to see them…quite a lot of boos’ actually..so could see why godsmack was pissed, but maybe they took it too far. but either way…dont talk sh*t if you can’t accept the consequences.

  • hyk

    are you kidding me? Story of the year is the best band to ever walk this earth. Godsmack, the band and their crew are all a big giant joke! Their band sux, and their music sux! Its sad that they were so bad and they were so jelous that story of the year acually knows how to put on a good show and acually knows how to play music and rock that they had to get their giant, fat, ugly crew to beat them up. FACE THE FACT THAT GODSMACK SUX BUTT AND STORY OF THE YEAR IS AMAZING!!


    Godsmack is a sh*tty band that sucks ass, they are so unoriginal, I just heard a song by them on the radio and shuddered, its trash, they should die, I dont know who the hell story of the year is but they didnt deserve what happened even if they trashed GOdstink.

  • X3ndou

    Story of the Year sucks so much balls that I wish Godsmack’s security guards had killed them.

  • Xai

    Boy, they sure are stupid.
    Story of the Year should have figured that if they kept sucking, eventually someone would beat their ass. But nope, they kept touring. Oh well.

  • mike

    godsmack is worse than story of the year but they are both awful.

    anyway that’s just funny

  • YamZ

    ALL FUCKING RIGHT GODSMACK!!! IT’s about time someone shut those whiny emo peice of shit punk jokes up! LONG LIVE GODSMACK! Godsmack destroys those 2 pound pussy bags! too bad SOTY couldn’t keep a show going, sounds like they suck twice as bad live. SO BAD THEY GOT THEIR ASSES HANDED TO EM! YO STORY OF THE YEAR, FUCK YOU!!! YOU GUYS ARE WHITE TRASH WITH NO MUSICAL TALENT WHATSOEVER!!!

  • dumb fucks

    Story of the year kicks ass ! and this shit about… Godsmack!? they fucking suck balls.

  • Phil

    You guys are fucking gay, get off the fucking computer and go suck a dick…Godsmack is one of the greatest bands of this time, Sully Erna is a multitalented rock fucking GOD, if you disagree with that you’re a fucking faggot and you deserve to die and rot in hell for eternity you cum licking, scrotum gargling, dipshits…I hope you all die a very painful death involving your kinky fucking gay sex orgies and 29 inch dildos…

  • Nu-Metal is for faggots

    Godsmack is just a bunch of nu-metal pussies. Same goes for gay ass bands like Disturbed, Linkin Park, and all that wannabe metal shit. All Nu-metal is down-tuned guitars, raspy vocals, and vocals about how they had bad childhoods and their mommies didn’t hold them enough when hey were younger. Nu-metal fucking blows ass and anyone who supports nu-metal should be shot in the face. If you want METAL–check out Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Motley Crue, and bands of that sort. That is pure METAL. These guys are just shitty wannabe metal heads who could never get good enough to rip a solid metal riff or a soild metal solo. Nu-metal is shit. As for Story of the Year, they aren’t the greatest band ever, but they sure as hell kick the shit out of nu-metal pussies. That’s what nu-metal is for, pussies.

  • smacktime93

    Godsmack is awesome GODSMACK WILL KICK ANYBODY ASS

  • smacktime93

    let me rephrase myself GODSMACK is awesome they will kick anybody’s ass without their security.Real bands have security.

  • Jacob

    Man I’m so fucking glad someone finally shut those fuckin pussy ass Story of the Year emo bitches up. It would have been awesome if Sully Erna and Tony Rambola would have gotten into it personally, but SOTY needs to stop talking shit if they don’t want to accept what they did

  • Draak

    Most of the comments here are nothing but uneducated fervor. I would have a better conversation with a crackhead. Godsmack is a hard working band that deserves respect.

  • WhereBoysFearToTread

    I agree with the poster who referred to most of the comments here as “nothing but uneducated fervor”. That said, it sounds like Godsmack’s roadies went way over the line. I’d have backed up SOTY in a second if I had witnessed this going down.

  • danny

    I love both bands. So, I’m not going to talk shit about either one, but let me say I have met Story of the Year and they are some of the greatest guys I’ve ever met and any one who really knows about Godsmack should know that they did have gang relations when they were younger so I do believe they could’ve had people jump SOTY. I don’t know if Soty said that Godsmack sux or w/e during the show if they did they deserved to pay for their mistakes but that is still no reason to jump someone. Godsmack and Soty both rule

  • Roph

    Sorry to say, but Godsmack has stated that they did not name their band after the Alice In Chains song. They named their band Godsmack, because Sully Erna was making fun of a friend who had a cold sore. The next day, Sully woke up with one of his own, and his friend told him it was a Godsmack. Get your facts straight before bashing a band who is filled with clearly talented musicians.

    Also, just a thought, but writing a biased blog will only get you flamed/bashed yourself. Simply because you hate a band, doesn’t really give you the right to make a story sound like something it probably wasn’t. (This is directed at Story of the Year, not the blog creator)

    I would like to hear Godsmack’s side of the story, before I draw ANY conclusions. I don’t agree with any violence, but whatever happened, I’m sure it happened for more of a reason than simply because SotY made the crowd jump.

    Btw, I am a fan of BOTH, and I am not taking sides, just stating my opninion.

  • Sniperwax

    Saw Godsmack once at an Ozzzzzfest. Lame singer cried and moaned like a whore about “You really shouldn’t use napster”. The true colors confirmed it’s all an act.

    If you like their act, well… okay. You’re a fake ass too. If you like real shit then ditch the Godsmack they are talentless hacks with a highly skilled production company.

    Unoriginal bands like Godsmack have effectively picked apart the exact methods to approach to attract dumb fuck flies to the festering shit they somehow get away with calling music.

  • Mike

    Story of the Year suck. Godsmack have sold over 15Million albums… They fucked up a show and didnt respect the security boundries which endangered fans. I’m glad someone kicked their asses, lil pricks should have some goddam respect. It may have been a radio show, but you don’t go round doing whatever you want, why? Because someone’ll slap you for being a retard. Case proven here. Story of the Year should stop bitching and grow up.

  • Vin

    Thats fucking awesome…you guys totally got what you deserved! You don’t disrespect other bands in the show, you’re all a team trying to deliver a quality concert for paying customers! Any self respecting band would of handed you your asses for talkin shit..so don’t play the victim card! And what tops it off is that you guys fucking sucked ass during your set! I bet if the roles were reversed, Godsmack would of never disrespected you. Compared to Smack..you are a bunch of terds and if you were a fraction of band they are, you would be able to afford your own crew to fight off the little shit stains like yourselves. What I would of payed to watch the Godsmack crew wipe the eyeliner and nail polish from your asses…PRICELESS!

  • corey

    GODSMACK SUCKS BALLS. i saw them at rock fest (mud fest) and they talked shit on three days grace the same way story of the year did, and three days grace is so much better than godsmach. and story of the year is way better than three days grace. soo godsmach can suck it.

  • your mom

    High on Fire, you buncha pussies.

  • kodiak

    wow first of all. PEOPLE LIKE DIFFERENT MUSIC!!! ITS A FACT. IF WE ALL LIKED THE SAME MUSIC, INDIVIDUALITY WOULDN’T EXIST. we all need to stop bitching about whos music is better and shit. music is like a gateway, we use it to express our inner in ways only it can. I DONT DISLIKE GODSMACK, but i think story of the year is a great band. nonetheless. YOU DONT BEAT OTHER PEOPLE UP BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE THEIR MUSIC!!! that is complete bullshit. with this said world peace will never exist if we CANNOT GET ALONG WITH THE WOrLD OF MUSIC!!! SHAME ON YOU ALL

  • wsj

    Story of the Who? Oh yeah, that band that came and went in a flash many years ago.


  • Tim

    Sounds like there is more to this story than is being said. And sounds like Godsmack had more to do with the show than your crybaby ass is willing to admit. Bands go on in a certain order for a reason what part of get on get off did you not understand? Yeah, I’ve seen your types of unprofessionalism before trying to prove a point and own the show as an opening act. Bet ya shot your mouth off backstage thinkin you’re a rock star and got put in your place. It’s business punk, don’t take it so personal. Need to pay your dues before you claim glory at someone elses expense. And for all the haters well, you are certainly free to have your own opinion but Godsmack didn’t become millionaires because they suck, I told you one too many times and you were crying like a bitch.

  • autumn

    [gratuitous vulgarity deleted by comments editor] I’ve grew up listening to Godsmack for YEARS since I was crawling [gratuitous vulgarity deleted by comments editor]. they’re no wannabes and the critcis are just faggots. I fucking swear, like the comment about Linkin Park and Disturbed? Two other awesome bands, but Sully Erna is just amazing and I’m glad those pussies got the shit kicked out of them. Skylar Brooke is just so adorable and Sully is the best rocker. I just saw them in concert at Uproar in Detroit bitches! And no I don’t live directly in the D nor am I some uneducated, how you’d sterotype me, black which is racist because I can guarantee you’d critics would think that. Im white by the way, bitch. Anyways, they pounded the living shit out of those drums on his drum solo with Shannon. They are a living legend and fucking amazing and if you beg to fucking differ, you’re ass don’t know SHIT ABOUT ROCK. FUCK YEAH GODSMACK! BEST ROCKER EVER BITCHES ! I love you Sully Erna. [edited]

  • rqrwr


  • adam washington

    yeah godsmack is a bunch of pansies that can’t fight their own fight so they have to use other people to do the fighting for them. What a bunch of pussies.