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Godsmack: A Slap in the Right Direction

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Godsmack isn’t one of my favorite bands. In fact, actively listening to this particular brand of alternative metal probably resides somewhere near the bottom of the list of things I’d rather be doing … somewhere between lacerating my own kidneys and listening to Sinead O’Connor wailing about her inability to find happiness regardless of what fade she tries.

That said, I can still readily see why Godsmack has converted millions of rock fans into their audio cult. Godsmack doesn’t isn’t the type of band that will ever break new ground or reinvent the genre but what it does do, it does quite well.

The latest album from the Boston-based alternative metal band, titled Faceless, drips with the heavy guitars, seething vocals and simple drums that have propelled their two previous albums to the top of the alt-metal charts. Despite my pre-developed dislike for this type of music, I was still able to enjoy a number of songs from this new album. Among the surprises, at least for me, was the use of Native American chants on the track, The Awakening and the convergence of lyrics and music on Re-Align.

Will everyone find this a worthy addition to their musical library? Probably not but this album will surely win over some new fans while still catering to older fans by delivering the type of music they have come to expect.

Track List:
1. Straight Out of Line
2. Faceless
3. Changes

4. Make Me Believe
5. I Stand Alone
6. Re-Align
7. I Fucking Hate You
8. Releasing the Demons
9. Dead and Broken
10. I Am
11. The Awakening
12. Serenity

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  • dude! you albom kicks so much ass it not even funny! im a huge fan and every time you come around to my town I love to go to your conserts! the just in other words freeking rock!!!!!!!
    by the way I got your albom the day it came out for rally and I look forword to anything you produce in the future. just wanna say to the lead singer… I can realate to alot of your songs and some of them get me deep I love you guys keep it coming!!!

  • lplover

    yo i whent to a godsmack concert & it was flippin awsome
    rock on