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Although I have written very little on here about the band, that does not mean we have not been working on things. I have been recording “guide tracks” for some of the new songs to give John a good idea of where I see the music going. It is very useful for me to be able to play with the lyrics and make sure they can be sung. It is usually involves tweaking words, but there are times when whole lines are ditched, because while they may look good, they sound horrid sung.

We have yet to meet with him for music purposes for a while as he is still dealing with his move and new job. Anyone wishing to listen to my warblings can find them on my .mac public folder. You will also find a bunch of adverts I have done for Bureaucrash radio, the possible Dagon radio, as well as several tales of mine read by their author.

Jon, Rob and I gather at Rob’s house in Orpington to work on a few things. We did quite a few run throughs of “Waking Up Blues” and “Soft Side” with bass plus two voices. It is a bit more difficult than one would think, but both Jon and I are used to rehearsing with piano or guitar. I played them the above guide tracks on some of the other stuff I have been working on in the last few weeks. Sometime this week we will need to get a few more demos out to interested parties. No word from the previous batch, alas. We plan to make another attempt to get all of us together next Saturday.

Much to John’s delight, our music, along with a few tracks from the Painkillers will be getting their broadcast premiere on Radio Free Bureaucrash.

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