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God of War II God of Noise Contest

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Sequels are nothing unusual to most gamers, but Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., is throwing something new into the mix with the release of God of War II.

A battle of the bands, titled "God of Noise," will be held for the upcoming game.

Until November 8, undiscovered musicians have the opportunity to submit a song of their own for judging. The winning band or musicians will get to see their song in the upcoming God of War II, set to be released in early 2007 for the Playstation 2.

The competition consists of three stages, with each designed to narrow down the choices into a top ten. The top ten will then be voted by fans and the band with the highest number of votes will have their song feature in God of War II.

Band and musicians can read the official rules and enter the contest through MySpace.com, a well-known blogging and networking website. The site also features video clips, screenshots, and concept art for God of War II.

According to Sony's contest rules, all song submissions will be judged on the following criteria: originality 40%; musical compatibility with the feel/tone of the game 30%; creative use of game score samples 30%.

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  • anominious

    this game is gonna be the best game ever and i thought god of war 1 was gonna be the best. you guys/girls should make more god of war games and i cant wait to buy it. i just want to play it right now. cant wait for it to come out and play it. i seen the comersial yesterday and it looks so awsome. well i have to go see ya.. its gonna be off the hook