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G.o.D. needs you?

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If you are a 30-something bloke and hot on the ole’ axe we might be in need of your talents. (A location near London is probably advisable btw.) Indie types and poseurs need not apply.

G.o.D. is scheduled to go into the studio in April to record our debut album, as of yet untitled. Of course, anyone who knows my work knows that I am rubbish at titles, anyway. We did not manage to do any rehearsal this weekend as John had a spot of bother with his car keys and phone (they were pinched), but Rob and I managed to do a few logistical things with some of our songs. For one thing we figured out that we do indeed have an album worth of complete/near-complete material. We have a few more songs in the pipe-line from various band-mates. If all goes to plan Rob and John plan to do some rehearsing without me on Saturday.

There are other developments in the world of G.o.D. as John has gotten himself engaged to his lovely girlfriend Mel. The band attended a small gathering to celebrate this fact on Friday night. We, of course, express our good wishes to the couple. And don’t tell anyone, but my sources tell me that John will not be the last member of the band’s entourage to get engaged. With the weddings, engagement parties, and stag nights coming up, it is little wonder that we needed to get our tails in gear and arrange a time for the band to hit the studio. Considering all the various projects, both professional and private, we are all working on, it’s a wonder we have the time to work on this, our collective musical project.

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