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Gob – Foot in Mouth Disease

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Arista Records – A sure way to impress me is to make me rewind a track a couple of times to hear how a song was put together or to comprehend a key change. Vancouver-based Gob does just that.

The lyrics have some thought behind them, sung quite well over a richly produced, guitar heavy mix. Despite being labeled a pop-punk release I’ll be bold and say this attempts to be a rock release, at least in the Presidents of the United States of America kind of way – a guitar solo, a quirky melody, some words that will make your mom yell if you’re blasting this in front of your younger sister.

While maybe not a “total package” this release has at least 50% less sugary coating. An entertaining combination of pop punk energy surrounded with rock and roll.

Seth Werkheiser – Buzzgrinder.com

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