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Go Green with National Trust Green Energy

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The National Trust Green Energy scheme (NTGE) is the eco friendly energy tariff designed by energy provider npower and the UK’s National Trust. While it is similar to npower’s other green energy alternative, Juice, this tariff is designed for those interested in giving a helping hand to some of Britain’s most historic sites, making sure they remain as sustainable as possible.

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How does it Work?

The NTGE tariff matches every unit of power that you use and then puts the same amount back into the national grid at no added cost. All of the electricity that is matched is sourced from renewable energy sources created in the UK.

In addition to the energy matching promise npower also donates £15 every year per customer into the National Trust Energy Fund. The fund is designed with the sole purpose of helping to reduce the carbon emissions of National Trust sites across the country. It is the Nationals Trusts’ aim to reduce its overall energy demand by 20% by 2020 while switching to renewable energy.

How Beneficial is the Energy Fund?

To date twenty five National Trust sites have benefited from the fund and more are planned to follow. The projects carried out by the fund range from the installation of solar water heating systems to the replacement of oil powered heaters with biomass boilers.

One such site to benefit greatly from the scheme is the National Trusts carriage museum at Arlington Court in Devon. The fund helped introduce one of the UK’s largest installations of photovoltaic cells on a historic building that generates 6.3 mWh of green electricity each year. It saves the museum £600 in electricity while also generating an additional income of £2,270 per year by feeding the excess energy it creates back into the electricity network.

Additional Benefits of Switching

While many other green energy tariffs are often more expensive than standard options, npowers NTGE scheme is available at no added cost to the consumer and as such there is no difference when compared to their normal price plans. On top of that, there is also a discount for Direct Debit users and a Green Energy Bonus for dual fuel customers who get both their gas and electricity from npower. Additionally, if you sign up to npowers gas supply they will donate another £15 into the NTGE fund and then £5 per year thereafter as long as you remain a customer.

Is the NTGE Really Worth it?

For those of you that are worried about the environment and your impact upon it then the NTGE is definitely worth looking into. With the zero added cost when compared to standard tariffs and the added bonus of helping to maintain some of the country’s most historic sites, the NTGE is truly a good option for both you and the environment. The NTGE has also recently been fully certified by OFGEM’s (the government regulator for energy) Green Supply Guidelines being described as a tariff that offers genuine and recognisable environmental benefits, so you can rest assured you’re getting everything that’s promised.


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  • Syd

    Interesting to see how the various energy companies are trying to win over customers by offering incentives to “go greeen”.

    It all helps I guess.

  • There should be subsidies from governments that want to promote green energy over an dabove energy companied trying to win customers.

  • cindy

    you will use less energy….you have no choice…..green companies gone into bankruptcy, chevy volt sold 125 vehicles in july….we can’t get to green energy being economical, so we will force you…epa regs will shut down coal plants, energy costs will necessarily skyrocket- inflation due to energy costs and we are in a depression…….yeah…go green!