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Global Village With A Rocket Launcher

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about insomnia — and switching my work schedule around to accommodate nocturnal habits — is that at the end of my work day — as most everyone else in my time zone is waking, I’m settling in to relax and play a few games on Xbox Live. Lately I’ve been playing Crimson Skies, not with Joe down on the corner, or Alex in Oregon, but with a spectacular smattering of international competitors. Sure there are the handful of approximate locals working mid-shifts, and east-coasters firing off a few rounds before work or a.m. classes, but chiefly my cohorts are Australians and Asians just come home from wherever they spend their daylight hours. And a few French schoolchildren in for the afternoon, the ones that know this much English: “Hello. How are you? I am fine;” repeating the phrase over and over again, asking and answering themselves perpetually as if afflicted by some peculiar form of linguistic autism.

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