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Gliph App for Personal Privacy Control Launches at SXSW

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Gliph, based in Portland, Ore., launched its new app that helps users protect their personal privacy information. A hot issue as of late, the app aims to put the power back in the consumer’s hands by allowing them to choose exactly what personal information they share and with whom they share it.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, Gliph uses simple native interfaces, which allow users to select their own unique “gliph” pseudonym (a combination of three to five visual icons, such as a star, mushroom, and diamond). Then, instead of giving out their digits or social feeds right from the start, users can give out their gliph and reveal how much information they want to share on a person-by-person basis. Of course, they can mature the relationship though in-app text messaging for free.

“We believe people are multi-faceted and should be allowed to reflect a unique identity that matches each relationship, whether it be professional or social,” said Rob Banagale co-founder, and CEO. “Gliph lets people reveal only what’s appropriate and earn trust over time—just like we all do in off-line relationships.”

Security is a major part of the cross-platform application. In fact, it uses security measures to ensure the user’s conversations and personal data are signed and encrypted, in transit and prior to being stored on the server. “We secure your first name better than most websites secure your credit card information,” Banagale explains.

For conference and festival goers in Austin at SXSW, make sure to stop by Gliph’s cart at the southwest corner of 4th Street & N. Congress Avenue for free mobile device charging from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. CST each day. Their “Yeti” mascot will also be making a few special appearances and the company has partnered with Brooklyn-based band Runaway Dorothy, which will be performing showcases throughout the week.

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