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Glenn Gould + Franz Liszt + Ludwig van Beethoven = Explosive

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Oh my God. Let me say it again. Slowly. Oh my God.

I opened my near-daily box from amazon today to find this CD of Gould playing Liszt’s Transcription of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

I put it in the CD drive of my computer, where it spins right this minute.

Oh my God.

It is so beautiful, so powerful, so impossibly rich and exciting, that to think such immense legal pleasure can be purchased, in this day and age, for only $10.99, well, the world’s got some wonderfulness left in it.

I am breathless, speechless, listening to the crystalline notes.

This is music suitable for my deathbed.

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  • Agentsmith

    I have this disc from way back. I am going to have to dig it out and re-listen. My favorite were Gould’s Bach performances. (3 part inventions and Goldberg)