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Glenn Beck’s “I Am A Nightmare” Speech

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My fellow white patriots,

This is a moment, quite honestly, that I think we reclaim the civil rights movement. Black people don’t own Doctor King, We white people own Doctor King. He led all of us out of slavery. As I’ve said before, Dr King didn’t stand for social justice. He stood for the personal freedom of all of us to be free from government interference.

As you know, and as I’ve said before, President Obama is a man who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture. This guy is, I believe, a racist. He chose to use the name, Barack, for a reason, to identify not with America — you don’t take the name Barack to identify with America. You take the name Barack to identify, with what? Your heritage? The heritage, maybe, of your father in Kenya, who was a radical?

This is a non-political rally. That’s why I invited Sarah Palin to speak, because she is famous for being non-political. 24% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. You know what? Here’s the problem with this. I think that is the easy answer for people who are like, well, it doesn’t make sense. Nothing makes sense. And I think the easy thing is to say, I think he’s a Muslim. I don’t. I think he is a Christian that Christians don’t recognize. His religion is a perversion of Christianity. Social justice, as understood by Barack Obama and people like Barack Obama that understand his form of Christianity, that is socialism. It’s Marxism. Social justice is Marxism at its root.

And that is why it doesn’t feel right, and why many Americans think Obama is a Muslim. Now, you have to understand, Barack Obama was not a Christian until Jeremiah Wright. So it’s not like he was raised, you know, a Catholic or Episcopalian or anything else. He was raised, if I’m not mistaken, Muslim for a while. I think he’s most likely, knowing his parents and his influence, it was more likely that he was surrounded with a bigger influence of atheism than anything else. But, you know, let’s just say he was neutral on everything. When he did get Jesus, he got it from Jeremiah Wright.

And Reverend Wright, well, he is into liberation theology, which teaches that Jesus was the victim; the Romans were the oppressor. The system, the government was the oppressor. So the story of Jesus takes on a whole different light because if you are a Jesus freak, you know that Jesus wasn’t a victim. Jesus was the savior. Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus was the conqueror, not a victim. It’s that root of understanding that now brings Obama to collective salvation. I believe it was the pope on collective salvation that said that’s not divine; that’s demonic. Think of that. Just please understand what the pope has said. When the government tries to do what only God can do through collective salvation, through justice, a godly justice, save us all or none of us will be saved, it becomes demonic.

This is what Americans are missing because no one will tell them that. It is liberation theology. Why would you, like Reverend Wright does, bring up the slave thing? Does anybody really think that that’s what we’re really all about? Really? The slave thing? Why would you bring it up? Because that’s an important part of the Jewish story to Barack Obama’s preacher. Slavery. The oppressor versus the oppressed. That’s why he highlights that. Because that’s his understanding of distorted Christianity.

Did Dr King ever bring up the slave thing? No, he was about personal freedom. And you know what? You don’t have a problem with this if you abolish the Department of Education. Because then you allow the school districts to teach it. Then you allow the communities to decide. You can’t point that out, can you? No, you can’t point that out because that takes power away from the federal government. Which is exactly what needs to happen.

I don’t think that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Stranger things have happened. God could be a giant space octopus, too. What we should do is look at the facts. The fact is Obama is a Christian and his entire understanding of Christianity comes, in his own words, from Jeremiah Wright. That’s why you’re uncomfortable with the decisions that he makes, especially when he tries to frame it in a religious sort of way. Because he doesn’t speak your same language. His understanding of Christianity is turning Christianity upside down. Does that make him wrong? Ask the space octopus.

We all know Obama’s America is not our America. It is not America’s America. Sometimes I ask myself, “What planet have I landed on? Did I slip through a worm hole in the middle of the night and this looks like America? It’s like the damn Planet of the Apes. Nothing makes sense!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if in our lifetime dogs and fire hoses are released or opened on us. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of us get a billy club to the head. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of us go to jail — just like Martin Luther King did — on trumped-up charges. Tough times are coming.

Remember, I asked you to electronically sign Dr King’s commitment card. One of the commitments is to refrain from violence of fist, tongue, and heart.

So let us restore honor by reclaiming this moment from the civil rights movement. Let us reclaim this moment by refraining from violence of the tongue. Calling our president a racist is a good start. The fact that he’s black, like Dr King, is purely incidental. Obama is a racist and we are not. We are here to reclaim this moment from the civil rights movement. Personally, that’s why I’m here — to invoke the name of that great leader, Dr Martin Luther King. That’s how I intend to proudly restore honor to our nation. President Obama is a racist. God bless America.

Thank you.

(Glenn Beck looks at a message on his Blackberry from his accountant about his projected sales of his books and merchandize, and rodeo clown that he is, let’s loose with an inner “yee-haw, suckers!”)

Author’s Note:  All words taken from transcripts of Beck’s radio and TV programs, with a few ironies added.


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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Author’s Note: All words taken from transcripts of Beck’s radio and TV programs, with a few ironies added.

    Taking an idea from Tina Fey?

    I really wonder what Dave Nalle’s opinion of Beck is now – I remember him posting a fairly low opinion of the guy (this after I pointed out how great an influence Beck has on conservatives)…and more recently, a seemingly higher opinion.

    How long do you think it will be before Beck runs for president?

  • Adam announced that he would no longer be interacting with his thread’s commentators.

    🙁 sad

  • Glenn Contrarian

    That is sad indeed.

    That’s his right…but that also smacks of not being willing to stand up and defend ones beliefs. Maybe that’s not the case. I hope not.

  • Sad? It’s not sad, it’s cowardly.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Perhaps. I thought that way about Joseph Cotto (or was it a different relatively new BC conservative?)…but just as I will no longer make such assumptions about Cotto, I will make no such assumption about Adam.

  • This is brilliant, Adam. Thank you. I will Facebook it and tweet it and Digg it so others can enjoy.

  • I have calculated that individual public opinion occupies a space of 334,540,800 cubic inches: 1 mile wide times I mile long times 1 inch deep. Our problem is that the polling data is too much with us.

  • What is the reason? Glenn Beck gave it away when he said, “This is a moment, quite honestly, that I think we reclaim the civil rights movement. It has been so distorted and so turned upside down. It is an abomination.” There it is. The civil rights movement is an abomination. When Beck says “reclaim the civil rights movement”, he means “repeal the Civil Rights Act.”

  • zingzing

    just waiting around for it…

  • I suppose Blogcritics is too tough a turf for tender hearts.

  • Robert

    When I see the tea party, i see the same people who was at the witch burning,the get a rope crowd or the people who didn’t own slaves but fighting and killing because of hate.We are in other countries telling people how to live their life when we are some stupid (nuts)people who follow without thinking… we are not nice people base on our own history…

  • Ruvy

    Well, at least Adam didn’t take 12 pages NOT to make his point. I’ve seen a whole passel of articles at BC, all by writers squealing like stuck pigs at the fact that Beck & Co. DO have an audience in your country. Obama can get crowds too – at the unemployment line, the food stamps line, the line at the soup kitchen….

    I guess a lot of folks just don’t appreciate all the GOOD Obama has done for America…. How ignorant of them!

    sniff, sob

  • Arch Conservative

    Robert, there were no witches burned in this country. In Salem, MA the people believed to be witches were hanged and one man was actually crushed to death with stones.

    Obviously English isn’t your first language as evidenced by your atrocious grammar.

  • Your right, no body was burned…they suffered other torments before their deaths…

    Arch, If you look at the link in #11 don’t freak out, OK? I’m not a witch. LOL

  • Arch Conservative

    Jeannie, I don’t know if it was a typo or a grammatical error but it’s “you’re” not “your.”

    Yes the witches in Salem were mostly hanged and none were burned. It actually happened in what is today the town of Danvers, MA and not the present day city of Salem, MA. I live about forty miles from there and have been there many times to experience the tourist traps. You should see the place at Halloween. It’s nuttier than Howard Dean in a roomful of Baptists.

  • Marcuscassius

    I love brash words about hate. I think a Mormon would understand that better than most. He understands salesmanship, like John Smith. You can sell anything. Hate is easy. Almost as easy as religion.

  • American Air Pilot

    How to become a rodeo clown journalist: Take a large group of phrases and quotes from an individual, and skillfully place them in an order which portrays them in the manner you wish. I mean really, taking Glenn Beck’s words out of context makes you look worse than you make him out to be. Glenn isn’t a racist, he doesn’t spread hate. Yes his fiscal conservative and a bit of a constitutionalist. I feel he isn’t correct on many points, but I feel is right on many others. If you want an accurate opinion of him, listen/watch an episode. Don’t listen to chopped up sound bites and people that intentionally misconstrue and paraphrase his message, like this arcticle. I’ve heard him say things sarcastically in a joking manner on the radio making and the media takes it out of context and and says “listen to what Glenn believes… he is crazy”. If you want, I could compile all quotes from Obama and chop it up and make him appear radical. I could make him appear a Muslim, I could make him appear a devout Christian, I could make him even look conservative. But the fact is I would be altering the truth, which is dishonest. This article ironically spreads hate from those feeding into its disinformation.

  • Mr. Pilot, there was no “chopping” of Mr. Beck’s calling the president of the United States a racist on the dumbest morning “news” show in the universe [“Fox and Friends”]. He really said it. And that’s one of his less loony escapades.

    His promise that Saturday’s rally would “produce miracles” and “make history” fell completely flat. He is a legend in his own mind. The fact that some people dote on his every word is rather sad and disturbing.

    But Adam’s collage of looniness is a great public service.

  • Jordan Richardson

    So American Air Pilot, you’re basically confirming that, at the very least, Glenn Beck is incredibly dishonest when you say “I could compile all quotes from Obama and chop it up and make him appear radical. I could make him appear a Muslim, I could make him appear a devout Christian, I could make him even look conservative. But the fact is I would be altering the truth, which is dishonest.”

    Beck does those things constantly. And yes, I have “watched an episode.” Far too many of them, in fact.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Oh, and here’s another thing: Beck is part of the media. I’m really starting to get annoyed with this little trick of right-wing media powerhouses that act like they aren’t part of the “media” or that they’re somehow different.

    Wrong-o. They’re all playing the same game. The “lamestream media” IS FOX News, for cryin’ out Charlie. Glenn Beck, as popular as he is, IS mainstream. People aren’t shutting him up; he’s a massively popular “talent” that was actually able to hold a rally over the weekend that people actually attended.

    So let’s stop this trumpeting of the right-wing media as somehow this rebel force of underdogs just waiting for their time to shine. Silly kids.

  • There’s nothing deceptive or misleading in the way Adam edited this material anyway. Beck’s intentions are pretty clear.

  • a guy

    Why this FOX clown continues to get the platform?

  • Arch Conservative

    The dumbest nes/talk show in the morning by far is the view.

    Is there anything on television (other than when jeannine Garofalo makes a guest appearance) as wretched, misinformed and vile as Joy Behar? Met hinks not!

  • Compared to the three clueless co-hosts of Fox & Friends, Joy Behar is a Rhodes Scholar. [She is also way smarter than the resident conservative on The View.]