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Glenn Beck – Messianic Hypocrite

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On August 28, 2010, Glenn Beck and his Merry Pranksters will be descending upon the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC to hold a rally with the dubious moniker, “Restoring Honor”. The purpose of this rally is totally non-political, according to Beck’s propaganda, and the carrying of signs and wearing of t-shirts is being discouraged. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Sarah Palin will be there, (you betcha) and will no doubt give a rousing and rambling screech speech while simultaneously trying to Tweet to her cadre of twits.

In an odd coincidence, Dr Martin Luther King made his March on Washington on August 28, 1963. This was a watershed moment for the Civil Rights Movement, culminating in one of the most compelling speeches ever made, the “I have a dream” speech. Beck claims the choice of August 28th was purely happenstance, but I have a theory. Let me share with you the (possible) sinister conniving of this self appointed Messiah.

First of all, Glenn has a book coming out on September 14th. So what if it’s a paperback reprint of a previously released book, he needs to sell that baby and sell it he will. So Glenn gets out the old schedule because he is a busy man. He has a radio show (let’s not forget that Glenn is, after all, a failed disk jockey,) and he has a TV show. He is in the midst of juggling many other projects, like the start-up of a university that will never have the remote chance of being recognized as a place of higher learning. But I digress. It has to be a Saturday or Sunday because he has the radio and TV shows on Monday thru Friday. The book comes out September 14th, so how about the anniversary of September 11th, then Glenn can plumb the depths of the 9/11 tragedy. Ohhh, September 11th falls on a Sunday and many of the folks he wants to attend his rally are church-going people. Saturday would be better anyway because then people could have Sunday to get home because Glenn hopes they will come from all around this fair land. Never mind they will be using the Sabbath to travel. The weekend before is Labor Day weekend. That’s no good. Either Glenn has something planned personally or he figures most people already have their own plans. What about the weekend before that? Oh, and guess what? That just happens to be the anniversary of Dr King’s March. Wow! Thank you Jesus.

The proceeds of this rally (after all expenses are deducted, natch) will be going to Special Operations Warrior Foundation. SOWF is a worthy cause. You should definitely contribute to SOWF. I looked them up and only 7% of the funds they raise go to overhead, the rest “provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.” Will Glenn Beck be publicizing the amount he contributes to this cause? I, for one, would like a full accounting. Please Glenn, do up a little financial report with all the corporate donations and the bits of cash you make from the tchotchkes you sell, subtract the costs of the rally – the permit, cleaning up the site, the portajohn rentals, Sarah Palin’s private plane, Sarah Palin’s clothing allowance, Sarah Palin’s private chef, Sarah Palin’s hotel bill, etc., and what remains is the amount you donate to the very worthy cause SOWF. Please give me an audited accounting of that report. Thank you. Your pal, Dharma.

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  • zingzing

    jeannie: “I didn’t see, Nobody’s Home…unless that’s just your snark.”

    it’s the same character, but he’s blocking another head crusher by sticking his thumb in front of his eye, so that the other head crusher is gone. basically, he’s pretending that he has no opposition.

  • dharma55

    Baronius, except for one difference: the Mosque protesters are demanding the cultural center be moved to a different location. Did you see a huge protest at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday to interfere with Beck’s rally? I may question Beck’s motives, but I will defend his rights just as I would those of the Park51 folks.

  • Baronius

    “His lack of sensitivity is in question, but his right to be there is not.”

    That sounds just like the NYC mosque protesters.

  • dharma55

    While I agree with you when you say Glenn Beck is a media whore, I can’t fault the National Park Service for issuing a permit. Obviously, Beck fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the permit and it’s a first-come, first-served type situation. His lack of sensitivity is in question, but his right to be there is not.

  • cissie

    At the very core of all of this is simply, “Lose the Black Dude”. It’s our own little version of Israel vs. Palestine, with similar feelings of rights, land and opportunity being lost to those “lesser” beings. Restore Honor? Who is Glenn Beck to tell anyone that he or she is not honorable? Restore America? Back to what, the lazy, hazy days of Salem witch trials?

    The anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, should be seen as a treasured and priceless American asset. Instead, it was allowed that Glenn Beck – at best a media whore – can stage a rally that incites slow but sure mass hysteria. Somebody in Washington dropped the ball on granting approval to this “non-political” rally.

    People mock and laugh hysterically at Glenn Beck twenty-four hours a day. Other people in history, who were mocked mercilessly and dismissed as lunatics: Adolph Hitler. It might be time to stop laughing, and start drawing boundaries.

  • Your right, Zing

    I didn’t see, Nobody’s Home…unless that’s just your snark.

    ; O ?

  • zingzing

    it’s “i am crushing your head.” and “nobody’s home,” which is a good diversionary tactic.

  • Yes! The one where they look at one another trough their thumbs and first fingers saying, “I pinch your head.” “No, I pinch your head.”


  • Jordan Richardson

    From what I could tell thumbing through far too many clips, these people are “praying” for a very specific political deity to come and strike down their ideological foes.

    America’s “fallen into the wrong hands,” say the Tea Partiers and the Becksters and the Palinistas. The only way to “save it” is to “get back to god.”

    The “rally” was a political statement from the outset. Instead of reaching across party lines and to those offended by the use of the “I Have a Dream” speech’s day, Glenn Beck claimed to not even know it was on the same day. This was designed from the outset to provoke even more divisions in the American cultural psyche. And it worked, as everything this Goldline charlatan does somehow manages to.

    I’m trying to think of a Canadian equivalent to Beck, but all I can come up with is a Kids in the Hall sketch.

  • One thing I am pretty certain of even if I wasn’t there both Jesus and Martin Luther king did not ask people to pray for personal wealth!

    They preached a message that said, “Pray that all people can know love and happiness in being with each-other as one.”

    Tell me, did they get their country back now?

  • This isn’t a recent development by any means.

    From its very inception, America has been born out of hype, and hype is it’s defining trademark, expressing itself in a variety of forms – from political evangelism to equally fanatical approach to our marketing and advertising campaigns.

    “American exceptionalism” is our credo and the catchphrase to cover the multitude of our sins.

  • zingzing

    hey baronius–how’d you like the lack of religion at today’s little rally? oh, how america “turns back to god,” oh, the “years wandered in darkness,” oh, the jesus christ poses. oh, shit.

  • zingzing

    oi. CLAVOS!

  • dont understand

    No wonder most of the world can’t tolerate americans. When you hold up Palin & Beck as heroes – both failed in their jobs, you definately can see a dumming down of America

  • Jordan Richardson

    And holy shit, I can only listen to about 10 seconds of Palin’s voice before my ears start to bleed a little. Who on earth would turn up on a Saturday to hear these idiots blab away?

  • Jordan Richardson


  • Well dharma, I will say one thing for Glen Beck’s rally so far, it is very calm, Zzz Zzz Zzz…

    [ 0 Zz.

  • zingzing

    these people are scared of everything.

  • from USA Today:

    With emotions already high, the work of a largely unknown Tea Party blogger, Bruce Majors, brought them to a fever pitch on Friday.

    The blog warned demonstrators visiting the nation’s capital to avoid certain subway lines, suggesting they are unsafe, that certain neighborhoods should be avoided, that the city is populated by the world’s refugees – that taxi drivers are often Arab or African – and that generally visitors should be wary.

    And it inspired a satirical map of Washington with all of the city marked unsafe, except for the tiny sliver of the National Mall, home to the Lincoln Memorial. Some people mistakenly assumed the map was put out by Beck rally supporters.

    City leaders didn’t see the humor.

  • What?

    Beck is trying to build bridges to cross all colors, creeds and party affiliations.

    Oh yes, I saw him done that swastika and pour that gas can …he’s doing a heck of a job!!!

  • dharma55

    I chose Merry Pranksters to be ironic. Also because I was watching a show on one of the History Channels about Hippies and they were discussing Ken Kesey, Further, et. al. Ahhh, the good old days.

  • Baronius

    “If you don’t watch Beck, and don’t think much of him, why are you repeatedly commenting on this thread, more or less in his defense?”

    Because I’m bored? Also, I didn’t much care for the smears.

  • Dennis, if you think “Beck is trying to build bridges to cross all colors, creeds and party affiliations”, I must question or ability to assess idiocy.

    The Merry Pranksters were so diametrically opposed to what Beck stands for I can’t fathom why the author chose the words

  • If you don’t watch Beck, and don’t think much of him, why are you repeatedly commenting on this thread, more or less in his defense?

    The NBPP is an irrelevance. The only reason they have been “in the news” was the insubstantial voter intimidation claim [which boiled down to one guy, standing there with a nightstick], along with the unsubstantiated claim that the Justice Dept dropped the investigation for purely political reasons.

    Both non-stories were declaimed on Fox News as if they were important. They were one of several “Stories To Scare White People With” the Republican Noise Machine has been using the last couple of years [Rachel Maddow’s phrase].

  • Baronius

    Huh? You knew about the New Black Panthers when you made fun of Beck for being too young to know about them? And what does the fact that they’re not affiliated with the Old Black Panthers have to do with anything?

    And no, I don’t watch Beck. I don’t think much of him.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Do you honestly think Beck would put so much effort, time and money into a project to sell a book.

    Considering that Beck, back in his radio days, once called a rival’s wife to harass her on the air, yeah I’d say he’d go through that effort.

    Oh, and the reason he called his rival’s wife on the air was to insult her and her husband because she recently suffered a miscarriage. It was a situation ripe with opportunity for Mr. Beck.

    The guy’s a slimeball and the newfound tears are just part of the shameless act.

  • Jon Stewart devoted his first segment to the Beck rally last night, titling it “I Have a Scheme.”

  • dharma55

    Dennis, yes, I honestly think Beck would go to all this trouble. I don’t think there is one thing that man does where he isn’t considering how to sell a book, his show, Goldline, whatever snake oil he’s selling. Even Rush Limbaugh doesn’t prostitute himself this much.

  • dharma55

    The New Black Panther Party that exists now is not descended from the original one. In addition, the ginned up voter intimidation thing is suspect since no one at the time had any complaints. It was only later, when a cellphone video was put on youtube that people got their knickers in a twist. Do you not watch Glenn? I have actually seen him get misty-eyed on his show over this “coincidence” and the guiding hand of his Savior who obviously led him to the August 28th date. I can’t believed you missed that. He’s spoken about this because he’s been questioned about the choice of that particular day and he explained how he came to it.

  • Dennis

    You are all a buch of idiots. Do you honestly think Beck would put so much effort, time and money into a project to sell a book. I have an idea, why don’t you come to the rally and see first hand how Beck is trying to build bridges to cross all colors, creeds and party affiliations.

  • Baronius

    Dharma, you didn’t demonstrate that Beck was using this opportunity to promote his book. You speculated that that would explain the timing of the event. Likewise, you didn’t mention that Beck considered the timing to be divinely inspired. Does he?

    BTW, the New Black Panthers have been in the news lately.

  • dharma55,

    I don’t see any good coming out of this…

    🙁 I’ll be back later.

  • Baronius,

    I was wrong about Hannity…I shouldn’t listen to the news while doing the dishes.

    I am mad about what, Beck is doing…you say it’s charity, and I say it’s nation dividing


  • dharma55

    You’re right, Jeannie. I hadn’t noticed you were not the one to mention Freedom Alliance. My bad. I apologise.

  • dharma55

    While you were answering me, I was answering you. I know you were defending Hannity and I was merely pointing out that perhaps the other person was confusing Hannity with Beck in this instance. BTW, did you hear Glenn talk about the Black Panthers who might show up tomorrow at his rally? He was just imagining what would happen, but I haven’t heard so much about the Black Panthers since the 60’s. Glenn was what, six years old or something? What does he know about the Black Panthers or what the 60’s were like? Did he experience any race riots or student riots?

  • Baronius,

    Yes, Freedom Works…I never mentioned Freedom Alliance.

    Were did you get blog posting? I learned about this on the news. That really liberal stuff that I listen to


  • dharma55

    Baronius, let me give you the Cliff’s Notes version of my article. Glenn the hypocrite: shilling for a book (I neglected to mention Goldline, sorry) and using a rally as an excuse. Glenn the Messiah: he has claimed Divine intervention in the magical happenstance of August 28th being his rally date. I tried to illustrate his possible thought process. And your other comment regarding my preemptived strike, well, isn’t that the way the Right Wing folks like to do things? Let’s go in and take them out even if they weren’t responsible for flying planes into the World Trade Center and even if they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. But let’s do it anyway because they are going to be bad one of these days.

  • Baronius

    Dharma, I was responding to Jeannie’s accusation against Hannity (which involved Freedom Alliance) in comment #26. I wasn’t commenting about Beck. I do wonder on what grounds you accuse Beck of financial wrongdoing relating to an event that hasn’t happened yet.

  • dharma55

    Perhaps we are confusing Freedom Alliance with FreedomWorks, an organization funded by several corporations who “astroturf” or pretend the events they promote are grassroots efforts. FreedomWorks is allegedly underwriting some of the bus transportation to Glenn’s rally.

  • Baronius

    “The blog posting accuses our friend Sean Hannity of personally benefiting from Freedom Alliance. This is FALSE. Freedom Alliance has never provided planes, hotels, cars, limos, or anything else to Sean. Sean gets nothing from Freedom Alliance except our gratitude for his personal generosity and for all he has done to help the troops and our organization.”

    full statement here

  • Baronius,

    It’s unfair, only because I don’t have a link to prove it. I guess I am going on the information about, Hanity’s little magical traveling bus tour. magical in that all the money went to him.

    So, you are right, I am being unfair. 🙁

  • Did you tell me you were Ceaser on another thread?

  • And exactly what Honor is Beck restoring?

    The greatest honor we have done this country in many years is now being torn apart by a group of people Who, if in this big government would have absolutely no trouble growing it for themselves.

    I don’t care what anyone says right now about Obama. He has brought dignity and empathy to this country’s government

    As far as who has the intellect to survive the Presidency and this continual clown show, Obama has more than all of us on this thread combined.

  • Baronius

    I don’t get the joke. But back to the point, don’t you think it’s unfair?

  • Baronius,

    What will happen if, MLK actually does inhabit Glen Beck’s body? Will his head explode?

    🙂 That wasn’t me, it was Rodiogal. LOL

  • Baronius

    Jeannie, it’s completely unfair to accuse people of something that hasn’t happened yet, that you don’t know whether it will happen.

  • Baronius,

    There is already great speculation that anyone besides the *Entertainment* will see a dime…at least not all of them

    🙁 and that’s bad.

  • Baronius

    This could have been an interesting article. Too bad it isn’t. It doesn’t even assert that Beck is messianic or a hypocrite. All it says is that Dharma doesn’t like him, and it’d be bad if the charity gets shafted.

  • Trumod

    Okay, listen up: Glenn Beck is not a patriot. He is an opportunist and a huckster. I doubt he actually believes 1/5 of what he says. The fact that he’s co-opting the anniversary and location of the “I Have a Dream” speech should set off a big RED flag in your head. For someone who claims to be as savvy about history as he does, he should have recognized the date when booking the venue. And he probably did. I’m white and it sends a chill down my spine because this is something a white supremacist organization would do.

  • dharma55

    Restoring honor as a concept is admirable. My problem is not with the message but with the messenger. Dr King’s son does have a problem with the rally. As for Alveda King, she has been battling her own demons for years over the guilt she feels for having two abortions. Now that she’s “born again”, she regrets her previous actions. Obviously, she has every right to feel that way and speak against abortion. She is aligning herself with Beck solely due to the Right to Life issue.

  • Norma

    You failed to mention that Dr. King’s neice will speak at the Restoring Honor Rally and she does NOT think Glenn Beck is in any way wrong for having this on Dr. King’s anniversary DREAM speech. What about restoring Honor is a bad thing!

  • Arch,

    Please use a thesaurus and find yourself another word. ones just not enough

  • zetta

    Not a huge fan but good to see someone with some popularity show some guts. Good Luck Glenn!!!

  • dharma55

    Arch, sometimes the more I hear a joke, the harder I laugh. Glenny just tickles my funny bone.

  • Arch Conservative

    I find it ironic that you moonbats claim that Glenn Beck is such an ineffectual joke that can’t be taken seriously yet you spend so much time discussing him.

  • John

    Beck said yesterday he has not prepared a speech, but rather just a list a bullet points. Why? Because God, should He be willing, can speak through Glenn Beck. God only speaks through prophets of course. Beware of false prophets folks. And this one is particularly dangerous.

  • Dan H

    It is laughable that Glenn Beck is taken seriously. Worse, that he is even mentioned in the same breath as MLK. If you compare their accomplishments, it’s a joke (see what I mean here http://bit.ly/bs5DPm)

  • Amarosa

    Thank you Dharma! I too would love to know how much REALLY goes to this cause, for some reason I doubt you/I will get that answer. There will be ZERO left for the cause after paying for this horrendous rally…this is about his wallet and nothing else.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    Are you seriously saying we need more ‘patriots’ like Glenn Beck? Or are you being facetious? I honestly can’t tell, so please let me know which it is.

  • Tiffany

    Is the new word for uppity ‘N’ word elitist? No one was screaming elitist when Bush was screwing up the country and he and his family are one of the elitist. No one was screaming when Bush signed the bailout. Oh how we forget. Bush signed the bailout before he left office.

    The country is changing get over it. It is no longer the ‘white’ country it used to be when you were younger and black people had to ride in the back of the bus and go to different bathrooms.

    That time is over! Get used to it! Deal with it!

    It will be only a matter of time before minorities are the majority. Deal with it or leave. You know it’s coming.

  • dharma55

    Dave, you read my mind. My next piece will be on the Founders and how the Tea Party and nouveau patriots claim to know all about them. For those of us who didn’t sleep through history class, the dichotomy between the TP’s beliefs and those of the Founders are vast; the chasm deep.

  • Dave

    Hope and Change….hmmmm…transformation of America….thats the change…we need more patriots like Glenn Beck…I wish I could go to the 8/28 event…unfortunately I have to work..maybe some of the elitists can go in my place, and learn what they are really doing to America…I am damn sure that the Founders are turning over in thier grave…

  • lisa

    since when does glenn beck need to do something this extreme to sell a book? he will be on the best sellers list with or without the rally!!!1

  • dharma55

    jscal – The Employer – as you so quaintly refer to the citizens, hired as President, Barack Obama. The majority of the citizens agreed he was the best person for the job. The people who are disgruntled are the ones who did not vote for him, not the majority who did. And while all people have the right to speak out and voice concerns, the minority does not have the right to say they are speaking for the entire country nor do they have the right to foist their beliefs on the rest of us.

  • jscal

    Its too bad everyone thinks this way, because it just proves once again how right Mr. Beck really is about this country, and everything he says. It also proves how much more divisive Mr. Obama has made this country as well. Its unfortunate that we as a people can’t all come together when it is apparent that our own government, which is suppose to be FOR the people, and BY the people, is trying to gain so much power over us that they are no longer afraid of their employer, which again is the PEOPLE of this country not those of other countries.