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Glenn Beck – Messianic Hypocrite

On August 28, 2010, Glenn Beck and his Merry Pranksters will be descending upon the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC to hold a rally with the dubious moniker, “Restoring Honor”. The purpose of this rally is totally non-political, according to Beck’s propaganda, and the carrying of signs and wearing of t-shirts is being discouraged. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Sarah Palin will be there, (you betcha) and will no doubt give a rousing and rambling screech speech while simultaneously trying to Tweet to her cadre of twits.

In an odd coincidence, Dr Martin Luther King made his March on Washington on August 28, 1963. This was a watershed moment for the Civil Rights Movement, culminating in one of the most compelling speeches ever made, the “I have a dream” speech. Beck claims the choice of August 28th was purely happenstance, but I have a theory. Let me share with you the (possible) sinister conniving of this self appointed Messiah.

First of all, Glenn has a book coming out on September 14th. So what if it’s a paperback reprint of a previously released book, he needs to sell that baby and sell it he will. So Glenn gets out the old schedule because he is a busy man. He has a radio show (let’s not forget that Glenn is, after all, a failed disk jockey,) and he has a TV show. He is in the midst of juggling many other projects, like the start-up of a university that will never have the remote chance of being recognized as a place of higher learning. But I digress. It has to be a Saturday or Sunday because he has the radio and TV shows on Monday thru Friday. The book comes out September 14th, so how about the anniversary of September 11th, then Glenn can plumb the depths of the 9/11 tragedy. Ohhh, September 11th falls on a Sunday and many of the folks he wants to attend his rally are church-going people. Saturday would be better anyway because then people could have Sunday to get home because Glenn hopes they will come from all around this fair land. Never mind they will be using the Sabbath to travel. The weekend before is Labor Day weekend. That’s no good. Either Glenn has something planned personally or he figures most people already have their own plans. What about the weekend before that? Oh, and guess what? That just happens to be the anniversary of Dr King’s March. Wow! Thank you Jesus.

The proceeds of this rally (after all expenses are deducted, natch) will be going to Special Operations Warrior Foundation. SOWF is a worthy cause. You should definitely contribute to SOWF. I looked them up and only 7% of the funds they raise go to overhead, the rest “provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.” Will Glenn Beck be publicizing the amount he contributes to this cause? I, for one, would like a full accounting. Please Glenn, do up a little financial report with all the corporate donations and the bits of cash you make from the tchotchkes you sell, subtract the costs of the rally – the permit, cleaning up the site, the portajohn rentals, Sarah Palin’s private plane, Sarah Palin’s clothing allowance, Sarah Palin’s private chef, Sarah Palin’s hotel bill, etc., and what remains is the amount you donate to the very worthy cause SOWF. Please give me an audited accounting of that report. Thank you. Your pal, Dharma.

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  • Jordan Richardson


  • Jordan Richardson

    And holy shit, I can only listen to about 10 seconds of Palin’s voice before my ears start to bleed a little. Who on earth would turn up on a Saturday to hear these idiots blab away?

  • dont understand

    No wonder most of the world can’t tolerate americans. When you hold up Palin & Beck as heroes – both failed in their jobs, you definately can see a dumming down of America

  • zingzing

    oi. CLAVOS!

  • zingzing

    hey baronius–how’d you like the lack of religion at today’s little rally? oh, how america “turns back to god,” oh, the “years wandered in darkness,” oh, the jesus christ poses. oh, shit.

  • roger nowosielski

    This isn’t a recent development by any means.

    From its very inception, America has been born out of hype, and hype is it’s defining trademark, expressing itself in a variety of forms – from political evangelism to equally fanatical approach to our marketing and advertising campaigns.

    “American exceptionalism” is our credo and the catchphrase to cover the multitude of our sins.

  • jeannie danna

    One thing I am pretty certain of even if I wasn’t there both Jesus and Martin Luther king did not ask people to pray for personal wealth!

    They preached a message that said, “Pray that all people can know love and happiness in being with each-other as one.”

    Tell me, did they get their country back now?

  • Jordan Richardson

    From what I could tell thumbing through far too many clips, these people are “praying” for a very specific political deity to come and strike down their ideological foes.

    America’s “fallen into the wrong hands,” say the Tea Partiers and the Becksters and the Palinistas. The only way to “save it” is to “get back to god.”

    The “rally” was a political statement from the outset. Instead of reaching across party lines and to those offended by the use of the “I Have a Dream” speech’s day, Glenn Beck claimed to not even know it was on the same day. This was designed from the outset to provoke even more divisions in the American cultural psyche. And it worked, as everything this Goldline charlatan does somehow manages to.

    I’m trying to think of a Canadian equivalent to Beck, but all I can come up with is a Kids in the Hall sketch.

  • jeannie danna

    Yes! The one where they look at one another trough their thumbs and first fingers saying, “I pinch your head.” “No, I pinch your head.”


  • zingzing

    it’s “i am crushing your head.” and “nobody’s home,” which is a good diversionary tactic.

  • jeannie danna

    Your right, Zing

    I didn’t see, Nobody’s Home…unless that’s just your snark.

    ; O ?

  • cissie

    At the very core of all of this is simply, “Lose the Black Dude”. It’s our own little version of Israel vs. Palestine, with similar feelings of rights, land and opportunity being lost to those “lesser” beings. Restore Honor? Who is Glenn Beck to tell anyone that he or she is not honorable? Restore America? Back to what, the lazy, hazy days of Salem witch trials?

    The anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, should be seen as a treasured and priceless American asset. Instead, it was allowed that Glenn Beck – at best a media whore – can stage a rally that incites slow but sure mass hysteria. Somebody in Washington dropped the ball on granting approval to this “non-political” rally.

    People mock and laugh hysterically at Glenn Beck twenty-four hours a day. Other people in history, who were mocked mercilessly and dismissed as lunatics: Adolph Hitler. It might be time to stop laughing, and start drawing boundaries.

  • dharma55

    While I agree with you when you say Glenn Beck is a media whore, I can’t fault the National Park Service for issuing a permit. Obviously, Beck fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the permit and it’s a first-come, first-served type situation. His lack of sensitivity is in question, but his right to be there is not.

  • Baronius

    “His lack of sensitivity is in question, but his right to be there is not.”

    That sounds just like the NYC mosque protesters.

  • dharma55

    Baronius, except for one difference: the Mosque protesters are demanding the cultural center be moved to a different location. Did you see a huge protest at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday to interfere with Beck’s rally? I may question Beck’s motives, but I will defend his rights just as I would those of the Park51 folks.

  • zingzing

    jeannie: “I didn’t see, Nobody’s Home…unless that’s just your snark.”

    it’s the same character, but he’s blocking another head crusher by sticking his thumb in front of his eye, so that the other head crusher is gone. basically, he’s pretending that he has no opposition.