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Glen! Glenn! Glennnn!

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I just saw a commerical for Starbucks double shot expresso in a can. It featured the 80’s group Survivor singing a little ditty about a guy named Glen. To the tune of Eye Of The Tiger

Glen Glen Glen!
Glen Glen Glennnnn!

Glen’s the man
Goin’ to work
Got his tie,

Got ambition

He knows one day he just might become

You really have to see this. They’re dolled up in leather pants and bright silk shirts, playing the song as Glen goes to work.

The years have not been kind to them, but at least they have work.

And, as a side note, if anyone can find the audio to this, I’d love to have it for work….

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  • brown_boognish

    Oh yea i saw that, it was so awesome to see Surviver back in action, and also very depressing…

  • Anne

    Interesting. I do know that Survivor’s original singer, Dave Bickler, sings in the Budweiser “Real Men of Genius” ad campaign. Those commericals (e.g., Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer) are hilarious, I have to admit.

  • cory
  • I came here looking for the actual commercial the other day, then I fount one today, so I thought I’d post it here.
    Can’t find the audio but here’s the video.



  • Scott

    I have the whole song so if someone can fix my mistakes it would be great.

    Glen Glen Glen
    Glen Glen Glen
    Glen Glen Glenn

    Glen is the man going to work
    Got his tie
    Got ambition ,

    Middle Management right in his grasp
    Its a dream that he will never let die
    Glen the man of the hour. Hes the king of his coo
    Status commerce reports have finally met their rival
    When the can lid opens on his way to the top
    He knows one day he just become …


    Ray Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Ray… End of commercial

  • Aaron

    I found a link to the video on the Starbuck’s web site. Here’s the words as I hear them.

    Glenn! Glenn, Glenn, Glenn!
    Glenn, Glenn, Glenn!
    Glenn, Glenn, Glenn!

    Glenn’s the man
    Goin’ to work.
    Got his tie, got ambition.
    Middle management is right in his grasp.
    It’s a dream he will never let die.

    Glenn’s the–
    man of the hour, he’s the king of his cube!
    Status com reports have finally met their rival. Burning the–
    candle at both ends on his way to the top,
    He knows one day he just could become…

    Roy! Roy, Roy Roy! . . .

  • A S

    This is a genius commercial

  • X

    Aaron’s got it mainly right…

    I believe it’s Status Quo Reports.

  • here’s the link to the offical Starbucks website page that has the full commercial:

    This is the most entertaining commercial I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Bob Wazalske

    Aaorn is right but the only part that’s wrong is staus com. It is staus quo. But that commercial is awesome! The best in Commercial history it should win an academy award for shortest film ever!

  • jake

    i love the commercial soo bad

  • Jeff, Jeff jeff, jeff jef jeff,f jefff jef fffff jfeffs the man, goin to work, got hsi tie got ambition, little man hes sittting there on the grass, its a dream he must never let go!!! jeffs thre man of the hour hes the king of his cue status quo reports have foinally met there matches. Tims hte, man of the hour hes the king of his cue status quo reports have finally met theire matches, candle emotions on the way to the top, he knows one day he just coiuld become,,,,,german nazis. MIke, mike miemke moekie

  • ben

    yeah its a real feather in your cap

  • Roger

    Here are the corrections…

    Hes the king of his cool (sounds like coo or que tho)

    Status com reports have finally

    Roy! Roy, Roy Roy! . . .

  • captain

    “King of his cube” is the only thing that makes sense.

  • Monika

    well, the link i’ve given is more of a video than it is an audio, but it you just want to be able to hear it at your leisure it’ll do. (besides that, video’s better anyways) the link is: http://www.transbuddha.com/justin/video/funny/StarbucksEyeTiger.htm

  • Chestine

    Here is the link to the video from the starbucks website


  • BillMac

    There’s actually 2 versions of this commercial…and both are being played on tv…

    The one you can see at “content.collegehumor.com” one is the first one…at the end…Roy is walking down the hallway…and Survivor follows him…

    And the one at the starbucks.com website is the second one…at the end…Roy gets on the elevator…just a weird factoid…

    And 3rd off…at least here in the New England area…I coulda swore when they first started playing this commercial…Roy was the first guy…and Glen came later…but not sure…

    Just some stuff to ponder…later.

  • morgan

    hey im looking for a spanish version of this song, if there is one and you know where to find it, please email me the link or whatever. thank you

  • morgan

    by the way my email is dramakween1489@aol.com

  • Yeah, look how cool Starbucks drinkers are…NOT. You, too, can be a cog in the corporate machine, just like Glen! Glen, Glen, Glen!

  • mantique

    Glenns Hot <3 your just jelous skylar

  • Robert

    Try this one… then scroll ldown a bit and click on the phrase OR CLICK HERE …