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Glastonbury stats

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From: CMU

An NME survey has revealed some interesting stats about this year’s Glastonbury Festival (well, the NME readers that went their anyway)…

1. Almost 25,000 people had sex (22% of the 112,000).
2. 17% of those people did it on Thursday, 56% on Friday night, only 6% on
Saturday, 13% on Sunday and 8% on Monday.
3. 71,000 saw naked people.
4. 65,000 admitted taking drugs there.
5. 75% said that the toilets were ‘like a cesspit’.
6. Radiohead were best.
7. REM were next.
8. 66% said the event was ‘mind-blowing’.
9. Less than 1% said it was overrated.
10. Only 3% were affected by crime.

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