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Give The Fans a HOF Vote

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BallotingThis isn't asking for much. The Baseball Writers Association of America doles out a prestigious responsibility to 10-year members of their masonic clique. They get to decide the Hall of Fame class every year.

This year they gave out 539 ballots (one of them was blank) and elected one man, Andre Dawson. Bert Blyleven was five votes short. Roberto Alomar missed out by eight.

Speaking of Alomar, he got 73.8 percent of the vote. In our BC Sports poll back in August? 73 percent. We're not bad at this.

It's with this thought in mind that I implore the BBWAA and the Baseball Hall of Fame: give the fans one vote. If a simple majority of the fans say "yes" to a player, it goes on the "fan ballot."

There are millions of fans, right? And the numbers in All-Star online voting have continued to increase sufficiently with every year. (What was it, almost 20 million for the startling lineups and 68 million for the Final Vote?) Just imagine the buzz when fans are given the chance to partake in a more permanent and legendary procedure.

And all we're asking for is the group of drunken buffoons to be counted as one vote.

In the entire history of the BBWAA voting, a player has never made the Hall just by one single vote. Four guys have made it in by two votes: Al Simmons, Ferguson Jenkins, Ralph Kiner, and Willie Keeler. Conversely, on Nellie Fox's 15th and final year on the ballot, he fell short by two votes. This is moot, because the Veterans Committee picked his ass up 12 years later.

This is the key reason that the Hall of Fame should support this idea — it's nothing more than a token vote that won't sully the sacrosanct voting record of the BBWAA. As for the fans, they might see it as a condescending crumb thrown their way. Of course, this is only the first step in our master plan to stage a mutiny in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I shan't divulge the rest, because … there is no secret master plan.

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