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Give Nintendo DS A Hand

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The Nintendo DS is one of the hottest portable gaming systems out their at the moment. With the Sonys release of the PSP, Nintendo has launched a promotional contest called TouchingIsGood on http://www.touchingisgood.com. To participate in the contest all you need is a mannequin hand, camera, and some very creative touching ideas. The site was recently giving away free mannequin hands but supplies were depleted within a few days. They currently offer a free mannequin hand pdf that you can print out or just use your very own mannequin hand that you have lying around in your room. I was very lucky to get an early signup and I am still awaiting it to be delivered (April 12). Just take a snapshot or short video of your mannequin hand touching something creative and submit it via http://www.touchingisgood.com.

Prizes include:

Grand Prize: $1,000, a Nintendo DS, and 4 Nintendo DS games

First prize: $500 and a Nintendo DS

Second prize: $250 and a Nintendo DS

Hurry, Run, Scamper and do not forget your digital camera or video recorder. Start Touching and dont forget to visit http://www.touchingisgood.com for complete contest rules and entry gallery.

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  • I agree other portable multimedia devices are really a competition for Nintendo now. The PSP offers portable gaming but it also features a lot of expandability with memory slots, ports, and UMDs that are expected to use its features in different ways.

    So far I have not seen a big contribution to the touching is good project. They only have a few of their best picks on the site I guess. Im not sure of the total number of entries. I actually stumbled upon the site on accident. They need to publish more if they want to be noticable.

  • These hands really suck. First, there’s nothing Nintendo about them. They’re just plain white hands and they smell awful. No logos or any identifying marks at all. Second, you can’t even bend them into different positions. That really kills the fun. Sure, they were free, but landfills are going to be filled with these things once people realize you can’t do anything with them. Nice and somewhat odd idea for a promotion, but Nintendo needs more than mannequin hands right now.

  • I will confirm the delivery later. Scheduled by UPS for April 12. We’ll see.
    Please Keep Updated.

    If you have any comments post here, post on my blog, or email me.