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Giuliani for Katrina Disaster Coordinator

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I want to add my voice to a growing chorus of Republicans and others urging President Bush to appoint Rudy Giuliani to lead the recovery efforts in the gulf region devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

As “America’s Mayor” in the dark days following 9/11, Giuliani demostrated his ability to bring people together and lift the spirits not only of NYC, but of the whole nation.

His knowledge, strength of charater and heart are vitally needed in the rebuilding of not only New Orleans and the communities hit by this storm, but also America’s faith in itself and its people.

Join me in asking President Bush to appoint Rudy Giuliani to this crucial role by signing the petition found here:


Come on Rudy – We need you again!

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  • RJ

    He’d just use it as a platform to run in 2008…

  • Dion Cini

    When you rebuild New Orleans RG, just teach them that you put gravy over pasta, not sauce. Also that meatballs are never made with ground beef, only ground pork and ground veal. If you teach them New Orleanansisnas or whatever you call them this information, everything should turn out just fine down there.

  • Anthony Grande

    Guiliano for President!!!! Not
    He is a good and honest man, but I can’t bring it to myself to vote for a baby killer.

  • Anthony Grande

    Guiliani that is. My mistake

    My sister married a Guiliano

  • This is a stupid idea. New Orleans has a mayor who’s actually acquitted himself quite well today — I’m glad to hear him pissed off because the response has been deplorable and slow-coming.

    That is all.

  • >>He’d just use it as a platform to run in 2008…<< And that's a bad thing, why exactly? Dave

  • billy

    dumb idea. pure political opportunism. the last thing bush need to do is try to help out republicans politically more than the americans in distress. there is absolutely nothing he could do there.

  • Rudolph Giuliani to coordinate relief? What an idea. The man who turned New York into a police state and created the idea that jailing jaywalkers would lower the murder rate is hardly in line for a humanitarian effort that is sorely needed and sorely lacking in New Orleans.

    Mexico City paid him millions and it is in probably worse shape than before.

    I agree that the mayor of New Orleans has enough on his hands without a headline seeking radical standing by at a high price hoping to use this catastrophe to make money and create power.

  • Nici Doni

    There is a really good HBO special call “In Memoriam” about 9/11. It shows exactly how a leader takes care of his own city and runs into the center of the disaster instead of fleeing to a safer environment like the Mayor of New Orleans did.

    I really love how on his radio interview where he acted like a complete fool asked to have the Federal Gov’t dispatch the the Greyhound buses to his city seeing that he never initiated his disaster relief plan and moved his own buses to higher ground as part of his plan too.

    He should have jumped in a bus himself and started picking up those people up. But no, he was safe and sound in Baton Rouge.

    He needs to be fired.

  • arj

    I’ve been living in Manhattan for the last 15 years and after Giuliani became mayor, the changes in NYC were very dramatic and much improved. Prior to Rudy’s term of office, the NYC area had trouble with race riots, organized crime and crime in general, dirty streets and homeless people. Giuliani made some controversial and tough decisions while in office and I give the man credit for taking a stand and not bowing down to his naysayers. Frequently during my daily routine, I’d see Giuliani in the city; he was very visible and accessible to the public. While I suspect Giuliani is not husband material because of his abrasive personality and workalcoholic ways, it’s not my problem. I just want a good mayor and Rudy did a great job for NYC. Anyone who lived in Mahattan during 9/11 will never forget that Rudy showed up, while Bush was MIA. Giuliani is NYC’s Winston Churchill. As far as New Orleans and political opportunism – of course, politics is part of the deal! Giuliani is a politican, isn’t he? How do you think he ran NYC? But unlike many of the others, Rudy will do a great job. The thing that gets me is Hillary Clinton. That woman is chomping at the bit – she can’t wait to jump into the ring. I was disgusted to see her in New Orleans. Technically, I think she was down there because Bill was there, but really WHAT WAS A SENATOR FROM NEW YORK doing in New Orleans anyway??? What a vulture that woman is! By the way, Hillary – what happened to the healthcare system you were supposed to fix when Bill was in office? Eh??