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Girly Music For Macho Men

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Big, burly, beer guzzling men like myself shouldn’t like a band like Dressy Bessy. Girl fronted power-pop singing happy sounding little ditties just shouldn’t appeal to red meat eating John Wayne worshippers like me. But they do.

Dressy Bessy is another one of the many fine bands belonging to the Denver-based Elephant 6 collective. Fronted by the distinct voice of Tammy Ealom, and sharing Guitarist John Hill with the Apples In Stereos, the band can be described by one simple word: catchy.

Their first album, Pink Hearts Yellow Moons, was one of the most infectious albums I’ve ever heard. Songs from this album have found their way into the soundtrack for But I’m a Cheerleader and the Powerpuff Girls. Every song was a catchy example of super-sugary indypop. There was no resisting its quirky charms.

SoundGoRound, the band’s second full album, isn’t quite as infectious or sugary as their first album, but it’s still a solid album. Led by singles like That’s Why and Buttercups, the album will have you singing along after the second or third listen. Quality stuff.

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