Girls on film.

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Apple has included in their new Panther software a feature called Expos&egrave. This item is alone worth the entire $130 price to upgrade. The elegant technology defies description, allowing you access to all the disparate information strewn across your Mac with unparalleled ease, efficiency and style. The only picture I can draw for you is the scene from the film Minority Report when Tom Cruise’s character is able to access files fathoms deep by mere gesticulation. For the writers, the researchers, the addled academics daily facing a thousand scraps of digital paper captured behind luminescent glass like dragonflies beyond the window and David Blaine depending into the Thames: this one is for us.

I am crying tears of joy. Streaming from my eyes, the distilled essence of Joy — for the record, not a ladies brand dime-store eau de toilette.

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  • Explain a bit further please. I’m on OS9.2.2, thinking of upgrading. This does sound like it would help me much.