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Ginger Problems

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Recently, I have discovered a devestating problem facing our world today.  This devastating problem is that our world is suffering from a severe lack of redheads. Now before you laugh, please understand that research has proven this fact, and it is indeed a problem. 

The American population only holds two percent redheads, and overall, it is estimated that less than one percent of the entire world has naturally red hair. Some scientists predict the red population will become extinct by 2060. This is because only four percent of the population holds the red hair gene, MC1R.

Speaking of MC1R, it’s interesting if you think about it. Most people with red hair do not have redheaded parents. This is because the redheaded gene is recessive, which means red hair is a genetic mutation.

This rare gene is not only a stereotype, but a proven scientific fact. Perhaps this is why many people think redheads are strange, weird, or different. Personally, I feel like redheads are gorgeous. There’s something about those fierce fiery locks that’s exciting, tantalizing, and oh-so breathtaking. Finding a redhead is like finding a white diamond in the middle of the scorching desert. It’s rare, it’s gorgeous, and it’s different. Reds stand out amongst the crowd. They can boldly make a statement with just one turn of the neck.

Unfortunately, like most uncommon and unnaturally beautiful things, redheads are often under respected. This unsettling act became a depressing phenomenon in 2005 when the hit TV show, South Park introduced Season 9, Episode 11: “Ginger Kids.” Thus began the ever-popular ginger jokes, including the fact that they “don’t have souls.” Fast forward a few years and 37,466 people are following @GingerProblems on Twitter. Like I said, a gross phenomenon.

UrbanDictionary.com defines “Ginger” as:
A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair. “” are generally considered to be inferior to their more melanin-rich brethren, and thus deservingly discriminated against. are thought to have no souls. The condition, “gingervitis” is genetic and incurable.

The TV show, South Park created the “gingers have no soul” joke for the entertainment purposes of teenage boys. Lucky for the producers, the episode went viral and has caused a world-wide trend of “Ginger jokes.” Sadly, most young kids have taken the joke too far.

For example, Gwendolyn Russell, a Canadian teenager, was kicked dozens of times repeatedly on “Kick a Ginger Day,” a holiday her classmates made up. Although her mother fought the issue with the local school board, no kids were suspended. This is just one of many stories redheads have endured because of the South Park jokes.

On a more positive note, a few of the gingers have rallied back to create their own support. Conan O’Brien and Elmo teamed up to create a public service announcement to inform kids that, “Having red hair is cool,” as Elmo says.

Perhaps these ginger jokes can be compared to the story of the ugly duckling that was always made fun of until one day he turned into a beautiful swan. Perhaps redheads are made fun of because of their exceptional good looks. Perhaps one day they will become “swans,” the most coveted of people.

If you are a red-head you should celebrate your natural hair color! Don’t cover it up with the normal colors we see every day. I bet one day our country will have a national Ginger day. That seems to be the trend with all other minorities here. White people used to hate Indians until Thanksgiving, and African Americans were treated horribly, but now we have Martin Luther King Day and Black History month. There are many examples of groups who go from being hated to being admired. 

So take heart gingers. One day your flawless pale skin will be celebrated! Imagine all the blondes in the world dressing up with red wings and white paint. Thousands of people painting light orange freckles all over their face, arms, and shoulders. What a shining day that will be, literally.

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About Haley Hoover

  • Mike

    Gingers have thin skin.

  • Cat

    I am a ginger born with the more or orangey red locks then the fiery red ones and have recently dyed my hair because of old Mexican ladies that would walk right up and pet my hair without permission and continue to do so as they judged what I was wearing and so forth. Now I don’t have that problem and I’m happy and I still have red locks, just unnatural now

  • :)

    I am a Ginger and I am often made fun of by people at school or even my family. I’ve been asked if i have a soul and even what colour is my soul, even though they are ridiculous comments that actually make no sense, I still find it offensive and get upset over it. I’ve watched the South Park episode where they make fun of Gingers and I just wanted to cry. It makes me think I’m different to other people. I don’t want to be treated differently to anyone else and that is why I wouldn’t want a National Ginger day. I’ve come to realize that being different is not a bad thing, but I don’t want to be treated differently. Mean comments still upset me and they probably always will, but I will never change who I am for anyone.

  • Molly Marie

    Hahaha Oh man this is too funny. I’m a ginger myself so I totally relate to all of this but I also love you way you wrote it. I occasionally blog about my ginger problems at my blog

  • Love4GingersOnly

    I can be dating the most stunning blonde or brunette in the world and be stolen instantly by a ginger. The ultimate in beauty and sensuality, Ginger. The pinnacle of perfection, Ginger. The answer to all that is wrong in the world, Ginger. The toughest man that ever has lived, Ginger. The smartest man that has ever lived, Ginger. By far the most stunningly alluring, funny, brilliant, and charming women, of course, Ginger.

  • Thank you

    I saw this article and I read it and read the comments and can’t help but feel a mixture of emotions. I love my red hair so much, but I have enough for five people and it’s really curly and hard to deal with. And whoever posted something about how the author was sick for thinking red heads are beautiful, I hope you see that you are beautiful and It makes me sad to see you think that

  • wow

    I feel sorry for you that you believe what others say more instead of finding what your true happiness is all by yourself. Only you not others , will decide what you are and if your happy. People do crazy things to stand out and be themselves. You don’t have to do or change anything about to be happy. Loving exactly who you are without faking or changing a thing is the way. God bless

  • Rett

    You’re a sick woman. Gingers are not beautiful; I know for a fact because I am one. We are genetic mistakes and the sooner we are eradicated the better. There is no form of life in this universe less suited to live than the ginger. You say you find us attractive but you are either a grand liar or a complete mad woman. Gingers serve but one purpose and that is to make everyone else appreciate what they have; they are not ginger.

  • Red head

    Thanks for this article.I love my natural red hair.

  • There are a number of reasons why there are no longer any dinosaurs, but genetics is not one of them.

  • Shangey G.

    “Genetics does not work that way.” Ummh, actually it does work that. Which is why Dinosaurs aren’t romping the earth anymore.
    I came across articles a couple years ago that stated redheads were measured to be the most intelligent out of all hair-colors. I retried finding the articles, and couldn’t find them anywhere.

    The globalist bankers could care less if their countries, err, markets, were full of purple and green-polka dotted martians. As long as the Martians borrow money, indebt themselves to the bankers, buy property or rent, which makes land developers happy, become surplus labor, which lowers wages, etc. We’re in for a nasty surprise if we think it’s just going to be gingers going extinct in the next 100 years.
    Part of the problem is, whether people want to admit it or not, is white people not having kids, and the bankers immigrating millions of black-haired people. If they could, like I said, they’d immigrate Martians if they made the bankers more money.
    It could sensibly be defined as genocide — albeit not sudden and fast, but slow and steady.

  • D.A.

    What is the reason to make fun of gingers, because they’re different and more outgoing than most people are? I have a sister that is a ginger and I love and respect her for speaking her thought and being herself, not caring what others think of her. Yes, sometimes it’s slightly rude and mean, but like I said I’d rather her be herself than hide who she truly is; though she does put blonde highlights in despite all of us telling her, her copper hair is beautiful and should leave it alone.

  • Get your facts right. NO Redheads are NOT going extinct. Genetics does not work that way. See Genetics Professor Jonathan Rees of Scotland. See my blog Hopefully most of the links still work.