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Ginger out of Brides

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BraveWords is reporting that Wildhearts man Ginger is out of the Brides of Destruction. Below is the statement that Ginger released about his departure.

Meanwhile, Ginger has sent out the following update to the Wildhearts fan mailing list: “The Brides thing didn’t work out, so I’m staying on here in Malibu and I’m going to relax (for the first time in my life) and wait for something to turn up. Been writing a ton of stuff, and I’m going to be writing with Ricky Warwick next week. He also has a solo acoustic spot at a place called The Joint, and I’m going to be getting up onstage with him next Wednesday (March 9) to play a few cover songs. It’s on Pico and Robertson, if anyone is interested. Maybe I’ll see some friendly list people at the bar? Other than that I’m mending well, and have some really good friends around me, and that’s as important as anything in the world at the moment.”

This is not the first band that Ginger has been in and out of in a short amount of time. I believe he was in The Throbs for just slighly longer than the Brides. Ginger-watchers will not be too surprised by this as his a notorious flake. But then again moody creative genuises are nothing new.

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  • Is Ginger the one who broke up the Spice Girls when they said “There’s no spice left in our lives”? I didn’t know she got married and is breaking up, and had a sex-change. After “It’s Raining Men” I’m bot surprised



    I learned about the Wildhearts too late, but I hope I’ll get to see them if Ginger gets his act together, I really love there 2 US albums and want to hear more.