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Gina Loring and Def Poetry

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At my favorite open mike night, the only one I go to really, I got to hear Gina Loring.

She huffed and puffed and blew my house down. She’s a poetry slammer, the kind that make me think I can’t write poetry, that I have no idea what it’s about anyway. And she can sing so beautifully. She actually mixes the two, poetry and singing, which is amazing, really.

Really amazing.

She’s been on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, which is a show I have not seen, but have heard great things about.

Amazon does not have a DVD of her performance available (Darn them!). But there is a def poetry on broadway book. These kinds of things are worth seeing. So check it out.

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  • austin andrews

    one night i just happened to changed my tv def poetry jam and till this day i am thankful for it…gina loring’s performance(it wasn’t simply just receiting a poem it was the art of poetry at its ultimate and extreme finest)is the most memorable performances to me, regardless of the venue or art being displayed…i don’t know anything about her but i’d love to read her material or or possibly see her in person…her style, swagger, and delivery is flawless…i right a lot of lyrics and have been told that i’m talented, but i can can honestly say that since seeing her on tv i’ve stepped my game up so to speak in all facets