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Gilmore Girls Starts Sept 13

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Set in a small Connecticut town with a mix of your average small town people—including the lovable lunatics—Gilmore Girls is a tale of family, friendship, and the ties that bind.

Lorelai Gilmore is a young woman who has made plenty of mistakes in life, but is doing all she can to make the best for her daughter Rory. Their relationship is one that befuddles many—they are best friends that share the same interests and seem to be growing up together.

Gilmore Girls opens the new season picking up where last year’s ended—with both young women facing new challenges. Lorelai has her new Inn and is in a serious relationship with Luke. We will finally get the answer to her proposal from the end of last season.

We will be able to see what happens with Rory and her education, if she takes time off or not. Life with Richard and Emily Gilmore will be revealed as well. And Rory faces the consequences from stealing a yacht with her boyfriend Logan.

So tune in Tuesday September 13th at 8/7C to see how the new season gets started. Check out The WB to get an instant fix.

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  • Gilmore Girls is a very good show that all you broads should watch, but I can’t say that I’m a fan, because it’d be, well, embarrassing. And because I’m not really a fan. I’ve watched some OK episodes, some annoying ones — the snarky, rich cad student journalist love interest who calls Rory “ace” is really one of the worst characters in recent memory and there’s no chemistry in the love story between Lorelai and Luke. So the show doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, yet it’s got witty dialogue if you like that kinda thing. It doesn’t really interest me, though, because I’m not a big fan of chick shows.

    I think any show that has pretty literate references and guest-stars Norman Mailer is alright with me, though.

    That is all.

  • Did I mention I taped this tonight?

    Yeah, that’s right. You got a problem with it, anyone?

    And I thought Zac Hanson was a cute lil girl by accident when I saw the “Mmbop” video for the first time. Did I mention that?

    That is all.

  • Kelli

    Anybody record tonight’s season premier? I had a failed recording and I’m very upset about it! Please let me know where i can find it…

  • Katie

    I too missed the season premiere. If anyone taped it or knows how I can get it, please let me know.


  • TNfan

    I too missed the episode. Darn, darn, darn. Any ideas on where to watch it now?

  • Serena

    I am looking for the season premier as well. I missed it and my VCR didn’t record it either… Can anyone help?

  • roryfan

    Not only did I miss the season premier, but my vcr did not tape the second show of the season either. Can anyone help me locate or how I would go about getting these two episodes?

  • bigfan

    I, too, am looking for a tape of the season premier. Any luck finding one?

  • Is there a difference between one episode of the Gilmore Girls and another?

  • -E

    The same as the difference in any other TV show. So yeah.

  • Joan

    I missed the November 22 episode. Does anyone out there know how I can catch it? Please, Please, Please. My VCR screwed up – (or I did)

  • Kim

    Has anyone heard what we can do if we missed the season premier. Can anyone tell me when to find it? Please help!

  • NewGilmoreFan

    I missed last night’s episode (Tuesday, Oct 10). I found a site that has the first 2 episodes of this season (#7) and prior seasons. I haven’t looked at them yet. I’m waiting for last night’s episode. Hope this helps: http://www.gilmoreFan.com

  • april

    I missed the oct31 episode of gilmore girls i tried to record it and my vcr didn`t. Where can I find it to watch it . Thanks. Please help I am a big fan of gilmore girls.