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Gig Review: Thurs night in London town

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John Devlin
The Troubador
9 June 2005

Another mixed bag at the Troubador last week, this time thankfully without the annoying compere. Moth delivered their normal highly polished and professional set. The band are set to release a new album in the autumn and if the last tune of night is an example of their new collection I rather look forward to it. Moth are one of those bands that are just about to break and when they do their current fans will be smug as hell. Catch em’ while you can in the small venues. They were followed by Loganstone who played indy music that could bore the pants of a nun. It was all ok but has that been done before feel. The wag(s) sitting with me remarked that is was an example of the Mitch Benn song about Coldplay’s influence on modern music. The band did save themselves a bit with their new song ‘Incredible’ which showed some originality. Last on for the night was John Devlin whose set was, while a bit shambolic at first, ended up being a solid live performance of Americana rock especially when they let their guitarist wail and got to their hard stuff. As with Moth, JD is dying for a bigger stage, partly do to all the members in the band and a part do to the fact that JD looks so constrained by the small stage. It was a night of decent bookends which went a bit damp in the middle.

Rating: 4/5

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