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Gifts for the Young and Young at Heart

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There’s a big difference between growing up and growing old. Just because getting older is a part of life doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun altogether. There are plenty of toys and gifts that are great both for kids and for kids at heart. Curious what childhood toys also have counterparts made just for adults? Here’s a list of some of your favorite childhood toys, reimagined just for grown-ups.

If you ever played with action figures as a child, you likely re-enacted a scene where Godzilla was trying to destroy a city and your precious action figures. Now there’s a fun new way to play with Godzilla: Let him serve you beer. This Godzilla Beer Dispenser allows you to enjoy your favorite canned beverages in a fun and unique way. Place the can between Godzilla’s legs and tilt his head back to let the frothy fluid flow. Godzilla will also let out a mighty roar when the beer starts pouring.


A jenga game perfect for adults

A jenga game perfect for adults

While the rules of the game haven’t changed since you were a child, the way you enjoy the game sure has. If you want to put your Jenga skills to the test, make things a little more interesting and write challenges and dares on the Jenga pieces. You can keep it PG, or as raunchy as you like, but remember that you’ll be pulling tiles as well. Once a player removes a Jenga piece, that player must read whatever challenge or dare appears on it.

If the table-size Jenga isn’t lively enough for you, you can build or buy a giant Jenga set that’s perfect for adults. Building a custom Jenga set will give you the flexibility to choose the size of the game pieces, but watch out for the kids if they decide to play, too. A large tower of oversized Jenga pieces could cause some damage if it falls on kids. Probably best to keep this set just for the adults.

Teddy bears
The concept of a teddy bear hasn’t changed much since you first received one, which is probably what makes the gift appealing for people of all ages. These gifts provide comfort to recipients of all ages, and are the perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking about them. The Serious Teddy Bear Company has created the only teddy bear designed just for adults, offering the plushest, most luxurious teddy bear you can send.

Party poppers
Okay, so these technically aren’t toys and required some adult supervision, but kids of all ages loved using these fun items to celebrate events like birthdays and New Year’s. This giant golden bazooka not only looks manly and way more intense than those party poppers of the past, but it also shoots silver and gold confetti upon firing, creating an instant celebration. You probably still want to exercise the same caution you had to use when playing with party poppers as a child, however.

Before video games and the Internet became the main way people entertained themselves through a rainy childhood Saturday, some people would turn to board games like chess to entertain themselves. While the traditional version of chess doesn’t have any age limitations and would be just as fun in adulthood as it was when you were younger, upgrade your set with a life-size chess game. Several companies make versions of this game and prices will vary, but most pieces will be about knee height, making putting someone’s Queen in jeopardy an even more entertaining experience.

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