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Giddy With Happiness – Pluto Transit the Ascendent: Astrology-Based Advice

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popeyeDear Elsa,

For the past couple of months, I’ve been giddy with happiness. Nothing has changed in my circumstances; I just feel this joy bursting out of me. It is noticeable to the people in my life. My husband even asked if I was going through menopause!

So you may be wondering where the problem is, right? I just can’t enjoy these wonderful feelings, because I am so afraid it’s going to disappear. I feel like I am being given this amazingly happy time because something really bad is goingo to happen.

I have always been a reserved quiet person, feeling more of the bad in life than the good. But I like this new me, and I don’t want it to go away. Why can’t I trust it?

Happy but Nervous

Dear Nervous,

At the moment, your whole chart is one big fat Pluto transit, so I imagine what you’re feeling is POWER. Good for you! You deserve it.

It seems you’re a naturally high-minded, somewhat conservative, responsible do-gooder person. And now the universe is pumping you full of steroids. Will it last? Well, yeah.

For the next year, you are going to be supercharged like this as Pluto crosses your ascendant and Mars. The ascendant is where everything starts and you can equate this to being (re)born. Excited about that? Sounds like you are.

So come 2007, when this process completes, you are going to be vital and present in this life in a more empowered way than ever before.

My advice? You’re like Popeye who has just eaten a can of spinach. You know how his muscles pop out and he gets all badass? That’s you. So don’t waste your prowess. Use it.

Good luck.

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