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G.I. Joe: Sigma Six

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Excuse me while I briefly reminisce about my geeky past and bemoan the fate of childhood fixations:

What the flying f*ck happened to G.I. Joe?!?!

I caught a commercial for the new cartoon series over the weekend. Apparently, the owners of the franchise have decided that since the kids are all into Anime these days, then so goes Joe. The result is a series that barely resembles what most of us remember from the 1980’s. Of the original good guys, only three main characters remain: Duke, Scarlet and Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes (Old vs. New) hasn’t changed much because, well, Ninjas never go out of style. Duke (Old vs. New) is still the alpha male lead, though he looks more Street Fighter-ish here (In fact, is it just me, or does he too closely resemble another “Duke” we all know and love?).

And then there’s Scarlet (Old vs. New). Good Night Irene, how the hell can that be Scarlet?!?!

I know what some of you are thinking. I mean, It’s not like we’re talking about classic Disney animation or something. G.I. Joe‘s basic purpose was to sell action figures, both then and now. So what if they’re using giant mechs instead of jeeps and helicopters? The toys will sell all the same. Still, there’s something disheartening about people immediately willing to jump on the bandwagon of Anime and completely abandon all that had come before it.

And it’s not like I have anything against Anime. I personally think Cowboy Bebop is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But there’s something to be said for retaining the old because there was something appealing there, instead of immediately jumping into what’s trendy in order to cast as wide a net as possible. At least they didn’t change Cobra much, but then why would they need to. After all, bad guys in the form of “a ruthless terrorist organization” doesn’t get any more topical.

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  • I totally agree, Alonzo.

    I was flipping through the channels at my parents’ place over the weekend. They have satellite TV and, thus, have a lot more and different channels than I. I caught the ‘going to commercial credits’ of Sigma 6. (You’ll notice that I refuse to call this new program by G. I. Joe. It has nothing to do with what the old program was about except for a few names). My jaw dropped to the floor. I about wept.

    It was bad enough that they totally screwed up my EARLY early childhood cartoon favorite, G Force. That could be partially pardoned since it was already Japanamation. But, this was a giant leap past the re-envisioning of the G. I. Joe cartoon. How could they even keep the concept of a Real American hero with this tripe?!

    All the characters are definitely Dragonball/Streetfighter clones. The story that I minutely watched was stolen straight from one of the new incarnations (also Japanamation) of the Transformers… don’t get me started on what they did there either.

    I just wanted to dig into the VHS archives, put on some headphones, and blast the G. I. Joe theme song. There’s no place like home and there’s no time like your -original- childhood. The owners of the franchise and the new conceptualizers/animators need to be taken out behind the Joe HQ and shot… of course, following the original series’ awesome mentality, the condemned would pop parachutes and land safely out of the way.

  • It’s funny that this article comes up because I actually watched this show in its entirety on Saturday. Honestly, I didn’t think this show was that bad. Yes, it’s a bit jarring to see G. I. Joe done up as anime, but this show is actually better than the absolutely terrible 90’s G.I. Joe Extreme. However, this does show the sad reality that television networks would rather import anime action series (or work with Japanese companies) than develop a good, homegrown action series.

  • Shiroi Kaze

    You know the original GI Joe was animated by a Japanese studio as well… but this one is being animated by Gonzo. The same studio behind all the recent sub par Transformers anime.

  • Gravity Jones

    I find it funny hearing twent-somethings bitch about “their” beloved G.I. Joe of yore. I’m sure fans of the REAL original figures from the 60’s were none too thrilled about the RAH incarnation of the 80’s either. So if you’re going to lament the updating of a popular franchise, don’t get on the high horse that your own retread was perfectly acceptable while all others are not. If you haven’t given to the Joe franchise/Hasbro since you were 11, you’ve got no vestment in the property and nothing to complain about.

  • minicitron


  • Jose

    Changing characters is bad marketing. You could have us AND our kids watching the show.


    G.I.Joe is simply G.I.Jap (no racism intended, just honesty). The “Real American Hero” is obviously M.I.A. Maybe if JOE was (MADE IN AMERICA) we could regain some of our patriodic obsession for our action packed millitary madness involving the classic (good vs evil).