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Ghoti Hook- R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)

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Live cds are usually mixed bags. Some have all the passion of the live show, but the recording quality is crap. Others sound like a gem, but it feels empty. There is always something wrong with a live cd to the casual listener. However, to the rabid fans of a band, a live cd is usually still a positive experience.

Now, Ghoti Hook has been one of the primere pop-punk bands in the Christian Music Industry. They have released several solid full lenght cds where they display an evolution from silly pop-punk to covers to a wise punk rock. Now they have broken up and have left us this live concert to remember them by. This cd is a mix of newer and older songs.

From a sound standpoint, most things sound pretty good. The guitars sound bold. The drums are crisp. The bass can be heard. The only downside are the vocals. They sound flat and hollow. The songs don’t carry very well on the flat vocals. However, for a live cd, it still sounds decent.

The selection of songs is very nice. They hit most of the high points of thier cds (with the notable exception of excluding thier best song, “Never”). Their old guitar player, Conrad Tolosa, plays guest guitar on the song “My Bike” and Mark Lacasse plays guest guitar on “Chevy Nova.” Most of the songs are played like they were on the cd, however, one notable exception is the song “My Bike” where the lyrics are substituted for “blah blahs”.

They do two covers from their cd, “Songs We Didn’t Write”. First they do a funky version of “Where Is My Mind” (origoinally recorded by The Pixies. Then they rock through “I Love Rock N Roll” (origionally recorded by Joan Jett & Blackhearts).

All in all, Ghoti Hook fans who want to take a look back with some different recordings of thier favoritte songs might want to pick this up. However, for a first time Ghoti Hook listener, they’d do better to pick up the best of cd, “Retrospective.”


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