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Ghost of Layne heard in Staind

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I really miss Alice In Chains. They were by far the greatest grunge rock n roll band there ever was. Like so many other lead singers of grunge bands, Layne was lost too soon.

The new song “Layne” by Staind really creeps me out. I’m not at all a fan of Staind, but lyrically the song seems like a honest tribute. It’s just so creepy how much “Layne” sounds like and actual Alice In Chains song.

Then again, there’s no shortage of so-called New Rock bands trying to sound like Alice In Chains and/or Nirvana… but if one really wanted to pay tribute to the hereos of grunge, wouldn’t the best way to “keep it real” be to come up with something new and innovative; a sound of one’s own perhaps?

Just because you write a song ABOUT Layne doesn’t mean you have to try to SOUND like Alice In Chains. Only Alice In Chains were Alice In Chains. Not Stained, not Days of the New and not any other of these wannabe bands…

…Now then, don’t even get me started on Radiohead and Coldplay…

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  • I hear two bands who are responsible for the successful “rock” today: Alice In Chains and Tool. Alice In Chains is a bit of a surprise, given that at the time they were releasing albums, they didn’t have a tremendous influence on bands that were around then. But that voice and the dark song structure really seeped through to the younger people who would go on to make their own bands.

    My biggest problem is that most of these bands simply picked up on the surface elements of AIC and Tool and make that their entire sound, where AIC and Tool had/have more dimensions than that.

    Give me Radiohead over these guys anyday. Coldplay . . . I tried, but they grew very boring very quickly to me . . .

  • Mike Powers

    I think that Staind was paying a tribute to Alice in Chains by writing a song that resembled an AIC one, in order to keep AIC alive and to not forget how Layne passed away without much notice to the world. I think they intentionally wrote the song to sound this way, not as any kind of copying of AIC’s style, but simply as a tribute. I think that is cool, if it’s true.

  • hypocrisy

    Very Creepy…How he actually tries to sound like Layne.The day it was announced Layne died was also very creepy.It’s truly f’d up that noone even cared.I saw one mention on CNN “Singer who sang about drugs have just died from them”…To me it was a terrible loss that messes with my head still when I think about it.Nothing is the same since that day, something has changed in the world when Layne went,in my world at least. It’s sick how so few give a f**k…I just hope Staind “means” that song, and damn, they do a good Alice In Chains impression heh.I think it’s creepy and it should just be a song that sounds nothing like Alice while paying tribute to Layne,but maybe some people will think that’s the way to do it.

    Either way, props to Staind for doing something to keep the memory alive.

    The good die young.

  • Unfortunately, I think this might be the weakest song on the whole album. It is derivative for sure, and while I appreciate the notion and the effort, I think it falls short. I am not sure what it is about this song, but it seems a bit cheesy to me. I would have preferred a tribute song that sounded like a Staind song. Somehow that seems more genuine to me than a style emulation, no matter how accurate.

  • I’m perhaps the biggest AIC fan there is and it doesn’t offend me in the least that Staind did this song. In fact, I respect Staind much more now than ever (they are a great band), and this song is definitely causing me to give their latest album another listen after forgetting about it (I just discovered this song today). Why the hell would I be offended that they “copied” Alice??? Do you guys also get pissed when tribute-to-band-x CD’s containing covers are released? I think this song is not only great if you don’t know who Layne Staley was, but even better if you do. I got chills when I heard it, and I think any true AIC fan should. Try being a little less closed minded for God’s sake! Oh, and one more thing, to the ones questioning Staind’s sincerity: What evidence is there that this song isn’t genuine? They wrote this song because AIC influenced them so much. It’s almost like you’re questioning AIC’s ability to influence if you think it’s a “fake” song. Sorry just had to get this off my chest after reading these comments.

  • Terrence

    I just heard this song yesterday and I’m not a huge staind fan either but this song I think kicked ass. I’m a huge A.I.C. fan and I’m real big on Layne Staley and I think that even Layne would be proud of this tune. It’s amazing how much the vocals remind me of Layne. Rock On!

  • long live aic

    Thanks aaron. and thank you aic.

    “Loneliness is not a phase. Field of pain is where I graze. Serenity is far away”

  • Dominic Annese

    I totally agree, listen to 4/20/02 by pearl jam and even Eddie Vedder thinks the same way.

  • Mike

    Staind was originally a AIC cover band way back in the day

  • AaronFan

    ok first of all, staind is one of the greatest bands ever. Aaron lewis is so gifted lyrically and vocally. It was a tribute to a friend. How everyone percieves it is just their opinion. You didnt know Layne so dont judge Aaron.

  • JenLoves Aaron

    ok to fill everyone in…Layne Staley and Aaron Lewis were very good friends and Layne was there for Aaron when he had tried to commit suicide and was having a lot of trouble. The day that Layne died, Aarons son Zoe Jane was born. Thats what the song is about. Thats why he made a tribute. Its not cheezy, its not corny, nor was he trying to mimmick Alice in Chains. He was mouring the loss of a friend and celebrating the birth of his daughter all at the same time. Next time you should learn your facts before you criticize!

  • JenLoves Aaron

    *daughter not son

  • Sorry, Jen, years later, I stand by what I wrote – it’s still kinda creepy on some level, just as are the new “Alice In Chains”

    Also, I didn’t misrepresent what the song was about- it’s a tribute regardless of the details you provided, but thanks for providing them all the same.

  • Killbizzle

    Ah… Staind only did one song in tribute. (IMO it wasn’t that AiC-like). Plus, Staind has been morphing for years. I give them slack. Email me – I’d love to discuss! buckiforever@hotmail.com

  • DJ

    Layne and Aaron didnt now each other at all Layne was drug recursive before Aaron made it big. When he talks about how it saved his life hes talking about AIC’s music. But yea very creepy how Aaron had a Daughter the very day his main musical influence died. Another creepy fact Layne and Kurt died on the same date just eight years apart. It was a great tribute to a man tons of people miss everyday. Vedders wasnt talking about Aaron in that 4/20/02 either he was talking about people who sound that way in every song like Sully Erma from Godsmack. This is probly the only song that sounds alot like AIC by Staind. O and Aaron does a terrific cover of Nutshell to probly the only one worth listening to.

  • VoiletPurp1

    I Like it

  • Dillon

    Sorry to dig up the past… The song is a tribute to Layne, because he was Aaron Lewis’ biggest inspiration and died the same day his daughter was born. Its ment to sound like Layne because it was a tribute to him, quite possibly the greatest tribute song I have ever heard.

  • Lc_102

    The song is A TRIBUTE to Layne and AIC you dumbass. Staind sounds nothing like Alice, they didn’t get to where they are by playing off some grunge fantasy. Having your tribute to a friend actually Sound like his music as apposed to your own is a pretty damn classy gesture imho. Aaron took alot of time and effort to apply Layne’s vocal cues and style into a really pretty song, for someone he admires and knew….my god